Its almost summer and the Festivals and Street Party’s are booming.
We start with The Bllom Festival on Nature and Science in Søndermarken. Loads of talks will make you a much more Knowledgable person

And You can also get a lot wiser on Design in the 3 days of design in Copenhagen this weekend. Its not only Danish but a lot of international.

Get more clever on beer at the Beer festival at Lokomotiv Hallen. Near Vesterbro. 1200 different Beers. What’s not to like.

In Blågårds plads there is a new event: That is a cargo Bike race around the Square, and the participants have to carry a plate of Smørrebrød on the bike ride. Sounds both entertaining and funny.

Another Street Party is Enghave Plads in vesterbro. Last year I had a good time, so why not go for it this year. Local Bands, Beer, Barbecues and a Flea market.

At Refshaleøen Engage Festival I happening. Starting at 1 pm with DAD and ending late evening with Magtens Korridorer. There is three bands in between these two Highlights. They make sure to start with the selling name first, so people come and bye beer.

And next weekend its four days of Distortion. So keep calm and hurry up.

Wednesday 22nd

In Byhaven by Pumpehuset, there is Beatmakers, that are sampling and uses all sorts of instruments. I am not really sure of the genre, but its your chance for some free music on this Wednesday.

Eiko Ishibashi is a Japanese singer-songwriter and musician. A bid weird sounds, and abrupt rhythms and experimental sounds. Like the No wave scene of 1980´s NYC scene. Its at Alice in Nørrebro

Thursday 23rd

Music against Racist is a very important event on this Thursday. Its at the Town Hall square and starts at 5 Pm. Isam B, Nikolaj Nørlund, Annistte Maria Carmen Koppel, and so many others. Speeches and much more. Be there!!! Its important.

smash!bang!pow! And Loppen have a visit of Strand of Oaks. Its more like a project of Folk Rock, and of what I have heard on the net, it sounds interesting, and can turn out to be a very good concert. So give it a chance, and find it on your spotify.

Be sure to take some strong hallucinating stuff when Øresund Space collective hits Lygtens Kro. Its a well known, totally improvised space rock band from Denmark/Sweden. One of the most dynamic super groups made up of members from various Scandinavian rock groups. They improvise and can keep on going for hours.

Rockfreaks are arranging a concert at Underwerket in Valby. Its punk with Western Settings (US), and two local Bands: Dungeon days and Careless Drinkers. They are both young an on the way forward. Remember ear plugs.

In Ideal bar – Vega, Vesterbro Rebecca Lou is playing with Support from Motorsav. Its Knallert Rock, with a high Energy from the girl from Lolland. And Motorsav is more like melodic punk Rock.

Friday 24th
Napoleon Solo is the oldest – still going strong – Ska band in the whole cunttry of Denmark. The lads have played together since 1984, and are still producing new music. So meet up at Stengade, and have a Joyful evening. Last time, I saw them, I got laid, and it might happen again 😉

The South African performance art and music collective The Brother Moves On are a truly original affair. this time they join forces with the fascinating Slovenian keyboard player Bowrain. Its dancing this evening at Alice, with strong Poly rhythms

It probably has nothing to do with Punk, but here in the design week there an afternoon thing: Punk, Beer & DJ. Its by Kongens have. Maybe you can find some free beer?

Ungdomshuset is making a Picnic. I Don´t know where its going, so stay tuned. Bands playing are Girlcrush – Nexø – Ritual Punishment – Cage Battle: Don t know how and why and when. But sounds funny. Cash Only

People Like Us is a craft beer brewing company in Denmark. Run by autists. They have a place at Vermlandsgade on Amager, This Friday they are opening the doors for Select Captain which is a local Singer songwriter. Good beer and nice music.

Bolsjefabrikken you can find another techno night with Dark matters. A truck load of DJ´s will perform for you, and the entrance is by Donation. Remember Cash

Kalaha is not a cool Bandname, but the Music is relaxing Electronic Afro Jazz. They have had god reviews, and here they are at Hotel Cecil, releasing the new album. Members include Rumpistol and Spejderrobot (Much Cooler names – Stay wired)

Willkommen! bienvenue! Welcome! to an exciting burlesque night at the Kit Kat Klub! Its at Operaen Christiania, and the inspiration comes from the Cabaret movie. Its Burlesque and swing Dance

Vega has a Future Feminism program, for young artist. Today its in Lille Vega with Swedish Molly Nilsson, and simple pop tunes. There is hope for the future….

Columbian Neckties, is one of the best bands on the Danish Garage Rock Scene. Together with Sun bather, they are entering the stage at High Voltage, just opposite Tivoli. Cheap beers until 10 PM, but then the prices also go high.

Rough & Sweet is a Beat Mermaid initiative that aims to support and give love to all women who rock! And I believe they are among the best Rock DJ´s in the city. This is at Råhuset in Halmtorvet.

Bobby Moreno, is a pretty good soul singer, and here he is with his Soulmates at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge.

Saturday 25th

Sydhavnsfestivalen is a day of picnic, lying in the grass, relaxing, drinking and listening to local bands playing for a small audience. Sounds Good to me.

Makina 05 is at Ungdomshuset with local DJ´s and dancing and beer drinking. Entrance fee are donations, so remember your cash.

Warbly Jets is as sort of weird, both high energy, a bit electronic, but with a laziness over it. Sounds infact really good, but also disturbing. You should find your way to Loppen for this interesting act.

