Spring – and love – is in the air

The Cph Dox Film-festival is starting on Wednesday, with a hold truck load of documentary films, and with a lot of performances. There are some bands docs with bands like. PJ Harvey, Suede, Leonard Cohen, New Order. Liveconcerts includes Animal Collective, TV on the Radio, Fribytterdrømme.


Now its time to do something different! Like going to Floor-wars and see the best Breakdancers in Europe. This is the final after contests in 8 different country’s. There will be preliminary rounds in the afternoon before the final kicks off in the evening. Its at Vega

Live Music

Tuesday 19th
If you have nothing to do today, go to Underwerket in Valby. Where King Witch is playing Old School Metal. They take you to the good days where Black Sabbath was a new band. So this is your Tuesday Metal Doss.

Wednesday 20th
ADHD from Iceland is just the opposite. Its very calm and relaxing music, that you can swim away two in your own thought. Accompanied by Danish Abekejser, who are mixing electronics and electric Guitar in a very atmospheric sound. This could be a very good evening at Loppen..

Thursday 21st
Loppen has two Post Punk bands on a visit. From New Jersey its Screaming Females, who only has one female, and she sings, and then Feels from L.A. has three Females. Both bands have more than ten years on there back so they are experienced.

Friday 22nd
Two of the members from the Canadian Band Animal Collective are making a performance for Cph Dox film-festival at the Aveny T Theatre. Its live music for the Film Tangerine Reef by Coral Morphologic about the bleaching of the coral reefs.

Alt godt fra Havet is a Metal / Punk Club in Ungeren, Dortheavej. This evening they have five acts. Not all of it very very good, but its upcoming bands, that should be given a chance: FUNK THE SYSTEM (Funk) // LUCID GRAVE (DOOOOOOM) // CAGE BATTLE (Punk Rock) // QUITTERS (Sludge/punk). Don´t forget Cash.

Farveblind is heavy electronic beats with strong Rap Vocals. Its new and upcoming on the alternative Electronic / Rap scene. They been doing both Roskilde and Spot festival, so if you want to be on the new beat, this is a must. Stengade has them.

Debra Damo Dining Orchestra is a local band, who has taken up the task of performing Ethiopian 5 note scale music. The music is mixed up with Psych, Afro Beat, and Free Jazz. But they are very good, and recommended from here. Its at Karens Minde in Sydhavnen

Be ready for “Louder”, “Faster”, When Cancer Bats From Canada are coming to Hotel Cecil with there Hardcore Punk / Sludge. They are bringing with them a Nepalese !!! Metal band: Underside. It will be a very good evening at Hotel Cecil.

TRYPICAL CUMBIA has guested Operaen’s stage numerous times, each time with a blast of a performance. Their take on Latin American music is guaranteed to make your legs dance! Trypical Cumbia’s sound is powerful, tight and fast with a juicy leading saxophone and rich percussion. Cash Only.

Saturday 23rd
The Swedish quartet Kolonien returns to Denmark with their bright and hopeful take on contemporary folk music.  Its essential to have some knowledge of the Swedish tongue, to get a good experience. its at Alicecph, and a good start for your Saturday.

Get tropical with Nyege Nyege from Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania. Its a Rhythm and Electronic set, that will make your feet move and sweat pouring out. Its called Singeli and has elements from House, Gabber and Happy Hardcore. Lille Vega has it.

Lovers of Reggae / Dancehall should head out for Operaen at Christiania, With a thing called Dutty Wine. There are both live performances and DJ´s . Bring cash and your favourite Grass.

Raahuset at Onkel Dannys Plads at Vesterbro, has an evening with Techno and electronic Music. Råstof is making Raw Grooves with foreign and Local DJ´s , so be sure to wear something you can dance in.

In Mayhem, they are having another Metal Party: Extremely Rotten Death Metal Vol 1. There are five bands on the poster, and its a good idea to remember cash and earplugs.

Sunday 24th
From Kingston Jamaica we have Kabaka Pyramid, who off course are bringing you Reggae spoken word. He will fit well into the Cannabis Culture of Christiania, when he is playing at Loppen.

