Worst day of the year

January drags on like an old movie you have seen before.
Or like the church ceremony for somebody you don´t know.
Or like going shopping with your old aunt, who can´t decide which washing powder to buy. Or like…

And I really want to give you some hope that it will be soon be over. But we are only halfway…
The third Monday of January is Blue Monday and said to be the most depressing day of the year. Its cold, Gray, you are out of money, your feeling your new Years resolution is losing its meaning. And the action in Copenhagen is minimal.
So do something good for yourself. Go to the movies, borrow some money, eat chocolate, get drunk, get high, listen to your favourite music. You don´t live twice.

When I first heard them I was amazed. This is concert of the week. Algiers are a very, very, very cool band at Hotel Cecil. A bit of soul, but also with a distorted guitar, and a fantastic voice. Reminds me of The legendary Dirtbombs. And they are feeling obliged to fight the tide of fascism and intolerance, that are sweeping over the western world right now. What´s not to like? Deadspan, who are supporting is post punk The Cure like.

Boy Pablo is a Norwegian singer song writer pop phenomenon. Its soft, dreamy like, and has captured the heart of millions. Nothing special, just POP. Its in Pumpehuset.

Underwerket are opening up again, for the first show in 2019. Three Danish Hard Core punks bands: Fixed Fight, King Carrot and Dead to Seattle are performing with The new punk sound from the 1990´s.

I can´t understand how they can keep on going: UK Subs are a legendary punk band, one of the oldest in the world, still going strong. The Concert at Underwerket is off course sold out, so you have to be lucky to find some tickets. But nothing is impossible, if you really want to go.

Thurston Moore is a legend!!! After being with Sonic Youth for 30 years, they split up. He is also a professor at the Danish Rythmic Music Academy.
He is playing two surprise ‘warm-up’ shows with his New Noise Music Ensemble: including Deb Googe (My Bloody Valentine) on baritone bass, James Sedwards and Jen Chochinov on 12-string electric guitars, and Jem Doulton on percussion in Mayhem on Østerbro. It´s both Saturday and Sunday.

Stengade are also opening up after the holidays, starting with Prog Metal from Iceland. Ring of Gyros are supported by two Danish bands.

Once again Operaen in Christiania are inviting for a Latin American evening. Caña collective are taking over the stage, so grease your ears and your hips, and get going.

Spoil your Monday: The Sunday hardcore concert is off course taking place in Ungdomshuset. And who cares about Monday anyway. M:40 from Sweden are Crustpunkers. Supported by two local bands.

Ella Mai is all the time breaking new ground, and could be the next big quality R´n´B star. So the concert in Vega, might be the last chance to see her in a small venue. Next time it might be Parken or Orange Stage at Roskilde.

Your Monday Death Metal doss is in Stengade with Draconian from the deep forest of Sweden. With two support bands: Harakiri for the Sky (What a fantastic name) from Austria and Sojourner from Kiwi-land and Sweden.

January, January, January …

Its hard to be a blog writer in January. I really have to dig deep, to find some good places to hang out. People are indoor, and at home, saving on the money, they have overused in December. But here are a few tips to get you through.
If you are into gaming there is a couple of events. In Bip Bip Bar – Fælledvej, Nørrebro this Thursday is free for all the good old Arcade games.
And at Raahuset, Halmtorvet, Vesterbro there a Thursday to Sunday gaming event. They are not very good at descriping it, but its someting with gaming, Coffee and Beer.

Live Music

The first really good concert of the year: Architects have grown and grown, and the 2018 album is celebrated as one of the best albums of 2018. So here they are at Vega, performing high energy metal with two support bands. Prepare for Moshpit and Circle pit.

One of the richest voices I know of. Maria Carmen Koppel are singing gospel and jazz and are performing at Drop Inn, the old bar in the centre of town.

“New Orleans New Year Jazz Event” is the short name for what happens in Pumpehuset in this weekend. Not only New Orleans, but also swing jazz, and of course Al Agami drops buy. Its two days and Saturday a Aretha Franklin Tribute is taking over the stage.