In Byhaven you can find another Free Concert. Ron Gallo is described as being in the Garage Rock genre, and the Local band: Turquoise Sun is new Copenhagen psych, and they have been quite hyped in the last year., so its free, and a good evening for you.

Bolsjefabrikken has a Dub event with some of the biggest names of the current outernational roots reggae scene: Shiloh Ites & Dani Locks from Sweden! And there are some residents DJ´s remember cash and smoke.

TRYPICAL CUMBIA plays cumbia and other traditional Latin American music arranged for a big orchestra. With plenty of percussion and brass, their rhythms and melodies won’t allow you to stay still at Operaen on Saturday. Cash only, and come early.

Altün Gün is a Amsterdam based Turkish inspired band. Listening to the Turkish psych of the 1970´s , they have been performing all over Europe. Also with a Turkish Singer.

Sunday 26th

Masta Ace is back in Copenhagen, with his slow soft political Hip Hop. The US Hip Hopper is part of the old crew, and has done many coops with other artist. Its at Loppen, and he is supported by Local Manus Bell.

The Bowery Room at Råhuset has a new Punk concert: Smash The Statues from Holland, Uphill struggle are local and then also local Waul. And the cheap bar has good beers.

Tuesday 28th

“Coladera are two musicians from Brazil & Portugal, who have invited various musicians from countries like Cape Verde and Angola to participate in their continuous search for a sound that connects musical expressions from the Portugese-speaking world.”

The priests are a Avant-garde punk band from Washington DC. Its not so fast, and you can hear the lyrics, so its not real punk, but the 4-piece band is pretty wild. At Loppen they are supported by A Mess, a local Indie band.

Store Bededag and Norwegian independence

St Bededag – The Great Prayer day is here and makes it a 3 day weekend, and 4 days of working / School. The weather is looking not to bad – it could be worse 😉
And Friday is also the Norwegian Independence Day. Celebrated with a big march in traditional clothes and a lot of food and beer drinking, at the Norwegian Church at Amager from the about 10.000 Norwegians living in Copenhagen.

In Den Røde Plads Nørrebro, there is a Suburban Dance Festival with Hip Hop Dance on at Saturday. A lot of young kids are dropping down to Breakdance and acrobatic moves. And there will also be a skating tournament, so drop by and have a chill. 🙂 Its part f the subURBAN DANCE FESTIVAL, taking place in Nørrebro, Nordvest and Brønshøj Check the full program here:

Click Festival
CLICK is an annual festival embracing and exploring the field between contemporary art, science, and technology. The primary purpose of the festival is to create an open and inclusive platform in which curiosity is immersed in a unique and groundbreaking culture and art form through workshops, exhibitions, lectures, performances, and concerts.”

A Day for Democracy
At Rentemestervej in Ydre Nørrebro, there is a empty plot of land. Now good creative people have started #garageparkNV Building all sorts of stuff, and creating a park with loads of opportunities. They are opening up on Saturday with a democracy workout fitness thing, and a program that lasts all day. A really good initiative, well worth of supporting.

Sound Walk
The Danes – everybody that understand the language – can go for this Audio Walk arranged by the Metropolis City Festival. “Oprørets Koordinator”, is about the rebellion that is taking place in September 2019. Just wait and see.

Live Music

Wednesday 15th
Norwegian Motorpsycho has been a inspiration for Scandi Psych bands since the first Album in 1991. And they are still going strong and are releasing a new album, that you can buy at the concert at Hotel Cecil. Its a combo of Jazz, Rock and Punk, and can turn out to be a very good evening.

I have not heard them before, but I am a bit surprised of how good it sounds. Brutus is High energy, with a lot of action, Noise Guitar, a Good voice from the Drummer. Its both Post Punk, metal prog rock. And something in between. Its in Lille Vega.

You are guaranteed a MoshMosh Pit, When US The Word Alive Hits Stengade. They are Touring Constantly with there Trash Metal. There is also three Support bands, so its a good start to the weekend.

Thursday 16th
Remember that Thursday is Store bededag – The great prayerday. So you can party all Thursday and pray for not getting a hangover. 😉

The best Rock Concert of the week must be Hellacopters at Vega. The Swedish Band has so many fans here in Denmark, and has among other places been playing Roskilde Arena Stage in 2017. They are as tight as ever, and you can look forward to a great show. Supported by Lucifer from Stockholm, who is more of the same shit.

Ungdomshuset have a Palestine support party. Its a couple of Hip Hop Live Acts – Funk The System and MC Alvarado – and then there is a lot of DJ´s, with Hip Hop, Reggae, Techno and a Feminist Dance Party. Cash Only

In Bumzen in Baldersgade they are going into the Post punk universe with Closer from NYC. It must be some sort of inspiration from Joy Division, and they are supported by Regarding Ambiguity from CPH. Bring Cash

The “Kaj – din ven I Solen” season is starting up on this Thursday. It takes place by Hal C in Christianshavn, by the canals. Its Electronic ambient and chill out and Close to Christiania. The DJ´s are the Loud Brothers.

Shambs X 912 is brand new local Hip Hop, that is mostly Lyrics about smoking Weed. He just started last year and has already been signed For warm up at Roskilde. I might be to old for this shit going down at Loppen, But its one of the next big things.

If you are into Funk/ Jazz / Rn´B Abdullah S is the best Danish answer. He has assembled a really Cool Tight Band around him, and is recognized as one of the best singer and composer in the genre. Its at Hotel Cecil.

Steve Hackett has been going on since The Genesis days in the 1980´s and is still going stronger than ever. One of the best Prog rock guitarists in the world he just keeps on going. A must for fans of the Prog Rock scene at Amager Bio.

