Full Speed into X-Mas

We are entering X-Mas Month and Black Friday craziness, but luckily there are also somebody clever, who has invented Buy Nothing Day or Green Friday. I think I have enough of material things already, so I am doing like I always do – and buy the food I need. Which is not much, because I am also a Dumbster guy.
So stay cool. The material things will not make you a happier person. Love, affection an live music will.

X-mas markets are starting up, and you can find one in the weekend at Blågårds Plads. Jægersborggade Designmuseum Den Røde Plads Admiral Gjeddes Gård
Drinks some Gløgg and good Christmas Beer and eat some Brown Cakes and pepper nuts.


The Copenhagen Roller Derby Team are inviting for a Bout at DGI Byen, against the Madrid Cats. Its great fun and only 40 kr in entry.

Live Music

Thursday 28th
Frank Zappa is no more but you have the chance to see his soon Dweezil Zappa Performing the old Hot Rats album from 1969. It will be a great show for the Fans with extreme good music. Check out the Hot Rats Album here.

This weeks Reggae / Dub event is at Loppen with Lila Ike straight out of Kingston Jamaica. Supported by Kaka and some DJ´s it will be a an evening at Loppen with many rhymes and social responsible lyrics.

Theres some pretty hard experimental techno at Alice with Atrid Sonne. Also performing is Minais B which is more dreamlike ambient.

Friday 29th
Temples is a British band inspired by the 1960´s band like late Beatles, in a sort of psychedelic way. Here they are at Loppen, and I believe it will be a fabulous concert.

In Raahuset Jaguar Moon is releasing a new EP. Its simple, dark, minimalistic, atmospheric music with a good vocal, and you should give them a chance.

White Hills are from 2003 and playing “post-punk, art rock, goth, psychedelic rock, metal, stoner rock, ambient and experimental music. ” Supporting is Roxy Jules and Ring Them Bells at Basement in Enghavevej.

It´s on time that you get some Irish into your blood. The Dublin based four-piece Lankum are forging music that is dark, mysterious and transcendental. They are at Alice in Nørrebro

In Ungdomshuset, they have a four piece evening headlined by Venstres Venner and War Of Destruction from Aarhus. Both are pretty old Punk Bands, and still going strong. Speedpik and Cage Battle are also on the poster. Cash Only

In my own little neighboorhood you can find Urban 13 under Bispebuen. They have some pop music on the programme. Camelo and Seasex

Operaen in Christiania, has a Rap and Hip Hop evening with a lot of new names and rhymes. Fill your pockets with real Cash before coming.

Saturday 30th
Mdou Moctar is another new face on the Saharan Desert Rock scene. They are from Niger and are Tuaregs singing in the original language. Loppen are putting up the stage.

The two last time I have been at a Napoleon Solo concert I got laid. Will it happen again? I think YES 😀 . The Ska band are this time entering the stage at Raahuset in Halmtorvet Vesterbro.

Anti Fascist Punk concert at Ungdomshuset D61. Dårligt Selskab, Meat Fist, and Mötorizer are entering the stage. Dårligt Selskab is an excellent band, and it´s the first time in a couple of years they are on stage, so don´t miss the chance. Bring cash

If you like this sort of metal that sounds like Eurovision you should go to Pumpehuset and Dutch Delain. Then you will not get disappointed.

Salsa at Operaen with Brazilian A Banda Band playing samba, samba-reggae, frevo, marchas, afoxe, maracutatu. There is also a Carnival like dance Show, so get going all you latin lovers.

Dub Healers are out at Bolsjefabrikken in Østerbro, so bring your smoke and start swaying for. And bring cash for the Bar and the Donation entrance.

You should give Vanishing Twins in Vega – Ideal Bar a chance. Its strange futuristic pop music, and sounds like nothing you ever really heard before. A lot of strange sounds and comments to the strangeness of every day life.

The Smoky Jazz lovers, can find there way into Christiania Jazz club and Lærke Corfix.

Sunday December 1st
Get ready for some Hard core Punk at Amager Bio – Beta. Employed To Serve are playing, and they are a great band that will tear the dance floor to pieces.

Boris are Japanese, from 1992 and are performing a blend of Punk and rock with a very high energy level. They are one of the most innovative bands in the Underground heavy environment. So go to Lille Vega, and get a new experience.

White Lies Broke through ten years ago, and now they are back at Store Vega, with there Pop rock. They are playing there Debut album “To lose my life” from start to end .