Culture Box also has a full weekend event, celebrating 14 years of high quality Techno. The program for Friday is headlined by Move D, with three other performers. Saturday is headlined by Tim Andresen and Chez Damier.

Lygtens Kro are having visitors from the deep forests of Sweden, The Wedding Crashers are a funny band, making cover versions of the big Rock classics. Perfect warm up for the Karaoke night.

Judith Hill is a star. She has been singing with Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Robbie Williams, to name a few. And here she are on her own at Koncerthuset Studio two. Its sold out, but you can join the waiting list. could be the concert of the week.

The Incredible Spacecowboys are a band full of joy, funk, hippieness, and the right place for them to be is at Operaen Christiana. And off course the
DJ´s keep the party going into the long cold January night.

In Pumpehuset the New Orleans Jazz event continues. And also the second day of the Culture Box birthday party goes on.

When I first heard them, I was blown away ! ! !  Algiers is a very very very cool band on a Tuesday at Hotel Cecil. A bit of soul, but also with a distorted guitar, and a fantastic voice. And they are feeling obliged to fight the tide of fascism and intolerance, that are sweeping over the western world right now. Deadspan, who are supporting is post punk The Cure like.

Algiers is a very very very cool band on a Tuesday at Hotel Cecil. A bit of soul, but also with a distorted guitar, and a fantastic voice. And they are feeling obliged to fight the tide of fascism and intolerance, that are sweeping over the western world right now. Deadspan, who are supporting is post punk The Cure like.

Photo: The south of Copenhagen. Cold January

The slowest week of the year.

I hope you had a nice new years night, and a safe entry into 2019. So now we are in January, and have to keep up the good spirit in the cold and dark month. It can be difficult. I consider January the worst of all months. And we are all low on money because December is so awfully expensive.

And that is why some of the best live music venues are closed. Loppen, Alice, Underwerket and many more don´t open up, until later in the month.
And in this week the live music acts are almost non existing. But I present to you the few good ones.

But then the Movie theatres are open, and both Cinemateket and Huset have some good series of films. Like Terry Gilliam movies (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Brazil)

The Thursday cafe at Operaen, in Christiania are free entry, and The Freetown Social Club are having there monthly club. It can be hygge, and a good jamming session at the stage. No cards! Cash only.

Pumpehuset opens the new year with a blast of a techno party. Peckerhead and Skygg, are the two main DJ´s . Why stay idle when you can dance. And its pretty cheap at 70 kr at the entry.

The only arrangement worth mentioning is at one of the smallest venues in Copenhagen. Christiania Jazzclub, has Hollow, who describes themselves as music from the bottom of a well. Very fitting for January. Remember cash money

The open mike at Raahuset, is the place to go for this lonely evening. Drop by, and sing a song, Raahuset have the instruments.

The first really good concert of the year: Architects have grown and grown, and the 2018 album is celebrated as one of the best albums of 2018. So here they are at Vega, performing high energy metal with two support bands. Prepare yourself for moshing and a circle pit.

Happy new year from copenhagen. Photo is my own

Welcome to 2019

Are you ready for 2019? We say goodbye to 2018 and hello to another year. Not because you will feel any different. After all its just a social construction. But we can just as well enjoy the party, and the fireworks, now that its here. So lets celebrate !!! 😀 😀 😀

Last show of the year in Ungeren. And not surprisingly its a punk show. Melting Walkmen are Synth Punk and Chainsaw eaters are post punk. What ever the difference is? But Chainsaw Eaters are one of the most disturbing band names. The Images I get in my head. Remember Cash.

Last show of the year in Ungeren. And not surprisingly its a punk show. Melting Walkmen are Synth Punk and Chainsaw eaters are post punk. What ever the difference is? But Chainsaw Eaters are one of the most disturbing band names. The Images I get in my head. Remember Cash.

Warming up to new year, you can head for Bolsjefabrikken i Outer Østerbro. Its Tung Torsdag, with a lot of old school reggae and sound systems. Dubfabrikken are also turning up, for giving you that wheat smoking ganja loving reggae music.