For those of you who just don´t like sunshine and warm weather, there is the Dark Mental Festival. It Takes place in Underwerket in Valby. Its 3 days of Dark Metal from Thursday to Saturday.

The last thing I will mention on this very long list of Thursday Concerts is at Lygtens Kro, Ydre Nørrebro. The Reputations are from Austin Texas, and its Power Rock and Soul from that end.

Friday 17th
I have not heard Danish The Love Coffin before, but they sound like a promising band into the Post Punk / Indie world. Just made a new Vinyl on Bad Afro Records. Supported in Stengade by Visitor Kane and Ærkenbrand.

I am one happy little Boy. I have a ticket for the Julius Orlando and the Heliocentric s concert in Alicecph. A true pioneer of Nigerian music, saxophonist Orlando Julius has created his own groovy blend of highlife, afrobeat, funk, jazz and R&B since the 60s.  He is the last of legendary Afro Beat revolution, and first time i saw him, it was one of the best music experiences of my long life. True Story. ❤

Loppen is the oldest Live Music venue in Copenhagen, and tonight they are celebrating 46 years since the start upon then, very young Christiania. So friends of Loppen should go for the divercity in sr oca & dj gale(es) – Spanish World like Mano Nnegra – Slice (es) – Electronic DJ – Blue rose down(dk) – Trash Blues – and Birds happen(dk) Acoustic Singer Song Writer.

Ida Nielsen had a Major Break Through as the Bass player for Prince, but also has a career on her own. Here she is at Amager Bio with her own band, so there will be lots of Bass with the girl from Aarhus. Its Slapbass, Soul and Funk, and she is keeping the Spirit of Prince high.

Jirm (Jeremy Irons And The Ratgang Malibus ) is Swedish something between psychedelia, classic metal and heavy rock. The support band at Lygtens Kro is Silhouette, that must do there best to impress with the 1970´s Hard Rock and the metal of the 80´s .

Saturday 18th
Bølgen is opening up again for partys this summer. The concept is the same as at “Kaj – din Plads I solen” . Its Electronic dance music by the harbour, with drinks and a happy spirit. And then you can just take a dip in the harbour, at Kalvebod Brygge.

Copenhell Reunion is in Stengade and with three former Copenhell bands: Bersærk, Deadnate and Shadowspawn. So its Heavy Metal with some of the most promising bands right now. Its about picking up people who are into metal, but are out of friends with the same passion. A good project.

In Bumzen they have another Street Party, when the Social Decline band is holding there release party. But I will drop by to see the Dårligt Selskab Punk Band, which I think is much better. Cash only at the entrance and bar.

Hearteater is hosting a release Party at Loppen. Its Post HardCore and Grunge, and is with a really good sound and energy on Stage. Supported by local Ivy Crown ( Metal ) and Ayralist (Dead Metal)

Verdensmænd is playing something I will describe as Circus Music. You know the band that siteds a t the top of the gate and is putting up the right atmosphere for the performance. Its at Operaen in Christiania, and on this Saturday there is a band called Søndag, who is playing soul / Funk / Jazz . Cash only

Indisciplinarian Fest in Pumpehuset are housing a new generation of Metal bands. MORILD, ALKYMIST, SONS OF CAIN, NYT LIV, BASTARD GRAVE, EYES, SEBASTIAN WOLF. Its both Outside at Byhaven and inside with a entrance fee (But Cheaper beers)

At Store Vega, you can experience Swedish Danile Norgren, with his folk – Blues – Country – Bluegrass music. Its mostly Acoustic, a bit Melancholy, and makes you feel good. I havn´t heard about him before, but I like the quietness surrounding his music.

Chainsaw Eaters are being put up by Klub Luk Røven at Råhuset – Halmtorvet. Its Synth and Punk.

In Märkbar, Vesterbrogade 108 Rare Mogens is Playing Ramones covers.

Tuesday 21st
If you have nobody to listen to, you can listen to Nick Cave in Conversations. Its at Koncertsalen in DR Byen, and its very expensive, so only for absolute fans. There´s a waiting list.

Photo: Me as a happy Boy after Orlando Julius Concert five years ago

Another Great week for Live Music in Copenhagen.

Hello for another Bash of what’s going on in Copenhagen this week.

We are only at the start of the festival season, but here is another one for you: A Colossal Weekend is from Thursday to Saturday, and is taking place at Vega. A lot of bands, mostly in the Post Punk / Indie / Rock Genre. Besides the music programme the guests will be able to explore talks, exhibitions, arts and vinyl market.
Also at Amagerbio there is a festival, though not in the same scale. Nordic Noise is Heavy metal in the light version. Mike Tramp is the head name, and its mostly Danish and Swedish bands. Check out the programme here: I Think I wait for K-Town in Ungdomshuset.

Until Dorte told me, I forgot all about The Start Festival in the weekend. 50 live acts with new bands in Frederiksberg at KU.BE in Dirch passers Alle. AND IT´S ALL FOR FREE!!!
Its both live music and all sorts aff performances, and part of the Frederiksberg Days. And there is also a lot of Micro Breweries up there taps.

Flea markets.

The record faire is back at Nørrebro Hallen on Sunday. It´s time to get some new Vinyls for your collection.
And also at both Islands Brygge and Jægersborggade, you can find new stuff for your Kid, Kitchen, Wardrobe or Book Shelf. All on Sunday

Live Music

Thursday 9th
Its experimental and noisy when Spectrum hits the stage at Alice. He has collaborated with prominent acts such as Stereolab, Yo La Tengo, My Bloody Valentine. Supported by Anders Vestergaard.  