Monday 2nd
It´s not often we get Malaysian artist but here is Yana which is soft pop and R´n B. Its out on Amager Bio – Beta

Stig Møller & Peter Ingemann in drop inn!!! Every first Monday in the month.

Photo: Les Bof at Underwerket. Great French spoken Garage

Pisstortion is Back

The Pistortion Party is back in Copenhagen. Its the wildest Party on the Planet Denmark. Wednesday its Nørrebro, and Thursday its Vesterbro. The Neighboors hate it, and I am in a Limbo. Some places there are to many drugs, but the sheer chaos around it is appealing, and that you can make such a big party in your normal environment is beautiful. The rest of the week its at Refshaleøen, and a little bit more quiet.

If you are not in the mood for Distortion, you can go to Stengade or Alicecph.com, where they have five days of presenting the 1 year Students from the Rhytmic Conservatorium Copenhagen RMC. Good and new, young Music, and its free. 2nd to 7th of June.

Another place to avoid Distortion is in Pumpehuset, with Udgårdsfest 2019. Headname is Finnish Moonsorrow and Norwegian Trollfest, and with 3 other bands in the two days the Fest I taking, there is plenty of opportunity to stay in your metal Bubble.

Podcast Festival at Hotel cecil, with a lot of listening, and talks. Close your eyes and enjoy the darkness.

This weeks Blog is a little short, since time is running to fast for me. Thats the ways it goes. … I have to take care of myself. 🙂

Live Music

Wednesday 29th
If you want to continue the Distortion indoor, then Pumpehuset is the right place to go. Berlin based Âme / Frank Wiedemann (LIVE) – Marcus Worgull Matthew Dekay Are here to keep the Party going and your feet moving.

Tuhaf is this Turkish – Danish Psych band, that at are such Great performers. Now they are at Kayak Bar by the water, so when you finish the Hot dancing you can take a dip in the nice cold water.

Thursday 30th
For those of you who are fleing the Distortion on Vesterbro, Stengade in Nørrebro is the answer. Monolord is Swedish – Goteborg Doom Metal.

Or head for Riesen I Vesterbro, where President Fetch is making a Punk Rock Party. Come early as it sells out fast.

Some of the first Danish Hip Hop back in the late 1980´s was MC Einar and Humleridderne. Two legenday bands, that are now back at the stage at Halvandet on Refshaleøen. It will be a trip down memory lane with these two Coepnhagen legends.

Friday 31th
Trip Hop in stengade this day. Its to US band on tour Xeno & Oaklander and Void is filling in the stage. It is film music on a higher level, so you can enjoy this evening.

Thorbjørn Risager and The Band: The Black Tornado is playing raw Blues music, like they were born in the southern USA. Its swinging and is played with great enthusiasm and skills. A tight evening at Hotel Cecil.

Martin Hall, is doing a Spoken Word performance at Skt Lukas Kirken in Frederiksberg. A good chance to sit down and get some reflections into your life. There is also some jazz, and Tapas and Redwine.

Saturday June 1st
Black Lips, is difficult to put in a box. Its a little bit of Pop, Garage, Lo Fi, but they have a lot of energy that they cant udse for anything else. Been going on for 20 years, and now Loppen are putting them on stage. Really worth going to.

Romperayo sounds like a fast moving musical journey through Colombian tropical folklore, a mischievous and modern interpretation of the up-tempo rhythms of descarga and the psychedelic sounds of 70s cumbia. Its nice and easy and ready to go dancing at Alice.

In Ungdomshuset you can go and get rid of your aggresions on the Dance Floor at this Straight Edge event. Urano, Afmagt and Puke Wolf is at stage in Dødsmaskinen. Cash Only and earplugs is also a good idea.

A week before Copenhagen Carnival takes over the city, Operaen, Christiania are inviting you to the pre-carnival party at Operaen, Christiania. Copenhagen-based A Banda brings their Brazilian big band and dance show to Operaen in Christiania. Dance along to samba, samba-reggae, frevo, and more.

Sunday June 2nd
The four day weekend is almost over, But If you are into a Solo Grand Piano and a lonely voice, you can head out for Hotel Cecil and Canadian Spencer Krug. Its lyrics that brings you alive, and a fantastic Piano. If you like this kind of Music, its a must.

Monday 3rd
Deerhunter is back, this time at Pumpehuset. The Indie Rock Band has the last ten years had several cool albums, and is not looking back. Now they have invited Cate Le Bone in as a producer and temporarily member.