Monday 25th
Postmodern Jukebox will take you back to the Swing Music of the 1920´s. In the last years Electro Swing has taken over the Dance Floors, so should dress up, and find your best shoes, and show your skills for Tap dancing. Its at Vega, and pretty pricier .

Tuesday 26th
Its not often we get visitors from Burkina Faso in West Africa. Baba Commandant & The Mandingo Band are a contemporary group playing at Alicecph. Its a Mix of Saharan Desert Blues, with more southern High Life. The band played marvellous concerts at Global and Roskilde Festival a few years back,

Then there is something completely different at Hotel Cecil with Mexican Indie Post Punk Le Bucherette. They have been on the road with Yeah Yeah Years. Another band you can mention is early P.J. Harvey, when listening to Le Bucherette. Supported by The Brotherhood of Sonic Love.

Photo: Melody Fields at Lygtens Kro

Watch out for St Patricks Day at Sunday!!!

After a couple of days with another Man Flu, properly from partying to much in the weekend, I am back at the keyboard with good music in the headphones. Remember that Sunday march 17th is Irish Saint Patrick’s Day. I am not a big fan of Guinness but I do like an Irish Whiskey on the Rocks. The Celebrating starts just after midnight Saturday. And keeps on going at the Irish Pubs on Sunday. Party like there is no monday. 😉
And I am going for my first ever wrestling show!!! It´s Saturday at Pumpehuset.

Live music

Thursday 14th
Balkan Folk Music lovers should head for Naked from Serbia. The 4 piece band are playing there asses of with Bass, Drum, Fiddle and a Clarinet. After the Concert, You will feel like dancing even more. Its at aliceCph

Friday 15th
On the border between Østerbro and Nørrebro you find Mayhem. And this is where you should go in the weekend if you are into Doom and Dark Metal with heavy growling. The 2-day festival Vort Fatum, with ten bands – five a day- is taking place here. Wear Black Clothes and bring cash.

Preachers is another Drums and Guitar – Two man Garage Rock Band. They are at an early concert at Christianshavns Beboerhus, and are supported by Beach Envy, who are also a no bullshit garage Rock band. Could be a very good evening in Christianhavn.

Alicecph has more Balkan Music for you. This time its George Mihalache from Roumania, who are playing with The Calibut band. He lives here in Denmark, so welcome, and we hope to hear more from you. Its traditional Romanian Folk Music, at a high speed.

If you like a good Fuzz guitar then head for Loppen, where Davis Nance is performing. He is very productive and are spiting out new albums all the time. Has been making Garage Rock-covers of Beatles, Lou Reed and Rolling Stones. Supported by Blodrus, a local band, it can be a very interesting evening.

Berrin Bas is at the head of Tuhaf, who are playing Turkish inspired Psych music. They are from Nørrebro, so they are absolutely feeling at Home in Stengade.

The combination of Arabian tunes and Techno is conquering the world right now. Acid Arab are from Paris, and will make your feet move into unknown positions, with there DJ set in Pumpehuset.

There is more acid for you at Operaen. Acid Disco is an evening with two bands: The High Society is playing Soul / Acid Jazz / Funk, and the Second band – Örrefors Camping – are members from Fastpoholmen, who once found a CD with strange music recorded at a camping site in Sweden. Cash only !!

Rising is doing there best to be a good Metal Band. After 4 LP´s they are beginning to succeed, and are getting better and better. They are supported by Alkymist, another Doom Metal band. At Hotel Cecil

Alestorm are one of the best Party Bands I Know of. The combination of traditional Folk Music and Metal, brings memory’s back to the Pogues. They hail from the old pirates, and drink Rhum and Tequila and make the seven seas an unsure place to travel. The Mosh Pit is Guaranteed

Saturday 16th
In Ungdomshuset, they are having an evening with an electronic crew and a simple agenda; to do there part and “contribute to the fast-growing electronic music scene and the sanctuary it has become for people who need it, in a world where hate and prejudice is still at large.” In Orbit × Illicit Cell. Remember Cash and no hard Drugs.