Pretty maids are a pretty good hard rock act. And they are having both saturday and sunday at Amager Bio. And since the first concert is sold out, this is the extra koncert. They are supporterd by two cool bands, so there is a brilliant night in it for you here.

In Koncertkirken, Blågårds Plads, Nørrebro, The New Jungle orch. Are performing with the fantastic jazz, with notes of old folk, and a bit of world music to.

Monday – New years evening. 
Its the biggest party of the year for many people. And you can party all over town. Just read on, and find a party that suits your taste:

It started as an illegal underground event, with a riot, put then the city
and the police gave in, and now its an official party. Put on warm clothing, and join the New Years party at Dronning Louises Bridge. With DJ´s and bands playing. Starts at 11 pm and is only for 3 hours.

If you are into soul, and don´t mind big blasts from homemade and illegal fireworks, then head to Operaen in Christiania, where they have DJ´s playing all night. The blast are from the steroid filled drug dealers in the street, who are having there yearly firework and bomb competion.

If you are more like the Cuban rhum drinking type, then go for the Cuban salsa party at Kedelhallen Frederiksberg. I bet they have cigars as well.

For those of you who are more into Rock´n Roll, the place to go is The Basement, next to Vega, Enghavevej, Vesterbro. One of my favorite bands, Baby in Vain are playing, with De høje Hæle. Off course the DJ´s come later, but this is in fact a real concert this evening.
Also at High Voltage they have a rock party, with a band playing. Junkyard Drive are performing and are taking you into 2019.

For the Techno fans, you can head for Islands Brygge, and CPH Deeps rave, with a lot of DJ´s . It goes on until 8 AM.
Another more conventional Techno party (and cheaper), is at Culture Box, who have also invited a lot of DJ´s and keeps on going to the late sun rises. I dont know which of the is the best, so you have to check out the Djs .

Everything is quiet. Its one of the busyist days for the fastfood shops. Happy Hangover. 😉

Merry Xmas at The Grey Hall

Glaedelig yul from Bo :-D

Its the last week before Xmas, and everybody are busy, before going on the holiday. But from friday, things in the city are really slowing down (Exept in the shops). Now we are going home to the family, and more eating and drinking.
And then Copenhagen are almost empty and quiet. It feels good when things are moving slower, and the hectic everyday is far away. Christmas evening some places are open, so if you dont want this family thing, there are other options.

Culture Box, is the only place that are open almost every evening during Xmas. They have an extensive program signalling: ”We dont care about Xmas. We just keeps on partying.” 

December 21st is the shortest day of the year. From now on there will be more light: It is celebrated in Operaen, Christiania with DJ´s and concerts. There are diffrent acts in different styles. Its really a mess in fact. Bring cash, for the entry and the bar.

In another location, but the same building in Pusher street, you can find T. S. Høeg AKA Great Dane with his Big Band. I dont know how they are getting room for a big band in this small place. But go there and remember cash. There is no link to this event

Also here Operaen and Culture Box are standing out with the only shows of the day.  Its a brazillian Xmasparty with DJ´s in Operaen.Bring Cash 😉 
And at Culture Box, they have WetYourSelfi (WYS) from London on a christmas visit. So dance the calories away. And free beer between 11 PM and midningt!! Whats not to like? 

Monday December 24th .
The legendary Xmas evening in The Grey Hall –Christiania. Be there when the doors open at 6 PM, because it fills up fast. You will get free food, also for vegetarins and vegans, but else its traditionell danish pork. Later its performances with local bands. Its also fun to volunter, and do the work of cooking the food and decorating the hall. If you are interested in voluntering, its a good idea to be at the Hall friday December 21st around 10 AM, where theres a meeting. You can also turn up later, but then its harder to get into the groups. Everything is done Christiania style, and there are no place on the internet, where you can sign up, or find information.

Stengade, Nørrbro has a party evening with DJ´s opening at midnight at going on until 5 AM The entry is free. 

There is Xmas and anti Xmas. And the last one is in Ungeren, who are celebrating the Christmas with having no Xmas, but an open bar, and propably some hardcore punk on the stereo.