Photo: Distortion at Møllegade last year

Its almost summer and the Festivals and Street Party’s are booming.
We start with The Bllom Festival on Nature and Science in Søndermarken. Loads of talks will make you a much more Knowledgable person http://bloom.ooo

And You can also get a lot wiser on Design in the 3 days of design in Copenhagen this weekend. Its not only Danish but a lot of international. https://3daysofdesign.dk

Get more clever on beer at the Beer festival at Lokomotiv Hallen. Near Vesterbro. 1200 different Beers. What’s not to like. https://www.facebook.com/events/2026351034078305/

In Blågårds plads there is a new event: That is a cargo Bike race around the Square, and the participants have to carry a plate of Smørrebrød on the bike ride. Sounds both entertaining and funny. https://www.facebook.com/events/304453197007606/

Another Street Party is Enghave Plads in vesterbro. Last year I had a good time, so why not go for it this year. Local Bands, Beer, Barbecues and a Flea market. http://www.fortovsfest.dk/?fbclid=IwAR30fd3t4qqqs_r9cBc5fT3BoLl5nzTsnrBKRx35KzNJ75H-mgJOSB7tAiA

At Refshaleøen Engage Festival I happening. Starting at 1 pm with DAD and ending late evening with Magtens Korridorer. There is three bands in between these two Highlights. They make sure to start with the selling name first, so people come and bye beer. https://www.facebook.com/events/3117191821836845/

And next weekend its four days of Distortion. So keep calm and hurry up. https://www.cphdistortion.dk

Wednesday 22nd

In Byhaven by Pumpehuset, there is Beatmakers, that are sampling and uses all sorts of instruments. I am not really sure of the genre, but its your chance for some free music on this Wednesday. https://pumpehuset.dk/koncerter/beats-i-byhaven/

Eiko Ishibashi is a Japanese singer-songwriter and musician. A bid weird sounds, and abrupt rhythms and experimental sounds. Like the No wave scene of 1980´s NYC scene. http://alicecph.com/event/eiko-ishibashi-jp-francesca-burattelli/ Its at Alice in Nørrebro

Thursday 23rd

Music against Racist is a very important event on this Thursday. Its at the Town Hall square and starts at 5 Pm. Isam B, Nikolaj Nørlund, Annistte Maria Carmen Koppel, and so many others. Speeches and much more. Be there!!! Its important. https://www.facebook.com/events/2026351034078305/

smash!bang!pow! And Loppen have a visit of Strand of Oaks. Its more like a project of Folk Rock, and of what I have heard on the net, it sounds interesting, and can turn out to be a very good concert. So give it a chance, and find it on your spotify. http://loppen.dk/kalender/strand-oaks

Be sure to take some strong hallucinating stuff when Øresund Space collective hits Lygtens Kro. Its a well known, totally improvised space rock band from Denmark/Sweden. One of the most dynamic super groups made up of members from various Scandinavian rock groups. They improvise and can keep on going for hours. https://www.facebook.com/events/805089513201493/

Rockfreaks are arranging a concert at Underwerket in Valby. Its punk with Western Settings (US), and two local Bands: Dungeon days and Careless Drinkers. They are both young an on the way forward. Remember ear plugs. https://www.facebook.com/events/1984535741841420/

In Ideal bar – Vega, Vesterbro Rebecca Lou is playing with Support from Motorsav. Its Knallert Rock, with a high Energy from the girl from Lolland. And Motorsav is more like melodic punk Rock. https://www.vega.dk/kalender/rebecca-lou-23-05-19/

Friday 24th
Napoleon Solo is the oldest – still going strong – Ska band in the whole cunttry of Denmark. The lads have played together since 1984, and are still producing new music. So meet up at Stengade, and have a Joyful evening. Last time, I saw them, I got laid, and it might happen again 😉 https://www.stengade.dk/show/2019/5/24/napoleon-solo-ska

The South African performance art and music collective The Brother Moves On are a truly original affair. this time they join forces with the fascinating Slovenian keyboard player Bowrain. Its dancing this evening at Alice, with strong Poly rhythms http://alicecph.com/event/the-brother-moves-on-feat-bowrain-za-si/

It probably has nothing to do with Punk, but here in the design week there an afternoon thing: Punk, Beer & DJ. Its by Kongens have. Maybe you can find some free beer? https://www.facebook.com/events/2288785291180467/