At Hotel Cecil they have an evening with two good bands. The Blue Van is at the top of the poster, with there Guitar Indie Rock and Orcas is supporting. This is one of the cases where I believe that the support band is sounding better than the headline. I last time saw Orcas at Gutter Island, and they surprised everybody with there Danish simple lyrics.

Its a good idea to smoke a small spliff before you enter the world of Melody Fields. The Swedish Band will take you on a journey with there 60´s inspired Psychedelica. They are at Lygtens Kro, and its for free, so remember cash for buying some merch.

High Voltage has a St. Patricks Day celebration with Punk Mahone, a Swedish Punk/ Folk Band that gives you the right atmophere for celebrating. Remember to wear something bright green.

Sunday 17th
They played at the Gutter 2018 Festival in Amazing Concert. Electric Eel Shock are sure to make a party for you, with the most untamed punk rock you can imagine. Is the stage big enough for them? I am not sure. If you want crazy Japanese Punk Rock at Underwerket in Valby

Monday 18th
I am not sure that Pumpehuset is the right Venue for Larkin Poe. The two sisters are playing Dirty Guitar carried Blues / Roots. And I think that the stage at Pumpehuset is to big for the band. The best thing to do on a monday.

Photo: The Courettes last weekend. I love them both ❤

I am a feminist!!!

And I believe in equal rights between Women and Men, and everything in between. Both in Law and in practise. So I am also celebrating March 8th

This week includes the International Women’s Day on march 8th. There will be a lot of events on Friday, including a demonstration from Vor Frue Plads at 4.30 PM .

Now it is warm up for the Copenhagen Dox Film festival, with a lot of screenings. There are also Live music Events. And my new Political radical friend Pamela Andersson are coming along with Chinese Artist Wei Wei.

And the first record faire of the year is taking place in Nørrebrohallen. So its time to stuck up on your Vinyls, and find some of the bands you almost forgot.

Live music

Wednesday 6th
This is not this Heat, is members from legendary This Heat from end 1970´s start 80´s with experimental Rock, Post Punk, Avant-garde. They perform two days, and the first day, there is also a showing of a legendary art movie: John Smith. Its at Alicecph

Ungeren is starting a bit early on the women’s International day. This Night there are visitors from Poland: Siksa and Pochwalone, with Local Følsom front as a support band. “Queerfeminist anti-capitalist protest band.”

Bob Log III is an One man Army band playing Guitar and Drums, wearing a Fighter Pilots Helmet on stage and playing Rockabilly, like there is no tomorrow. Very entertaining, and something to be seen at Loppen. Simon Raun is warming up to the legend.

Thursday 7th
Bow Wow. The Dogs are barking at Amager Bio. The band are from Oslo Norway, and are Playing with there high octane Arena Rock ´n Roll with a good vocal and blazing guitars. They have a live performance that should´n be missed.

Danish D/troit are playing Party Soul Funk Music, so if you lack some easy going dancing, this is your chance. They broke through two years ago, but started the career hanging out in Ungdomshuset. That’s how it goes. Loppen are hosting them.

San Holo is remixing Hip Hop Tracks and making theme more dance friendly. Here you have the Dutch hit maker in a smaller venue, and you should be guaranteed a perfect Dance evening. So its electronic dancing on a Thursday at Pumpehuset.

Radiant Arcadia is an all female troupe, performing with a big splendid blend of Races, Religions, and skin colour. The music has a big emphasis on the vocals, and the musicians works more like a Collective, with members going in and out of the group. They are at Metronomen – Godthåbsvej in Frederiksberg.

Friday 8th
March 8th is a busy day for the Live music People. A lot of good concerts out there.
Dawda Jobarteh takes his Westafrican griot heritage very seriously, and as coming from an old Griot family, he is at the epicentre of Gambia’s musical aristocracy. This night the kora player will perform with his quartet at Alicecph

Hun Solo (Her Solo), Are celebrating march 8th with 5 female artist, who are performing Solo on Stage. This year its Jenny Wilson (Swe), Selina Gin, Nana Jacoby, Drew and Kirstine Stubbe Tæglbjerg who ar taking over at the stage. Can be a very intersting evening at Hotel Cecil.