Its also Alicecph that is arranging the next concert, but its at Bremen Teater. Dreamers Circus is the the most popular Danish Folk Band. It´s at the forefront of the Nordic folk and world music scene.  The other band is Söndörgő from Hungary combines these all brilliantly with their signature instrument, the Hungaro-Serbian tambura.

Cryptopsi Is from Montreal and play some of the fastest hardest metal I have heard in a long time!!! They have been around for some years and have a significant back catalogue, their relevance and importance is as high as ever. Supported by INGESTED [UK] + DEMONICAL [S] + GLORYHOLE GUILLOTINE [US] (Another Great Band Name!!!) Stengade is putting floor and stage for this attack on your mind and body.

The name says it all: High Reefer can only be something to get stoned to. With a sound deeply rooted in modern stoner rock while still giving a nod to the earliest Sabbath records, High Reefer’s first offering is driven by pounding rhythms, thick guitars and soaring, screeching vocals. Of course at Lygtens Kro. Remember Ear plugs and cash for the Merch.

Klaus Handsome & Gadens Løse Fugle are members from Saybia with Klaus Handsome. Its new Danish Indie pop, and its at Byhaven at Pumpehuset. Gratis.

Battle Beast are from Finland, and could be running for the Eurovision, just like Lordi did, some years back. Pop metal that belongs in a Arena at Pumpehuset.

Friday 10th
When Papir is performing at Loppen, you are in for an Jazz/ Psychedelic experience, with the Danish Instrumental band. They have won much acclaim outside of Denmark, but hear they are at Loppen. Supported by their Norwegian Brethers Kanaan.

In Ungeren they have another punk evening, with bands from Japan and Sweden: ZYANOSE (jp) Osaka crusher crusties – farewell tour! 偏執症者 (PARANOID) (swe) punk SEX DWARF (swe) Stockholm noisy raw punk. ZYFILIS (öresund) Öresund raw punk .

In Operaen – Christiania – there is Hip Hop with a new band: DSB are playing Hip Hop from when you where a small child. There are also other bands and Local DJ´s . Cash only

Lately we have had a lot of bands mixing Arabic folk with western electronics. Shkoon is based in Germany but also come from Syria. their own sound by mixing Arabic scales and traditional folk songs with classical harmonic structures. In their sets, oriental melodies partner up with occidental electronics and create an atmosphere filled with texture and spice.  Its at Alicecph

Extremely Rotten Death Metal are arranging another Concert at Pumpehuset. This time its Finnish Metal with Danish supporters. The head names are Convulsive and Cadaver Incubator and the Supporters are Undergang And Chaotian. Be prepared for deafening taken-no-mercy Brutal Death Metal in Pumpehuset.

More fast and loud for you, When The Stonebridge Boys are setting up another Concert. Its oi!!! Punks when The Templars (NYC) and local Stokes are in for Ear plugs needing concert. Underwerket is the place to go.

Saturday 11th
William Burroughs heard them in Tangier in the 1960´s and called them »a 4,000 year-old rock’n’roll band.« The Master Musicians of Jajouka are Recognized for their music by the Moroccan Royal family for centuries, by jazz masters, rock gods, respected writers and elite artists from all corners of the globe, A Unique evening at Alicecph

Dengue Dengue Dengue are an amazing band from Peru. I saw them some years back at Roskilde Festival. The Electrocumbria is sure to make your hips and feet move, and you will walk out of Loppen filled with sunshine and laughter.

Råtkøbenhavn is returning to Stengade, with Rumble in the Jungle ll. Its Rap battles and punches to your voice and ears, when the competitors are joining the arena, for some serious exchanging of harsh rhymes.

Now 7 years have gone by since the first Balkan vs Swing took place. Its celebrated with another bash of fantastic Swinging Balkan Music at Operaen. Expect hard-pumping drums and tuba, complaining harmonics and sweat-dropping saxophone and trumpet solos. And sweat on your forehead and in your armpits.

Klub Æter is arranging Synth Pop at Underwerket, with Automelodi from Mont-real Canada, and they sings sexy in French. Supported by Mavourneen who is not Synth Pop at all, but more No-wave and Noise Rock. And there are also some Indie bands. I’m a bit confused about the setup. Two many directions leads to nowhere.

Swedish action punk band Scumbag Millionaire is an extension of the classic scandi-rock scene which had its prime in the late ’90s. The scene fell quiet for a while, but with people starting to crave new acts, someone had to pick up where it left off. Lygtens Kro is lending the floor to this.

Stylo G, is the biggest name on the English Dancehall scene. And now he is at Pumpehuset, with local DJ´s arranged by Dancehall Madness. Also Dancers from Kingston, Jamaica are performing, so got with the Rhymes and get high in the smoking lounge.

Sunday 12th
Rat Boy is English Hip Hop with an good edge to it. I can hear some Clash in the lyrics, so Its something with a message on Social Injustice, and street riots. Its at Ideal bar at Vega.

Monday 13th
“An Evening With Benjamin Clementine & His Parisian String Quintet” is taken place at DR´s Koncertsalen. He is having an unique voice, and is a brilliant piano player. So you are in for a beautiful goose-prick generating evening. And when you start out as a street musician in Paris an ends up here, then you are like The Basquiat of Music.

Tuesday 14th
I have Known him since I was Pre-teen with “Når Lyset bryder frem”. Its a trip down memory lane with Sebastian, so now you know what to do this Tuesday. Its unique to see him again, and sing along on Full Power. Buy your ticket now, since it will soon be sold out.