Ungdomshuset is making a Picnic. I Don´t know where its going, so stay tuned. Bands playing are Girlcrush – Nexø – Ritual Punishment – Cage Battle: Don t know how and why and when. But sounds funny. https://www.facebook.com/events/1193446220812385/ Cash Only

People Like Us is a craft beer brewing company in Denmark. Run by autists. They have a place at Vermlandsgade on Amager, This Friday they are opening the doors for Select Captain which is a local Singer songwriter. Good beer and nice music. https://www.facebook.com/events/1249528148542898/

Bolsjefabrikken you can find another techno night with Dark matters. A truck load of DJ´s will perform for you, and the entrance is by Donation. Remember Cash https://www.facebook.com/events/287199738886844/

Kalaha is not a cool Bandname, but the Music is relaxing Electronic Afro Jazz. They have had god reviews, and here they are at Hotel Cecil, releasing the new album. Members include Rumpistol and Spejderrobot (Much Cooler names – Stay wired) http://hotelcecil.dk/arrangementer/kalaha/

Willkommen! bienvenue! Welcome! to an exciting burlesque night at the Kit Kat Klub! Its at Operaen Christiania, and the inspiration comes from the Cabaret movie. Its Burlesque and swing Dance https://www.facebook.com/events/544137359324029/

Vega has a Future Feminism program, for young artist. Today its in Lille Vega with Swedish Molly Nilsson, and simple pop tunes. There is hope for the future…. https://www.vega.dk/kalender/molly-nilsson-24-05-19/

Columbian Neckties, is one of the best bands on the Danish Garage Rock Scene. Together with Sun bather, they are entering the stage at High Voltage, just opposite Tivoli. Cheap beers until 10 PM, but then the prices also go high. https://www.facebook.com/events/304882926858221/

Rough & Sweet is a Beat Mermaid initiative that aims to support and give love to all women who rock! And I believe they are among the best Rock DJ´s in the city. This is at Råhuset in Halmtorvet. https://www.facebook.com/events/2291620267781664/

Bobby Moreno, is a pretty good soul singer, and here he is with his Soulmates at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge. https://kulturhusetislandsbrygge.kk.dk/event/bobo-moreno-soulmates

Saturday 25th

Sydhavnsfestivalen is a day of picnic, lying in the grass, relaxing, drinking and listening to local bands playing for a small audience. Sounds Good to me. https://www.facebook.com/events/191098031526274/?active_tab=discussion

Makina 05 is at Ungdomshuset with local DJ´s and dancing and beer drinking. Entrance fee are donations, so remember your cash. https://www.facebook.com/events/308429413407711/

Warbly Jets is as sort of weird, both high energy, a bit electronic, but with a laziness over it. Sounds infact really good, but also disturbing. You should find your way to Loppen for this interesting act. http://loppen.dk/kalender/warbly-jets

In Byhaven you can find another Free Concert. Ron Gallo is described as being in the Garage Rock genre, and the Local band: Turquoise Sun is new Copenhagen psych, and they have been quite hyped in the last year., so its free, and a good evening for you. https://pumpehuset.dk/koncerter/ron-gallo-us-turquoise-sun/

Bolsjefabrikken has a Dub event with some of the biggest names of the current outernational roots reggae scene: Shiloh Ites & Dani Locks from Sweden! And there are some residents DJ´s remember cash and smoke. https://www.facebook.com/events/429044274588398/

TRYPICAL CUMBIA plays cumbia and other traditional Latin American music arranged for a big orchestra. With plenty of percussion and brass, their rhythms and melodies won’t allow you to stay still at Operaen on Saturday. Cash only, and come early. https://www.facebook.com/events/588555761664061/

Altün Gün is a Amsterdam based Turkish inspired band. Listening to the Turkish psych of the 1970´s , they have been performing all over Europe. Also with a Turkish Singer. https://www.vega.dk/kalender/altin-guen-25-05-19/

Sunday 26th

Masta Ace is back in Copenhagen, with his slow soft political Hip Hop. The US Hip Hopper is part of the old crew, and has done many coops with other artist. Its at Loppen, and he is supported by Local Manus Bell. http://loppen.dk/kalender/masta-ace-marco-polo

The Bowery Room at Råhuset has a new Punk concert: Smash The Statues from Holland, Uphill struggle are local and then also local Waul. And the cheap bar has good beers. https://www.facebook.com/events/343274089728977/