In Vega Kvinfo are celebrating the March 8th Day. Its with Concerts and talks, from female artist, journalist and politicians.

The Courettes is one of my favourite bands. The Couri Couple are playing Garage Rock with a cool attitude, and are sure to give you a fantastic Concert with there raw energy on stage. You cam find me at the Dance Floor. 😀 . They are supported by OWMI, who are playing Soul Funk with abrupt rhythms.

I Remember Laibach Playing in Ungdomshuset back in 1984, with their Groundbreaking Industrial Techno. Now they have move upwards To DR Koncerthuset, where the Slovenian band will perform. Before they have done Concerts in Marmorkirken, so they have been performing in better places, than the minimalistic Studio2 .

Swedish reggae praising Cannabis? General Knas is the answer to your prayers. They are welcomed at Loppen, with there nice Old School Reggae.

GZA / The Genius is a former Wu Tang Clan member, and the first one to go Solo in 1995 with Liquid Swords. He is in Pumpehuset both Friday and Saturday. Performing the hold Liquid swords + old WTC stuff. Friday is sold out, but you can still see the Genius Saturday.

The Rumble in the Jungle is the name of the First Round of the Rap battle tournament. Drop by if you are in for some heavy Rhymes, and serious Beats. Its in Lille Vega

More Rock from Norway are coming to Beta – Amager Bio. Today it is Spidergawd, who are Guitar Solos, a remarkable Bass, and a Bass sax. Very original, and I wish I had the time.

Saturday 9th
Sometimes you have to experience something new!!! Like dancing to the Arabian Techno Prince Omar Souleyman, who are performing in Den Grå Hal at Christiania. His Arabian Shaabi Techno, will make you dance, and the setting in The Grey Hall is perfect for a party like this. Arranged by Smash!Bang!Pow!
Alicecph is a Jazz / World Music venue. So its a bit strange that they have this Doom metal evening with three bands: Sumac (US), Baptist (Can) and Nordra (US). Its a bit more experimental than your normal Metal, so expect something different. And try something new for a change.

Stengade has an evening of Dark Electro Pop, when Sally Dige, Totem, and Mouth wound are coming. Its all electronics one person bands, taking you into the dark realms of not feeling so good.

Operaen Christiania is open to anything. This weekend they have a Theatre / Musical ”BeatRoots”. Its something with Country music, Family ties, and the cost of Success. Its also later in the month in other places in town, so this is not your only chance to see it.

Monday 11th
Amager Bio has Melissa Etheridge, who Broke through in the 1990´s as another Strong Voice, along with Alanis Morriset. Its songs with a concern about the Environment, and what’s going on in the world today. She won an Oscar for the Music for Al Cores Climate Film.

Photo: Razor Blades at Underwerket

So Much Happens This Week

The weather is playing tricks on us. This time last year, it was freezing like Hell. But now you can sit outside with your Coffee or your Beer. Climate Change is coming.
And its time for Fastelavn on Sunday when the Kids (And the parents) are dressing up In all sorts of Costumes. Ungdomshuset are inviting for Beating the Cat in The Barrel, and At Trampolinhuset they are also inviting Refugee Kids, to learn the Barbarian Danish Medieval traditions.

And Friday it is the 12 years day for the Eviction of the Old Ungdomshus at Jagtvej 69. There is a demonstration leaving the new house at Dortheavej 61 around 5 pm. I don´t know where it is ending yet, so have your ears out. There will be Street Partys in the night, and Ground 69 could be a good spot to make a night party.

Tuesday 26th
Swedish Siena Rot are coming to Lygtens Kro. It sounds like something taken from the 60´s psychedelic scene. With an old Hammond Organ and they also have a old school tape recorder on stage.