Wednesday 15th
I have not heard them before, but I am a bit surprised of how good it sounds. Brutus is High energy, with a lot of action, Noise Guitar, a Good voice from the Drummer. Its both Post Punk, Metal and prog rock. And something in between. Its in Lille Vega.

Photo. Grusom at Stengade. Take your kids to Concerts. Its never to early 🙂

May 1st, May 4th and Cinco Mayo

Now it is almost summer, and then two outdoor places are opening up: Byhaven, is the Court yard of Pumpherston, and they have free concerts all summer. Check out the programme here.
At Tivoli the concerts are not free. You have to pay the entrance anyway (200 kr Friday after 19.00) I will off course update you on the good bands who are playing. But May starts out with real shitty weather, so its bad timing.

The Danish Design Festival is starting up from May 1st and runs until may 13th. There are exhibitions, event, Talks and much more. You can find the full program here.

You can join The International Marijuana march. It start at saturday May 4th 1 PM from Christiania, and takes a loooooong route around in Copenhagen. They have a plan, but if everything goes as usual, it wll be delayed. If you are joining later, then find the March by the Smell 😀

Remember that Saturday May 4th is the day it was announced the surrender of the Nazis in 1945 after the 2nd WW. In Copenhagen it is celebrated in the evening with putting lights in the windows. There is a march in Vesterbro from Halmtorvet. And now – more than ever – we need to stand against racism and hatred.

Thursday 2nd
Ska lovers should go out for The Scandinavian Ska Festival. Its in different venues, mainly around Kødbyen, and there are both Battles and concerts. I think its the first time for the Festival, and I hope I can go and do some nice dancing.

Its Straight Edge In Ungdomshuset when Finisterre (de) Dark hardcore from Köln, Germany Weak Ties (de)
Fastcore/powerviolence from Bielefeld, Germany and Rot Away (cph)
Blackened hardcore from Copenhagen.
ROT AWAY is the Denmark’s newest hardcore outfit. Playing out of Copenhagen, the newly formed quartet, plays a mixture of old school metal and blackened hardcore. Cash Only !!!

It seems like Greek psych is a special thing and here it is again: Naxatras are inspired by early Pink Floyd but also with a touch of Black Sabbath in there more psychedelic period. The other band is Rezn from the USA, who are more of the same. Remember your drugs, and go on a trip in deep space. Stenagde are putting up the stage. has a full program. Thursday its very experimental Avantgarde. London five-piece HOUSEWIVES are a genreless band who play experimental music that points to the future. Leisure is more Punk like, and I come to remember ”Dyreforsøg from the 1990´s” .

In Mayhem – on the border between Nørrebro and Østerbro – they are not so glad for making event on Facebook. So I don’t now what to say about the three days of music they are presenting. But touch the Link and see if you are wiser than I am.

Fastpoholmen are performing there Danish /Swedish Folk/ World Music in Tivoli on “Lille fredag”. Its not for Free, but cost 130 Kr. Its a good band, but the setting could be better.

At Bartof Station you can find Ron Melancon, from South States USA. Its Dark Country, in the style of Johnny Cash/ Tom Waits, though I doubt that Ron has ever taken serious drugs, or been to prison. 😉 But its a good voice and a good band.

I Kind of like the Danish Band Sterling. There pop with light lyrics is nice, and here they are at Vega, Ideal Bar.

Friday 3rd
For the Old school legend seekers Loppen Is presenting Black Sheep, who is East Coast Hip Hop. With scratching and a fantastic MC, this can be an unforgettable evening at Loppen. Al Agami is supporting and will have troubles with matching the head name.

More psychedelic at Stengade this evening with three bands entering the stage. While Swedish Hällas (Folk inspired ) and local Grusom are melodic stoner then Swedish Bomber are more straight away Heavy Metal Rock. So join the forces of fans, and find your ear plugs and move your Ass to Stengade.

There is a lot of the new Heart Breaker Danish Pop songs that I dislike, with too much Autotune. But First Flush are different. They are Danish Lyrics that are worth listening to, and a little bit psych. Karens Minde in Sydhavn are hosting First Flush.

Saturday 4th
Greenland is on Focus at Loppen with Four bands from the not so cold anymore land. Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children, Don Maliko, Sound of the Damned, Suluit . The Music is very diverse with everything from Native folk, Heavy Metal and Indie. Both in English and Inuit

Disco and Ungdomshuset? Yes, its tonight when you are invited to this party, with Live bands and DJ´s . They call it Groovy days in Funktown, and you should bring your best dancing shoes and cash for drinks bar.

The Dispensary is a Whiskey / Beer Bar in Outer Nørrebrogade. They have concerts in the cellar, and this Saturday its Eamon McGrath who is performing with deep felt social realistic songs.

Dark thinking People from the 1980´s Copenhagen Post Punk Scene, should go for Barbue in Huset, where there is a revival party. Sort Morfar, Tristan T and The Tide are performing, so find your Black suit and get down to it.

Punks Undead is back at Underwerket. This time with De Gule Sinker, Dungeon days and Out of Bounds. The first two are locals, the last one is from Aalborg. Ive seen De Gule Sinker before, but its more Hard rock than Punk, so Maybe Punks are really Dead? Remember Ear plugs. 🙂

In Bolsjefabrikken its Old school Hip Hop called ”Back from the Grill party Vol 1”. Stage performances includes Kuku Agami, Dark Matter and Cobra Commander and DJ´s are also here to make your evening swell. Cheap Entry and beer, and its Cash only.