Tuesday 28th

“Coladera are two musicians from Brazil & Portugal, who have invited various musicians from countries like Cape Verde and Angola to participate in their continuous search for a sound that connects musical expressions from the Portugese-speaking world.” http://alicecph.com/event/coladera-feat-marcos-suzano-pt-br/

The priests are a Avant-garde punk band from Washington DC. Its not so fast, and you can hear the lyrics, so its not real punk, but the 4-piece band is pretty wild. At Loppen they are supported by A Mess, a local Indie band. http://loppen.dk/kalender/priests

48 Hours, Metal, Spectacle and Sakura Festival in this weekend

The spring is here, and the festival are beginning to pop up: Sakura festival in Langelinie is hosted by the Japanese embassy , The Northern Discomfort in Ungdomhuset, 48 hours Fetival in Nørrebro, and Spectacle Festival also at Nørrebro in Alice. Whats not to like? Something for everybodys taste.

Also the outdoor Flea markets are starting. The one in Fælledparken is a must go.

Wednesday 24th
The Picturebooks is good old Dirty Blues Rock n´Roll. They work like a Duo (Guitar and Drums) . A strong voice and simple tunes you are guaranteed an inspiring evening in amagerbio.dk

Female Brazilian trash metal? Go for Nervosa who are having an on stage energy without comparison. They are Accompanied by German Rezet who are also on the Trash Metal Scene. Its all at Stengade Nørrebro.

Thursday 25th
Natteravn is a concept that is difficult to grasp. Its blacker than Black in the whitest snow. Some sort of performance art project with Trine Trash // Claus Poulsen and Søvnterapeuterne. Snuff soundscapes, Noisescapes, and a lot more. In Slagterhusgade in Kødbyen. Very avantgarde.

The Boss of Lygtens Kro is celebrating her birthday with a party and a concert when Katla is dropping by. Its Swedish. Its Noise. Its Heavy. Its Stoner. Wölfblood is the other band on this Danish Birthday Party.

In Loppen they have a psych evening with Cosmic waves, Skifting and Måneskjold who are all local bands doing the psychedelic thing. Inspiration is Both from Jefferson Airplane, but also from Late 1960´s Danish Psych. There are so much happening on the psych scene in Copenhagen these years. Its a Pleasure!!!

For Metal heads its Ungdomshuset who is calling this weekend. Northern Discomfort is a three day festival with mostly bands from Germany and Scandinavia. For the quality of the music its great value for the money. A 3 day ticket is 250 Kr. Remember your ear plugs and Cash for the bar and , merch area.

Its not easy to have name like Teenage Fanclub, and then be growing older. But it has happened to the Scottish Band, that broke through in the start of the 1990´s with simple pop and vocal harmonies. Now they are back in Lille Vega so here is a trip down memory pop lane for you.

Friday 26th
The Keep Nørrebro Weird Parade is curated by four vinyl-loving, self-publishing record stores. The parade starts at Blågårds Plads, continues with a concert at every record store, and finishes at Den Sorte Plads with a massive opening party. From the basement studios of Nørrebro to the open sky, this will be a tour de force of uncompromising niche music.

In Alicecph.com they are having a 2 day festival: Alice Spectacle. Its both Global, Jazz, experimental, Roots… and spread out on different venues. If you are going for just one concert, then my advice is the Les Freres Smith with 12 people on stage and sure to make your body move with Afro Beat tunes.

Stengade is part of the 48 hours festival at Nørrebro. Check out more details here: https://www.stengade.dk

Here after Easter, its time to find Your own personel the Stoned Jesus. Its Hard Rock from Ukraine going over to metal, and the band has been going on since the end of the 00´s . Loppen in Christiania are staging Stoned jesus.

There is one Garage Rock events on this Friday. Underwerket in Valby has Daddy Long Legs on the stage. I saw him at Gutter Island festival in 2014, and he puts on an amazing show. Its sold out, so look out at the Facebook page for tickets.

At Operaen in Christiania They have a psych evening with Swedish Baby Jesus, local DJ´s and loads of smoke. Uffe from Spids Nøgenhat is on the DJ list. Cash only!!!

In support of Freedom of Movements, a collective working for the rights of migrants and refugees a concert is set up at Bolsjefabrikken. Be prepared for an evening full of dancing, good vibes from all over the World . The DJ´s include *Cana Collective (live Cumbia ) Flamenco Refugees *Emiliano Motta, *Mauricio (headshell) *The Nubian King *Simone Ahá *Kanan *Pantera. Cash only!!!

