Pusher street

Things are happening at Christiania. The famous Pusher Street, where you can buy illegal cannabis products, have been closed by the local residents at Christiania. Tuesday may 22nd in the morning, the Street was sealed of by a fence, and som black curtains. So all trade has stopped, and it is not possible to buy any stuff.
My normal source is out of town, but rumours tells that they are tired of very young pushers ( down to 16 years), that are trying to control it. Also the everyday fighting with the police, and the many arrests has led to this action. They say The Pusher Street will open up again on friday, ”in a new and more hyggelig way”. It will be exciting to see what happens, and I will keep you updated. If you really need to buy something to smoke, ask around. And dont buy in the streets leading up to Christiania.
And as usually, the police wants to ”cooperate”. The rest of Christiania is open, so you can still visit it.
In my humble opinion the only thing to do, is to legalize cannabis, but it seems like there is a long way to go in conservative Denmark.


Picture: The pusher street in Christiania is closed until friday

Sleep, swim and art

Hope you had a good long weekend. The coming days  also have something good for you.

Art week

Today, tuesday May 22nd, the Copenhagen Art Week is opening up. There are a lot of events, exibitions, performances, talks, films, debates and much more. Full program.
It opens up at The Charlottenborg, Royal Academy of art, at Nyhavn 6 pm. It is free, and you can have the change of catching a glass or two of Rosé wine, and have a a small canapee.


Wendesday 23rd I will mayby go to Sleep at The Grey Hal Christiania. It is stoner rock, and good. I saw them some years back at Roskilde Festival, and I will go again. Afterparty at Loppen, with more stoner. And also at Loppen tuesday 22nd you can find the Bell Rays  . It is grovvy rock soul funk.


The water in the harbour is gettting warmer and warmer, and has now reached 18 degress. Officially you can only swim at the designated areas, but I have never heard about anybody being fined for swimming, where ever they wanted. So bring your towel and take a dip. Its nice.


Picture. I found the spider at a cafe by the habour. It is not open yet (The cafe), tell you more later. 

I´m dancing on sunshine

What a fantastic weekend. Again!!! With nice summer weather, swimming, Concerts and so much more. Whats next?

Ice Hockey World Championships is still going on, and the fans are very peacefull, no drunken people fighting so far. Very goood.

Thursday is the national independance day for Norway, and since there are about 10.000 Norwegians living in Copenhagen (Weather is better – beer is cheaper), they make a march from Christiansborg – the parlament – to the Norwegian Church at Amager. All dressed up in tradional costumes. It is a party, and among other places it continues at Loppen with Norwegian bands playing. Next to Christiania, there are also Copenhagen Norwegian DJ Mashti playing at Kaj.

The arcitecture festival, is still there, check it out here. Last day is wendesday 16th May. The Danish Architecture Center – DAC –  is now opened. I havent yet been there, so tell me what you are thinking. DAC

Free Concerts
And then Pumpehuset is starting its free koncerts on wendesdays in the courtyard. It is local bands, and May 16th it is Doktordoktor (Mellow hip hop) and Ravi Kumar (at bit more aggressiv Hip hop. ) I might come by and drink a beer or two. 🙂

Picture: Its not that difficult to make a concert. A Bike and a PA system. Caught at Dronning Louises Bro.

Skating on Vinyl ;-)

Saturday April 21st it is 2 years since Prince died. You can come and dance the sadness away at Søpavilloenen, near the lakes, There will be DJ, purple drinks and Dancing.

Record Day

Vinyl is getting more and more hot, and now there is a international record day. Your local dealer is having a sale on the music we love. And do you know the meaning af ”slutspurt”. In danish this is the last time of a sale, when the prices go extra low. 😉

Route 66 – Fælledvej

Sound Station – Gl. Kongevej

Beat København V – Enghave Plads

Roller Derby – Trippelheader

Tatooes, stockings and helmets are ready when Copenhagen Roller Derby meets Turku from Finland. And there are also two more matches to be seen. It is at the DGI Center, just next to the Central Station.


Sometimes it snows in April…

Easter is over, everybody is back on the desks and behind the screens at school or job. There was some really nice sunny days, and ahead of us is the spring. Hurray!!.

Vega koncert hall

If you are into metal, Vega on wendesday is the place. Finnish Ensiferum is here. Check it out: Read more

Fever Ray are also playing Vega on wendesday, but it is sold out. There is a waiting list.

Film Freaks

Film freaks should head out for Cinemateket on thursday. Carl Dreyer was a danish movie director in the start af the 20th century. Vampyr (Wampire) from 1932, is shown with a live band playing the music from the silent film score.
It is a once in a lifetime event. Check it out
And BTW. Cinemateket has a series of Wes Anderson films (The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Royal Tenenbaums) showing right now.


What is this thing with danes and Happiness?

At all times danish people are on the top of the list with the happiest countrys in the world. How come, when we live half the year in winter, where there are no lights, the sky is grey, and it is freakingly cold?
First of all, we drink a lot of alcohol. There is no legal drinking age, and it is not difficult for a 15 year old, to go to a shop and buy beer. Secondly we take a lot of prozac, and related pharmaceuticals. That also helps. 😉

More seriously, you can say that we are the least unhappy people. There is a high living standard, a high degree of social service, and a health care system that works. So there are not so many things to worry about. Denmark is pretty safe, and there is a high degree of trust between the citizens individually, and between the people and the authorities. So you can use more time on doing something good for yourself.

This article also presents and idea, that partly the explaines the word “Hygge”, and how it influences life

So have a nice day. See you in the streets of Copenhagen. 🙂

When is spring coming?


The National Artmuseun, has a big collection og paintings by the French impressionist artist Matisse. And they just purchased a new painting to the collection, that can be seen here in the easter. http://www.smk.dk/en/


Friday Napalm Death plays Heavy metal at Loppen, Christiania. Is officially sold out, but with a bit of luck, you can buy a ticket at the door.

Denmark only had a few colonies. The Virgin Islands in the Caribian, was part of Denmark, until they were sold to the US in 1917. And like most other places in the Caribian it was black slaves, working for the white danish Settlers.
I Am Queen Mary, is a sculptur, that show the leader of the biggest slave rebelion. It will be inagurateted on saturday the 31st at 13.00 hours.
https://www.facebook event

Cold easter
And it is still f***ing winter. Spring is far away.