I had to Google Cinco de Mayo to find out what’s its really about. But something about the Mexicans beating up the French in 1862, and today its mostly celebrated in the USA with drinking beer. In High Voltage they also like you to buy there Beer, and on stage they have Hola Ghost (Mexican Psychobillie), Zak and the Krakens (Surf) and Cecilia is dropping by to show you how to swallow a sword.

Gangway is Back!!! the 1980´s Indie Pop band with the catchy tunes are now at Store Vega. They are 30 years older, so it can exiting to see if they still have the grip.

Sunday 5th
Black Tusk and Mirror Queen, are both Metal / Sludge bands from Savannah and NYC. I don’t think you will be disappointed with the wilderness performed on the stage at Loppen!!! Black Tusk call there music “Swamp metal”.

Tami Nielson is different. Its both soul with a snatch of cabaret, and I think she is sexy as hell. Her album is called Sassafrass, so she is a bit Sassy. Its at Amager Bio you can witness this Live performance.

Monday 6th
Noisy Beehive is an experimental music venue, an independent record label and an art collective, based in Copenhagen.   Mavi Express – a Copenhagen- based trio bringing together musicians of various nationalities and backgrounds. With instruments such as bouzouki, violin, electric guitar, and percussion Lo thrives in the intersection between folk and indiepop music and with her charismatic voice and personality.

Brooke Candy describes her sold as “JANE GOODALL meets JAYNE MANSFIELD ”. Its hard pop, with a strong voice at Lille Vega. She could be the next thing on bigger stages, but still needs the song to Break trough.

48 Hours, Metal, Spectacle and Sakura Festival in this weekend

The spring is here, and the festival are beginning to pop up: Sakura festival in Langelinie is hosted by the Japanese embassy , The Northern Discomfort in Ungdomhuset, 48 hours Fetival in Nørrebro, and Spectacle Festival also at Nørrebro in Alice. Whats not to like? Something for everybodys taste.

Also the outdoor Flea markets are starting. The one in Fælledparken is a must go.

Wednesday 24th
The Picturebooks is good old Dirty Blues Rock n´Roll. They work like a Duo (Guitar and Drums) . A strong voice and simple tunes you are guaranteed an inspiring evening in

Female Brazilian trash metal? Go for Nervosa who are having an on stage energy without comparison. They are Accompanied by German Rezet who are also on the Trash Metal Scene. Its all at Stengade Nørrebro.

Thursday 25th
Natteravn is a concept that is difficult to grasp. Its blacker than Black in the whitest snow. Some sort of performance art project with Trine Trash // Claus Poulsen and Søvnterapeuterne. Snuff soundscapes, Noisescapes, and a lot more. In Slagterhusgade in Kødbyen. Very avantgarde.

The Boss of Lygtens Kro is celebrating her birthday with a party and a concert when Katla is dropping by. Its Swedish. Its Noise. Its Heavy. Its Stoner. Wölfblood is the other band on this Danish Birthday Party.

In Loppen they have a psych evening with Cosmic waves, Skifting and Måneskjold who are all local bands doing the psychedelic thing. Inspiration is Both from Jefferson Airplane, but also from Late 1960´s Danish Psych. There are so much happening on the psych scene in Copenhagen these years. Its a Pleasure!!!

For Metal heads its Ungdomshuset who is calling this weekend. Northern Discomfort is a three day festival with mostly bands from Germany and Scandinavia. For the quality of the music its great value for the money. A 3 day ticket is 250 Kr. Remember your ear plugs and Cash for the bar and , merch area.

Its not easy to have name like Teenage Fanclub, and then be growing older. But it has happened to the Scottish Band, that broke through in the start of the 1990´s with simple pop and vocal harmonies. Now they are back in Lille Vega so here is a trip down memory pop lane for you.

Friday 26th
The Keep Nørrebro Weird Parade is curated by four vinyl-loving, self-publishing record stores. The parade starts at Blågårds Plads, continues with a concert at every record store, and finishes at Den Sorte Plads with a massive opening party. From the basement studios of Nørrebro to the open sky, this will be a tour de force of uncompromising niche music.

In they are having a 2 day festival: Alice Spectacle. Its both Global, Jazz, experimental, Roots… and spread out on different venues. If you are going for just one concert, then my advice is the Les Freres Smith with 12 people on stage and sure to make your body move with Afro Beat tunes.

Stengade is part of the 48 hours festival at Nørrebro. Check out more details here:

Here after Easter, its time to find Your own personel the Stoned Jesus. Its Hard Rock from Ukraine going over to metal, and the band has been going on since the end of the 00´s . Loppen in Christiania are staging Stoned jesus.

There is one Garage Rock events on this Friday. Underwerket in Valby has Daddy Long Legs on the stage. I saw him at Gutter Island festival in 2014, and he puts on an amazing show. Its sold out, so look out at the Facebook page for tickets.

At Operaen in Christiania They have a psych evening with Swedish Baby Jesus, local DJ´s and loads of smoke. Uffe from Spids Nøgenhat is on the DJ list. Cash only!!!

In support of Freedom of Movements, a collective working for the rights of migrants and refugees a concert is set up at Bolsjefabrikken. Be prepared for an evening full of dancing, good vibes from all over the World . The DJ´s include *Cana Collective (live Cumbia ) Flamenco Refugees *Emiliano Motta, *Mauricio (headshell) *The Nubian King *Simone Ahá *Kanan *Pantera. Cash only!!!