The Hunna at Lille Vega, is playing chewing gum poppunk rock. Its not dirty or fast like real punk but catchy tunes and good vocals.

Saturday 27th
Lucy Spraggan from the UK is good pop melodies. Nothing special, just guitar based Indie hits. Its at Loppen Christiania and supported by Stephanie Grace, which is also Indie pop from down Under Aussie Land.

At alicecph.com they are continuing the Spectacle festival. And also at Stengade the 48 hour festival.

Operaen at Christiania have Cumbia-reggae and chicha-punk mixed in a tropical casserole of distorted guitars, güiro and song. Falakumbes sweaty and energy-filled shows have made the band been compared with artists as Gogol Bordello and Chico Trujillo. With tremendous scene presence and genuine rebellious joy, Falakumbe succeeds in engaging his audience and creating swinging, euphoric and memorable shows. cash only!!!

Sunday 28th
Once again A Banda brings their Brazilian big band and dance show to Nørrebro! Join the parade and dance along to samba, samba-reggae, quick frevo, marcha and afoxe played by the A Banda batteria and full horn section. Starts from Dronning Louises Bro, and ends at Skt. Hans Torv

Monday 29th
The only thing that is popping up at this Monday is a a small pearl for you: Nick Oliveri is the founding member of legendary Kyuss and Mastermind of the original Queens of the Stone Age..!
He is also doing unplugged acoustic shows so Watch out for this mad man unplugged on stage! Its at Basement Cph. Next to Vega.

Tuesday 30th
H15 is a new place at Kødbyen. They have a concert this Tuesday as a sort of warm up for mayday. Klub Primi is the arranger and has names like Crush, Jomi massage and T.S. Høgh on the poster. Experimental Jazz and Free Folk.

Wednesday Mayday
Here are loads of demonstrations, all ending in Fælledparken, where each group of Political party, Workers Union, Anarchist or Anti Fascist group are having there own concerts and Speakers. I am at the Anti Fascist place.

At Kroteket in Blågårds Plads Familieorkestret are giving up after many years of true service, and leaving the torch to Røde Far. Interesting to experience.

Photo: Mavoureen at Stengade New cool band.

Happy Easter from Bo

The tempo is going a bit down for Easter. Many Folks are leaving town for visits and Holidays. So there are not so many events here.
If you are a Bicycle Fanatic you should head out for the annual Bike Flea Market at Stefansgade. People are coming from all over Scandinavia to Buy , sell and Swap. Its Monday April 22nd outside the Hafnia Bike shop.

And if you are in for some more Action then Extinction Rebellion are arranging climate event all over town. And on Thursday people are going for closing the Ellebæk deportation Camp. So lots of things to do in the Easter.

Wednesday 17th The weekend starts on a Wednesday 😀
You can head out for Ungdomshuset on Dortheavej and Better of Dead, Chainsaw Eaters (Great name 🙂 ) Fall back Down and Nexø. Its all Punk bands, and what a good way to start your weekend. Cash only for the entrance and bar.

Thursday 18th
I didn’t expect this kind of music out of Colombia. Its weird and load of both electronic and analogue instruments. Chupame El Dedo was born for a Festival called “Evil Music” or “Böse musik”. The idea was to recreate a death metal group with influences of tropical music. Its at Alicecph.com

Elevatorfører is Danish Psych and Acid. They a making a release party at Loppen for they new album: “Jeg er kommet for at slå tiden ihjel” , and it can end up as a long evening with improvisations. Both exciting and slow moving with the Danish Lyrics.

Friday 19th
Zydeco Music is coming from The French Caribien and New Orleans. So Zyde & Co are playing this world music toninght. They are accompanying Louise Bruel Band and are at Operaen in Christiania. Go for something you havn´t hear before.

Rufus Wainwright from Canada is one of the big vocalist of our time. This Friday he is at Koncertsalen in DR Byen, on his 20 years Jubilee Tour. This evening he is both doing new and old stuff, so its a memorable evening at The big concert Hall.

Klub Luk Røven at Råhuset are hosting a Punk evening with two bands: Big Mess + Ulceras Its fast loud and with no mercy.