Lost Under Heaven are from Manchester UK, and it´s both Rock and Post Punk, with a very characteristic voice. They are working on being the next big thing from UK, and I hope they will succeed. It has been a long time since we have had good news from Great Britain.

Wednesday 27th
Its not often that we have real old school Country in Copenhagen. But here they are: The Mavericks at DR Koncerthuset. They are from the US South States and, also have som mariachi hornes. And I think there Logo with the Skull is pretty Cool.

Thursday 28th
Hip Hop på Børneren, is at Christiania Jazzclub in Pusher Street. Its the very new kids, that are trying out there appearance, for the first time on a stage. And it´s funny and Life Joy, to see it.

In another part of Christiania, Loppen are inviting for Nico and Velvet Undergrund inspired Emma Ac and her very slow and calm disturbing music. Music for not being in a hurry. She´s supported by Post Punk Hollow and Rocky Top

Hatesphere is Trash Metal right down your Gut. The Danish band is for at short visit at Hotel Cecil, before they continue the European Tour. The are supported by two upcoming bands, Fighting to the edge of the Night.

Friday 1st march
Punks Undead has been going a long time at Underwerket in Valby. This Friday they are presenting Another Day Gone (Sweden) // Razorblades (DK) // The Nimbwits. The entrance is Cheap, The Beer is not expensive, and you get some Old school HC / Crust Punk in your ears. Remember ear plugs!!!

It is not often that we get Music from Egypt, but you can find it at Alicecph with Maurice Loucas Elephantine Band. Its almost Hypnotic Jazz improv. He is also coming to Roskilde festival this summer.

Its only Three weeks since I Saw Hodja at Lygtens Kro, and now they are back for another Concert in Copenhagen. Operaen has them with their energy filled Trashy Blues Rock with the strong Voice of Angeryman in front.

Klub Luk Røven are a new Club, taking place at Råhuset, Vesterbro. They start of with The Preachers and 0%. So its Garage Rock in your ear right now. Sounds good in my ears.

Bodega is not a name, that give me an idea of Talking Heads and B 52´s like Post Punk. But The US band is actually a good inspiring band, and plays quite simple music. They are at Stengade in Nørrebro.

I don´t know what to think about Iceage. I think they have made some really good Records, very inspired by 1980´s sound of Gun Club. But the only time I saw them live was at Roskilde Arena stage, and The stage was to big, and it became to much teenage emo like. But They are at Vega this evening, and it is not sold out.

Loppen has two days of Doom Metal Festival on the Programme with Nocturnefest. 3 bands at night – Bang your Head to Saturnus, Solstice, Hadron and more. Saturday Night sounds best.

Saturday March 2nd
Brazilian Cumbia is the Hot Shit right now in world Music. Hijo de Cumbia is using Electronics and a bit of Dub Step in his music. Its at Alicecph, and you can be sure of an evening filled with explosive dance music.

Bolsjefabrikken har a festival going on. I cant find much information about it. Saturday is seems to be Soundsystems and Dub and Sunday it is more like Drum´n Bass.

Lydmor is just continueing to get more and more popular, with her Electro Pop. Now she is at the Big hall at Koncerthuset. And I dont like sit-down Concerts. But all her concerts get sold out, so here is a chance for you to buy a ticket, and see the Rising star.

There are a Rumour that the 1990´s Danish Soul Band Gone Fishing are playing at Christiania Jazzclub. If it is right then you are in for a good concert, and you don´t have to smoke dope to get stoned by being in the room. But its only a Rumour, so you have to drop by, to see if they are actually playing.

Forbrændingen is going on with there Front Women only Policy. This Saturday it´s with Nikoline. Who is, the most interesting, aggressive, provocative women on the Danish Rap Scene Right Now. I think she is a Heroine.

The day after the demonstration Ungeren has another Punk evening: Wolfblood (Cph) //Powerface (Sweden) // Direct Youth (Cph) are here for some Hard Core Punk, Cheap warm Beer, Smoking cigarettes. Its at Dødsmaskinen, so remember cash and earplugs.