The Hunna at Lille Vega, is playing chewing gum poppunk rock. Its not dirty or fast like real punk but catchy tunes and good vocals.

Saturday 27th
Lucy Spraggan from the UK is good pop melodies. Nothing special, just guitar based Indie hits. Its at Loppen Christiania and supported by Stephanie Grace, which is also Indie pop from down Under Aussie Land.

At they are continuing the Spectacle festival. And also at Stengade the 48 hour festival.

Operaen at Christiania have Cumbia-reggae and chicha-punk mixed in a tropical casserole of distorted guitars, güiro and song. Falakumbes sweaty and energy-filled shows have made the band been compared with artists as Gogol Bordello and Chico Trujillo. With tremendous scene presence and genuine rebellious joy, Falakumbe succeeds in engaging his audience and creating swinging, euphoric and memorable shows. cash only!!!

Sunday 28th
Once again A Banda brings their Brazilian big band and dance show to Nørrebro! Join the parade and dance along to samba, samba-reggae, quick frevo, marcha and afoxe played by the A Banda batteria and full horn section. Starts from Dronning Louises Bro, and ends at Skt. Hans Torv

Monday 29th
The only thing that is popping up at this Monday is a a small pearl for you: Nick Oliveri is the founding member of legendary Kyuss and Mastermind of the original Queens of the Stone Age..!
He is also doing unplugged acoustic shows so Watch out for this mad man unplugged on stage! Its at Basement Cph. Next to Vega.

Tuesday 30th
H15 is a new place at Kødbyen. They have a concert this Tuesday as a sort of warm up for mayday. Klub Primi is the arranger and has names like Crush, Jomi massage and T.S. Høgh on the poster. Experimental Jazz and Free Folk.

Wednesday Mayday
Here are loads of demonstrations, all ending in Fælledparken, where each group of Political party, Workers Union, Anarchist or Anti Fascist group are having there own concerts and Speakers. I am at the Anti Fascist place.

At Kroteket in Blågårds Plads Familieorkestret are giving up after many years of true service, and leaving the torch to Røde Far. Interesting to experience.

Photo: Mavoureen at Stengade New cool band.

Happy Easter from Bo

The tempo is going a bit down for Easter. Many Folks are leaving town for visits and Holidays. So there are not so many events here.
If you are a Bicycle Fanatic you should head out for the annual Bike Flea Market at Stefansgade. People are coming from all over Scandinavia to Buy , sell and Swap. Its Monday April 22nd outside the Hafnia Bike shop.

And if you are in for some more Action then Extinction Rebellion are arranging climate event all over town. And on Thursday people are going for closing the Ellebæk deportation Camp. So lots of things to do in the Easter.

Wednesday 17th The weekend starts on a Wednesday 😀
You can head out for Ungdomshuset on Dortheavej and Better of Dead, Chainsaw Eaters (Great name 🙂 ) Fall back Down and Nexø. Its all Punk bands, and what a good way to start your weekend. Cash only for the entrance and bar.

Thursday 18th
I didn’t expect this kind of music out of Colombia. Its weird and load of both electronic and analogue instruments. Chupame El Dedo was born for a Festival called “Evil Music” or “Böse musik”. The idea was to recreate a death metal group with influences of tropical music. Its at

Elevatorfører is Danish Psych and Acid. They a making a release party at Loppen for they new album: “Jeg er kommet for at slå tiden ihjel” , and it can end up as a long evening with improvisations. Both exciting and slow moving with the Danish Lyrics.

Friday 19th
Zydeco Music is coming from The French Caribien and New Orleans. So Zyde & Co are playing this world music toninght. They are accompanying Louise Bruel Band and are at Operaen in Christiania. Go for something you havn´t hear before.

Rufus Wainwright from Canada is one of the big vocalist of our time. This Friday he is at Koncertsalen in DR Byen, on his 20 years Jubilee Tour. This evening he is both doing new and old stuff, so its a memorable evening at The big concert Hall.

Klub Luk Røven at Råhuset are hosting a Punk evening with two bands: Big Mess + Ulceras Its fast loud and with no mercy.

Saturday 20th Today 420. This is a international weed smoking day and are celebrated around the world. In Copenhagen the attention goes to Christiania.
At Loppen the 420 day is celebrated with Dub in the form of Kenny Knots and DJ´s Unity, Freetown Soundsystem and 2000 F. Even though you cant Smoke inside, you can go downstairs and fill your lungs.
You can also take a walk down the Hazy street to Den Grå Hal and Operaen with General Levy (UK) as the headline name. Its Jungle and Dancehall Eaggerman , Dj Hydepark, Raske Penge, PHASE5, KAKA DK, Melissa Inya, Mashti Project, The Four Twenty Kolektiv are also joining the party. I wonder if there is room for all these people. The late night party is continuing at Operaen and Christiania Jazz Club. Remember cash and clean lungs. 😉

If you are not that found of getting stoned but still like Rock then the 1980´s stars Sandmen is at Vega. The voice of Alan Vegenfeldt is still full and Strong, and you are in for an evening down memory Lane

Summer in the city Festival are hosting this event in Råhuset. Two bands: Bæst and Mørk Meditation are finding ways to get even darker in their minds and their Music.

Insula Music is a record store in Blaagårds Plads in Nørrebro. This weekend Troels from the Store is arranging a Jazz concert in Mayhem next to Bolsjefabrikken. Ka Baird and Foster/Bennett Duo are both from the NYC, and are headlining with some local support bands. Its experimental and Noisy .