Saturday 20th Today 420. This is a international weed smoking day and are celebrated around the world. In Copenhagen the attention goes to Christiania.
At Loppen the 420 day is celebrated with Dub in the form of Kenny Knots and DJ´s Unity, Freetown Soundsystem and 2000 F. Even though you cant Smoke inside, you can go downstairs and fill your lungs.
You can also take a walk down the Hazy street to Den Grå Hal and Operaen with General Levy (UK) as the headline name. Its Jungle and Dancehall Eaggerman , Dj Hydepark, Raske Penge, PHASE5, KAKA DK, Melissa Inya, Mashti Project, The Four Twenty Kolektiv are also joining the party. I wonder if there is room for all these people. The late night party is continuing at Operaen and Christiania Jazz Club. Remember cash and clean lungs. 😉

If you are not that found of getting stoned but still like Rock then the 1980´s stars Sandmen is at Vega. The voice of Alan Vegenfeldt is still full and Strong, and you are in for an evening down memory Lane

Summer in the city Festival are hosting this event in Råhuset. Two bands: Bæst and Mørk Meditation are finding ways to get even darker in their minds and their Music.

Insula Music is a record store in Blaagårds Plads in Nørrebro. This weekend Troels from the Store is arranging a Jazz concert in Mayhem next to Bolsjefabrikken. Ka Baird and Foster/Bennett Duo are both from the NYC, and are headlining with some local support bands. Its experimental and Noisy .

At Stengade – in the last minut – They have announced this free event with Post Punk – Noise Rock. Mavourneen and Michael Ellis are performing. Its loud and controlled. And the Entrance is free.

Sunday 21st Remember that Monday is still a Holiday 🙂
Slow moving film music with inspiration from Tom Waits and Johnny Cash and you get to Jaye Jayle. Imagine yourself in a David Lynch Movie and here you are at Loppen. Its dark and slow evolving, but makes you a little bit uneasy. Loppen is the venue.

Tuesday 23rd
If you are missing some weird Improvisation then go for Fire! From Sweden with Local support from Lunden. You can expect nothing really, because nobody knows how this is going to turn out. And with no expectations you are not getting disappointed. But Maybe not surprised. Anyway: Its at Alicecph.com

At Lygtens Kro they are not stopping after Easter. Vojd from Sweden are members from Black Trip, and in the best Swedish Style its Hard rock with a nice blend of metal. Their latest release ”the outer ocean” is an album stuffed with powerful rock hits that ventures throughout a distorted dreamland.

Wednesday 24th
The Picturebooks is good old Dirty Blues Rock n´Roll. They work like a Duo (Guitar and Drums) . A strong voice and simple tunes you are guaranteed an inspiring evening in amagerbio.dk

Photo: Amyl with her Sniffers at stengade

Merry Xmas at The Grey Hall

Glaedelig yul from Bo :-D

Its the last week before Xmas, and everybody are busy, before going on the holiday. But from friday, things in the city are really slowing down (Exept in the shops). Now we are going home to the family, and more eating and drinking.
And then Copenhagen are almost empty and quiet. It feels good when things are moving slower, and the hectic everyday is far away. Christmas evening some places are open, so if you dont want this family thing, there are other options.

Culture Box, is the only place that are open almost every evening during Xmas. They have an extensive program signalling: ”We dont care about Xmas. We just keeps on partying.” 

December 21st is the shortest day of the year. From now on there will be more light: It is celebrated in Operaen, Christiania with DJ´s and concerts. There are diffrent acts in different styles. Its really a mess in fact. Bring cash, for the entry and the bar.

In another location, but the same building in Pusher street, you can find T. S. Høeg AKA Great Dane with his Big Band. I dont know how they are getting room for a big band in this small place. But go there and remember cash. There is no link to this event

Also here Operaen and Culture Box are standing out with the only shows of the day.  Its a brazillian Xmasparty with DJ´s in Operaen.Bring Cash 😉 
And at Culture Box, they have WetYourSelfi (WYS) from London on a christmas visit. So dance the calories away. And free beer between 11 PM and midningt!! Whats not to like? 

Monday December 24th .
The legendary Xmas evening in The Grey Hall –Christiania. Be there when the doors open at 6 PM, because it fills up fast. You will get free food, also for vegetarins and vegans, but else its traditionell danish pork. Later its performances with local bands. Its also fun to volunter, and do the work of cooking the food and decorating the hall. If you are interested in voluntering, its a good idea to be at the Hall friday December 21st around 10 AM, where theres a meeting. You can also turn up later, but then its harder to get into the groups. Everything is done Christiania style, and there are no place on the internet, where you can sign up, or find information.