If you like to listen to a good Metal Bass Guitar you should drop by at High Voltage. Altitudes and Attitude are the two gentlemen David Ellefson and Frank Bello from Megadeath and Anthrax.

The Californian EMO rapper Paris, are for the first time on Stage in Denmark. Its a late night Concert at Rust.

For Balkan vs Swing in Operaen you have to meet up early, cause there aint no presale, and it is sold out fast. Malalata (Sweden), Orchestr Partisanski and Mr. Nicolaj are ready with the entertainment.

Sunday 3rd
Ibrahim Electric have played countless times at Loppen. The Power trio are inviting you to Some Funky, Jazzy, danceable music. Loppen is often full on these evenings. So this is your Sunday Treat with Drums, organ and Guitar.

Eminem has not lived in vain: So here we have Witt Lowry, who – By my Standard – is a good Copy of the iconic Detroit Rapper. Hotelcecil is hosting the rapper, who could get a Breakthrough to the White US youth.

Monday 4th
For those who miss some emotional powerful Singer song writer music, not unlike Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and Jeff Buckley should head out for Bremen Theatre and Australian RY X. The concert has been moved from Hotel Cecil to a bigger venue, because af the big sale of tickets.

Is the winter coming to an end?

The last week of the Winter Jazz Festival. But also the end of winter?
The Winter Jazz Festival is now being accompanied with The Journey Fest. Its from Wednesday 20th until Saturday 23rd and is taking place in different Venues: Pumpehuset, Den Grå Hal, Loppen and Store Vega. You can read more about it here. There are some pretty good Indie and Rock Concert on the program.

And Sunday night its Oscar Celebration. The event that nobody wants to host. Empire Bio in Nørrebro are making an all night event with Free coffee, to keep you from falling a sleep.

Live Concerts:

Wednesday 20th
The last part of the Winter Jazz festival is taking place. Girls in Airports are playing. I saw them a couple of years back, and like them because I can hear some Brian Eno, King Grimson and Sun Ra. They have an emphasis on percussion and Horns. Hotel Cecil are providing the Runway.

Thursday 21st
Beat 21/02 is Electronic music for you, in the centre of the city at Matrikel 1 Højbro Plads 8-10. Jean von Baden, Mashti and Jack Rothe are performing with turntables and electronics. This is your weekly Thursday Fix.

For Cumbia Psychos and some nice Latin dance music head for Alice Cph.
“The music stretches between heavy Latin rhythms, surfy riffs, psychedelic sounds and melodies influenced by Balkan music.” And they have a Tuba!!! I Love Tubas 😀

Friday 22nd
Makina is the new Underground club of Ungeren. Its Grime and Jungle. This is where the new DJ´s are showing what they got before they are moving on. A lot of fantastic musicians have grown out of the Underground community here. Cash Only – No cards

Nina Simone is one of the greatest. In this Tribute Concert she is being celebrated as one of the Rebel heroes she was. The voice take over is by South African Maria Thandie. Its at Råhuset, Vesterbro.
I believe that Night church is a special Danish Phenomenon. Where the church opens in the evening for a live concert . This evening it is at Sct. Lukas Church in Frederiksberg where French inspired Electro Pop Tele Rouge are performing. It is a reunion, so you will here an old band performing a lot of new songs.

A real carnival at Alice Cph! You thought you knew everything about soul-funk sauce made in USA. Turn on your turntables again, because the Brazilians from the Black Rio Band are landing for a lesson of pictorial and explosive stuffs.

Saturday 23rd
Stillborn is a Danish / Swedish Doom Metal band, that has recently been reunited, after they where popular in the 1980´s . It´s at high Voltage, and they are supported by Skærsilden, and DJ’s coming in. So it will be a good evening, with sweaty metal in your ears.