At Stengade – in the last minut – They have announced this free event with Post Punk – Noise Rock. Mavourneen and Michael Ellis are performing. Its loud and controlled. And the Entrance is free.

Sunday 21st Remember that Monday is still a Holiday 🙂
Slow moving film music with inspiration from Tom Waits and Johnny Cash and you get to Jaye Jayle. Imagine yourself in a David Lynch Movie and here you are at Loppen. Its dark and slow evolving, but makes you a little bit uneasy. Loppen is the venue.

Tuesday 23rd
If you are missing some weird Improvisation then go for Fire! From Sweden with Local support from Lunden. You can expect nothing really, because nobody knows how this is going to turn out. And with no expectations you are not getting disappointed. But Maybe not surprised. Anyway: Its at

At Lygtens Kro they are not stopping after Easter. Vojd from Sweden are members from Black Trip, and in the best Swedish Style its Hard rock with a nice blend of metal. Their latest release ”the outer ocean” is an album stuffed with powerful rock hits that ventures throughout a distorted dreamland.

Wednesday 24th
The Picturebooks is good old Dirty Blues Rock n´Roll. They work like a Duo (Guitar and Drums) . A strong voice and simple tunes you are guaranteed an inspiring evening in

Photo: Amyl with her Sniffers at stengade

Death Gospel – Electro Sabar and Club 27 in this week.

A Sure sign of the coming spring is the opening of Bakken. On Friday 12th the Motorbikes will be a at Nørrebrogade and in the evening the parade will start towards Bakken with a enormous roar. Its a fantastic sight, and this year its the later than normal, since Bakken has pushed the opening days a couple of weeks.
If you have eight wheels under your feet, go for the Friday Night skate starting on Friday. New starting place is at Israels plads.
Saturday its the International Record day. The Vinyl stores around town have exclusive sales and bands playing.

Wednesday 10th
Saint Vitus are from 1979 LA, and are one of the genre making bands into Doom Metal. Lending from Black Sabbath and Rainbow they are continuing to raise the flag. A loud evening are waiting for you at Pumpehuset. Dopelord are supporting.

Thursday 11th
Death Gospel. Just listen to the words. Its a combination I have not before, but with Swedish Louise Lemon at Stengade, its something that sound trilling and new. Stengade are putting up the stage, for this Dark Mystical Concert. Supported by Elinborg from Færøerne, and Tidebound from Copenhagen.

Afenginn are releasing the 7th album with this release concert from the band, that you never know what to expect from. The Musician are so dedicated to give you an exclusive experience. They don’t make a bad Show. The concert is at hotel Cecil.

Cherry Glazer are giving you Indie songs that goes a bid wilder in a more rocky fashion. Not unlike Yeah Yeah Yeahs . Its at ideal bar in the Vega Complex.

Friday 12th
West African Music is really development, and one of the results is Guiss guiss Bou Bess. Electro-Sabar is what Guiss Guiss Bou Bess call their dynamic audio-visual amalgamation of electronic music with traditional sabar percussion and mbalax. Its at, and a good way to start the week.

Another way to start the week could be by finding some Old school Reggae and Dub. Loppen has Mad Professor on a visit, which is straight from Brixton, London, with heavy beats and a joint in the mouth.

I was blown away by the Grimy, pugnacious and playful, Amyl and The Sniffers at Gutter Island Garage Festival. The Australian punk four-piece are Already legendary in their home country, and made their international debut in May 2018, and have since conquered Europe. Its at Stengade.

Club 27 are strongly represented when Cinemateket are openings the doors for Free Concert Movies. Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Reading, The Who and others are shown on the Silver Screen, and you can buy beer in the bar and bring it inside. A Swell way to start the weekend!!!

There are two chances for Your Friday Night Punk gig: Ungdomshuset has Four bands are playing, one is Swedish (Kid,Feral) One is from Cyprus!!! (Spoiled) and the rest is local (Michael Ellis & Regarding Ambiguity) Cash Only!!!
The other one is in Underwerket with Punks Undead. They have Three bands: Two Swedish (Giftigt Avfall & Shuvit) and one local (Them Bailers).
So its up to you Nordvest or Valby ;-D

Saturday 13th
Dør nr 13 is Danish Lyrics and a bit sing a song but with a Rock / Indie sound. Had a small break Through last year, this can be one of the next upcoming bands, ready to take over from Magtens Korridorer. Supported by Ring them Bells.

Auxiliary is a new Electronic club, who are now on Loppen, with local guest and from Berlin is Substance (DJ Pete). Its god for your hips and your feet, and I can also hear a bit of congotronics. Other DJ´s are RDG and CTRLS from Copenhagen.

As usual Operaen has a Brazilian band. This time its pre carnival samba, with heavy light Percussion a passionate audience, cheap bar, intoxicating smoke and good vibes. Remember Cash. 😉

In Ungdomshuset they have a metal evening. INSANE (swe), BLACKRAT (can) WÖLFBLOOD (kbh) Its all some kind of Trash Metal, so don’t forget your Earplugs and cash for the Bar.

Sunday 14th
The White Album. What comes to your mind is the Album, but now its the Danish band, playing radio Friendly Indie Folk Tunes, with good tunes an unremarkable lyrics. Nothing special at Hotel Cecil. But Nice Friendly Pop.

Tuesday 16th
IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT and Mord’A’Stigmata are 2 bands who are embracing Black Metal through a forward thinking and experimental prism, each with their own approach and aesthetic. Stengade are opening the doors for this concert.