And thats it for now. Hope you enjoy yourself. Im going for Aarhus to see the family there. But I will be back on the blog after Xmas. 

Happy Xmas (War is over)

The John Lennon / Yoko Ono christmas song is iconic. But war is not over, even if you want it.  The war goes on all platforms, and you are in the center of it. The war for your time, the war for your money, the war for your freedom, The war for your _____________________ (please fill in).
So keep on fighting, to the be the one you want to be. 

Bauhaus is an iconic band from the 1980´s with post punk scene. I never really considered them Goth, but they have received a lot of attention from the Goth community. Peter Murphy, the lead singer and composer, are performing the classic Bauhaus songs at Vega. I saw the same show about 5 years back, and its really good. And suits the depressing weather. 

For those who are searching for a bit of heavy on a tuesday, the road will lead you to Amager Bio and Lucifer. They are from the forests of Sweden. Supported by Local Skinny Violet, who have left the garage,to play some rock.

The Blue Van at Hotel Cecil. Its really good positive pop rock, which you might need in these hard times.

Babylove & the Van Dangos are a local band: Jazzy, soul and Funk, at one of the many small Jazz bars in the center of town. Charlie Scotts have room for 150 people.

The Christiania Jazzclub and Børneteatret have many differet shows. Today theres a English spoken Hip Hop arrangement, with Jethro Alonestar Sheeran and the guy who is always everywhere: Al Agami. They call it Hip Hop, but i will bet my old cap, that it will be more like Rap with jazzy notes.

The oldest NYC Ska band are still going strong, and are on a worldtour. The Toasters are visiting Loppen, and I would be there, if it wasn´t  for the julefrokost I am attending.  Polish you Dr. Martens and get going.

Another really good way to spend your friday is at Pumpehuset. Career Suicide, The war goes on and Night Fever are some of the best Punk/Metal bands. This must be the best concert of the week. Its loud and fast. 

For the Brazillian lovers, head for Operaen, Christinia, and Trypical Cumbia. Its a Big Band, who are performing, to make your feed move. You cant stand still. Theres a support band as well. It will be sold out, so come early, and bring cash, for the entrance and the bar. 

This years Xmas show at Alicecph: The Kutimangoes are playing Hot Hot Hot Afrobeat. Enjoy and dance.  They are the best Afrobeat act in town right now. 

I first saw Danko Jones many years back in Stengade. Now he has made it big, with many tours, and last time he was at Roskilde Festival 2017. Pure Rock´n Roll at Pumpehuset

To warm up your heart in this cold weather go for Seven Inch Orange at Operaen. They are playing good old soul music, from the 1960´s and 70´s No doubt where the inspirations are coming from, and its really good, with a lot of horns.

Enter Shikari is a British fast Rock band, thou describe themselves as being Hardcore. But they are fast and are going over the hills like a rocket. Its also at Pumpehuset.

And the Chritsmas market in the Grey Hall, Christiania are still on for the coming week. There are local bands playing and its really hygge. When I think about Xmas Hygge – I think about the Grey Hall Julemarked. 

Another christmas tradition is the Santa Lucia parade with kayaks in the harbour channels. Its on thursday december 13th and the kayaks are all lighted up. Its really beautifull. Sails of from the Kajak hotel at Kalvebod Bølge 4.30 PM.

Buy a Bloody Mary at the bar and go to the Christmasblood in Ungeren with Muay Thai. Its really exiting, and the audience goes wild. Best view is from the balcony. Doors open at 5 PM, and first match 6. Bring your cash. 

Credits to Mark from Monsun for photo


Sorry, for not posting anything the last two weeks. But I was down with a serious batch of man-flu. Now Im back at the blog, sitting at the screen, with my fingers dancing at the keyboard. Meanwhile we have gone into december, the christmas month, with all the partys, christmas beer, gifts, Christmas markets, and ending it all with the biggest one night party of the year: New year.