Party Rebels are a bunch of people making Rebel POP UP concerts in the streets. It´s pretty illegal, so now they need money for fines and confiscated stuff. The street Party is at Bumzen in Baldersgade – Nørrebro, with electronic Music DJ´s and the entry is donation. Bring warm Cloths and cash

Cheerful Grooves is a music collaboration that portraits a meeting of musicians from Brazil, Denmark, Mozambique and Norway, they bring their own compositions to the circle, where all get to express and interpret in their original flavour, background and influences finding their place in the music. Råhuset

In Forbrænding in Albertslund West of Copenhagen they have made a decision: In 2019, they will only have female artists. It has created quite an uproar. I Support the thing. We need to get more focus on female artist. The music scene has always been male dominated. We need to change that.
This Saturday Radiant Arcadia is taking over the Stage at Forbrændingen. Its women from all over the world. A mix of Cultures and religions getting together and singing. A brilliant band that I can strongly recommend. Note: Starts at 16.00

Every DJ would like to think themselves a real musical connoisseur, but Hunee really is. The Electronic DJ is at Culture Box, so put on your dancing shoes and get going.

For the nerdy Metal fans should head for Mayhem in Østerbro. 5 of the most gruesome Death Metal bands Denmark has to offer right now collectively making Saturday March 23rd an extremely rotten death metal night”

Loppen has visitors from Germany when Die Nerven and Levent are giving a concert. Its Post Punk and No wave, with references to Joy Division and Sonic Youth.

Sunday 24th
As you well know Sundays are for going to Church and for prayers. Well if you pray for some Hardcore Punk Music, then your Church will be at Ungdomshuset. Geld from Australia, Disguise (Eire) and Cesspool (Cph) are saving your Sunday soul.

Tuesday 26th
Swedish Siena Root are coming to Lygtens Kro. It sounds like something taken from the 60´s Psychedelic scene. With an old Hammond Organ and they also have a old school tape recorder on stage. I will look forward to this concert. 🙂

Lost Under Heaven are from Manchester UK, and it´s both Rock and Post Punk, with a very characteristic voice. They are working on being the next big thing from UK, and I hope they will succeed. It has been a long time since we have had good news from Great Britain.

Photo: Beer and Springtime. Life is good 😀

Is Valentines Day important to you?

Valentines is coming in this week. And I dont care.
It seems like we are finally getting some sunlight. So its time to get out from your cave, and flash your Potato White Skin. And it is even Valentins Day on Thursday. So the prices of flowers and chocolate boxes have risen, and the restaurants are sold out for romantic diners, trying to repair the failures and mistakes from the past year. But why not go to the Circus? Circus Panik are hosting a winter program, so go and have some fun with them. They are both funny and good at what they are doing.
And the winter Jazz festival is still here.

Live Music:

Tuesday 12th
Veronica Torres from Pill (US) has a really remarkably soft and harsh voice, giving the Post Punk Indie band some etch. Its at Loppen and what else to do on a Tuesday.

Wednesday 13th
For some pure Rock n´Roll you shouldn´t miss out on Death Valley Girls From somewhere in the US. They work more like a collective, so the set up with band members are fluctuating. And a local support band: Before Fire
The concert is moved from Loppen to Underwerket in Valby. Remember Ear Plugs 🙂

It´s sold out for Billie Eilish at Vega. She is very young, and destined to be the next big pop star. So its the last change to see her at a small venue like Vega. You can join the waiting list. My 19 year old daughter is going. 😉

In Jazz there are very few band names. Its all named after musicians and I think it´s quite boring, because I really love those weird names. 😀
But if your a Funky person, then go for Studenterhuset, where they have a Funk / Jazz evening in the name of the Winter Jazz Festival. Höfner Funk + De Waal/Ljunggren are performing

Thursday 14th
I couldn´t figure out why there are so many events on this Thursday. But Then it struck me: Its fucking valentines day! And if you don´t do something for your Girlfriend you are an unromantic bunch of shit. (And that´s me. I just see it as a Social Construction).

Baal is a pretty cool local band from the 1980´s . It´s Indie Pop rock, and mainly for old fans. Amagerbio are the host.

Dilli Dalli Are from Toronto, Canada, and are an indie rock power band with a singer that has a really characteristic voice. It sounds good. They are supported by a Danish Duo, Mavourneen, who are In Sonic Youth Footsteps. Its a cheap good concert at Loppen.