Stengade, Nørrbro has a party evening with DJ´s opening at midnight at going on until 5 AM The entry is free. 

There is Xmas and anti Xmas. And the last one is in Ungeren, who are celebrating the Christmas with having no Xmas, but an open bar, and propably some hardcore punk on the stereo.

And thats it for now. Hope you enjoy yourself. Im going for Aarhus to see the family there. But I will be back on the blog after Xmas. 

Pusher street

Things are happening at Christiania. The famous Pusher Street, where you can buy illegal cannabis products, have been closed by the local residents at Christiania. Tuesday may 22nd in the morning, the Street was sealed of by a fence, and som black curtains. So all trade has stopped, and it is not possible to buy any stuff.
My normal source is out of town, but rumours tells that they are tired of very young pushers ( down to 16 years), that are trying to control it. Also the everyday fighting with the police, and the many arrests has led to this action. They say The Pusher Street will open up again on friday, ”in a new and more hyggelig way”. It will be exciting to see what happens, and I will keep you updated. If you really need to buy something to smoke, ask around. And dont buy in the streets leading up to Christiania.
And as usually, the police wants to ”cooperate”. The rest of Christiania is open, so you can still visit it.
In my humble opinion the only thing to do, is to legalize cannabis, but it seems like there is a long way to go in conservative Denmark.


Picture: The pusher street in Christiania is closed until friday

Sleep, swim and art

Hope you had a good long weekend. The coming days  also have something good for you.

Art week

Today, tuesday May 22nd, the Copenhagen Art Week is opening up. There are a lot of events, exibitions, performances, talks, films, debates and much more. Full program.
It opens up at The Charlottenborg, Royal Academy of art, at Nyhavn 6 pm. It is free, and you can have the change of catching a glass or two of Rosé wine, and have a a small canapee.


Wendesday 23rd I will mayby go to Sleep at The Grey Hal Christiania. It is stoner rock, and good. I saw them some years back at Roskilde Festival, and I will go again. Afterparty at Loppen, with more stoner. And also at Loppen tuesday 22nd you can find the Bell Rays  . It is grovvy rock soul funk.


The water in the harbour is gettting warmer and warmer, and has now reached 18 degress. Officially you can only swim at the designated areas, but I have never heard about anybody being fined for swimming, where ever they wanted. So bring your towel and take a dip. Its nice.


Picture. I found the spider at a cafe by the habour. It is not open yet (The cafe), tell you more later. 

I´m dancing on sunshine

What a fantastic weekend. Again!!! With nice summer weather, swimming, Concerts and so much more. Whats next?

Ice Hockey World Championships is still going on, and the fans are very peacefull, no drunken people fighting so far. Very goood.

Thursday is the national independance day for Norway, and since there are about 10.000 Norwegians living in Copenhagen (Weather is better – beer is cheaper), they make a march from Christiansborg – the parlament – to the Norwegian Church at Amager. All dressed up in tradional costumes. It is a party, and among other places it continues at Loppen with Norwegian bands playing. Next to Christiania, there are also Copenhagen Norwegian DJ Mashti playing at Kaj.

The arcitecture festival, is still there, check it out here. Last day is wendesday 16th May. The Danish Architecture Center – DAC –  is now opened. I havent yet been there, so tell me what you are thinking. DAC

Free Concerts
And then Pumpehuset is starting its free koncerts on wendesdays in the courtyard. It is local bands, and May 16th it is Doktordoktor (Mellow hip hop) and Ravi Kumar (at bit more aggressiv Hip hop. ) I might come by and drink a beer or two. 🙂

Picture: Its not that difficult to make a concert. A Bike and a PA system. Caught at Dronning Louises Bro.

Skating on Vinyl ;-)

Saturday April 21st it is 2 years since Prince died. You can come and dance the sadness away at Søpavilloenen, near the lakes, There will be DJ, purple drinks and Dancing.

Record Day

Vinyl is getting more and more hot, and now there is a international record day. Your local dealer is having a sale on the music we love. And do you know the meaning af ”slutspurt”. In danish this is the last time of a sale, when the prices go extra low. 😉

Route 66 – Fælledvej

Sound Station – Gl. Kongevej

Beat København V – Enghave Plads

Roller Derby – Trippelheader

Tatooes, stockings and helmets are ready when Copenhagen Roller Derby meets Turku from Finland. And there are also two more matches to be seen. It is at the DGI Center, just next to the Central Station.