The Nightmare before christmas,   The Tim Buton movie, is perfect for sing-a-long, so head for Cinemateket, where they are showing the movie. And you dont have to sit quietly in your seat. Jump up, and sing a long with the rest of the audience. Only for nerds. 😉

Viagra Boys  from Sweden are one of the best band names I know of. I saw them from the moshpit this summer at Roskilde Festival, and now they are back, playing at Lille Vega . Its post punk and rock´n roll right in your chest.

Do you remember Rodriques who just came out of nowhere, with an album from the end of the 1960´s and just blew everybody away? Its the same story with the UK Singersongwriter Washti Bunyan  who is playing in a concert arranged by Alicecph, but taking place Nørrebro Teater in Ravnsborggade.

Cockpit Music is a legenday Copenhagen band dating back to the 1980´s. Jazz, Post Punk, World and Avantgarde finds its way out of the Guitar, drums and sax of the three guys. They are performing one of their rare concerts at Jazzcup in Gothersgade. Its early, starts at 4 PM.

Brazilian Cumbria at Alice Copenhagen. Its local bands and DJ´s, for this christmas show.  Grease your hips and dance your trouble away. 

For some good old psych go for the hippie place at Operaen Christiania,  where The Sonic Dawn are playing, and then Beat meremaids are Dj´ing with there amazing collection of 1960´s psych . Cash Only

Underwerket in Valby have visitors from Italy in Storm{o} who are playing hard core punk. They are supported by two Copenhagen Bands: Hypocrite and Flayed .

Its not many Cathedrals, that opens up for concerts in the evening. But in Vor Frue Kirke in Nørregade, its God Goes Deep,  with DJ Mashti, and a lot of guest. The church room gets illuminated, and you can sit there and meditate over the Chill out ambient sounds. Its world Class and of course its free.

More brazillian at Alicecph when DJ Mam, from Rio are dropping by. For many years one of the best DJ´sin Rio, he has now joined with local Copenhagener Pharfar one a new album. So this is a release album Concert.  

Nikoline is the new superpower Feminist rapper on the danish scene. With ”Sut min klit” she is brilliant in getting her message out. I bet she will be doing the summer festivals around the country, so go to Loppen and see her before everybody else. 

One of this weeks best ROCK concerts are Deville at Stengade – Nørrebro They play loud and with good guitars. Bringing two supprt bands with them.

In Ungeren Nordvest There is a punk rock party, with Ond Tro (DK) & Svart Magi (Sweden). They are both some of the very good new wave in Scandinavia, and playing at one of there favorite venues, this is turning out to be a very good concert. And then theres a lot of DJ´s. Cash only. 

Turquise Sun are from Aarhus and are playing surf / psych, and they also have vocal hamonies. In Underwerket  you can also hear Fyr, who is Oscar from Orcas, with a guitar, and Bünni is warming up with some Lo-fi experimental.

Jul på Vesterbro is a legendary Christmas TV comedy by Anders Mathesen. The closes you are coming to the real thing is Märkbars Christmas paper cuts. There will be bands playing and you can drink the DødsGløgg  (Death gløgg) . You will be talking slurred and feeling it is not possible to walk straight. But funny as hell. 😀 

No real good live music, but then go to AFUK on Enghavevej and see the Freak XMAS show, with a lot of international performers. Very talented body artists, so it will be a great show, for you.  

Two reasons for going out, on this monday.  Go to Vega, and listen to 1990´s Brit rock Ash (from Northern Island) who are still going strong.  They are supported by Indoor pets also from the UK

Supersuckers with Eddie Spaghetti in front are one of the best Garage rock bands, you can find on the the planet right now. They are playing at Hotel Cecil.
And suddenly your monday is not so boring after all. 

There are to kinds of people: Those who sell, and makes money, and those who buys and uses money. So you can find Christmas Markets all over town, that will gladly take your money and covert it to some crap. Some of the best crap is to be found at Christiania Julemarked. It opens up saturday december 8th, and goes on for the next two weeks. Choose a normal weekday in the afternoon, and NOT  in the weekend. 

Credits to Mark from Monsun for photo