Hotel Cecil has a visit from the Texas: Micah P Hinson is a singer who can be measured with Eels and Iron and Wine. Soft simple Americana. Sounds like its worth listening to.

For some Dub Reggae, Soundsystem head for Bolsjefabrikken at outer Østerbro Where Jah Moby is taking it easy and turning the tables. Remember your own smoke and cash. No Cards.

Friday 15th
A Colossal Weekend is two days of alternative, gloomy and progressive music within the genres of post rock, post metal, math, ambient,doom and everything in between. It takes place at VEGA and Stengade you can also explore talks, exhibitions, arts and vinyl market.

Folkets Haus is the electronic club of Folkets Hus in Stengade. But they are making the 4 years anniversary in Ungdomshuset. So there is a lot of House (Tech House – Slow House – Deep House). Remember Cash

For Soundsystem lovers head for Pumpehuset, where the DJ´s will be filling the floors with good cool dancing.

In Råhuset, at Halmtorvet , they have a new club for Electronic Music: Raw Grooves. Opening up with House and Techno DJ´s : Skeletonman, Orbitson and Frenchreflex. Cheap place with good beer near the centre.

Culture Box are inviting you to Shadow Boxing for an electronic dance night.  This is Shadow Boxing, a collaboration between Drum & Bass Klubben, OHOI!and Circle Vision, made to explore and celebrate the genres of drum and bass and dub step.

I havn´t been to Bobushka in Linnesgade for many years. But when Orgelheimers are giving a concert, it might be a good reason to drop by. Because Orgelheimers is the ultimate Keyboard Band with old Wurlitzers, Farfisa and Hammond keyboards.

Saturday 16th
This Saturday you can head for DoktorDoktor in Blågårds Apotek where they are performing Crazy Hip Hop with Soul Inspiration. A splendid band you shouldn´t miss. No pre sale so come in god time.

Feridah Rose is an Afro Soul singer, bringing the warm Rhythms from East Africa to your ears. And she is helped by a pretty nice band. So you can get your hips moving in Bartof Station in Frederiksberg.

In Underwerket Club Totem are hosting a Three band Concert with new upcoming bands. Janis, Mimic Octopus and Enids are not ringing any bells in my ears, but they might be in the future. Remember cash for the entrance and Earplugs.

Sorte Rene is one of the cheapest and worst bars in Copenhagen. But sometimes they are having some good punk bands in there small space. So this evening it is careless Drinkers and Ass Bastard, that are taking over the “stage”. Its for free.

“Trypical Cumbia is the expression of the mix of cultures. Expect a unpolished groove that collects whatever has been found in the travel from the deep Amazon forest, up to the Andean mountains, down to the Caribbean coast and crossing the Atlantic. Of Course at Operaen.

Sunday 17th
If you miss old Big bands, like Count Basie and Duke Ellington Bands there is help for you. The Very Big Band have some of the best musicians , who has also performed with DR´s Big Band. So dress up for an evening at Bartof Station.

Monday 18th
On this Monday you can go to Hotel Cecil Where the stage is being taken over by metal: Shining (Norway), Four Stroke Barons (US) and Dreamarcher (Norway). Shining is the main name, and they describe it as “BlackJazz”. I didn´t know it was a genre. But there you go.

Photo: Hodja at Lygtens Kro. A great band at a Great place.

Take your time. Relax and Breath…

It seems like the city of Copenhagen is finally awakening after Christmas and January. So now all the venues are open again, and there is a lot of good live music. Also the Winter Jazz Festival is still here with many interesting Concerts. And there is also the Copenhagen Light Festival around the harbour and the old City. So keep up the good spirit, and don´t let the winter take over your mind.

Live Music

Wednesday 6th
For a very special introvert experience head for Alice. And how often do you listen to Music from The Samish community in Northern Scandinavia? Well the chance is here when Vassvik are performing.
He is singing in the local way: Joik. Torgeir’s Joik goes beyond words and is embedded in the sound of a 3-stringed guitar and violins

Thursday 7th
Its World Class Hip Hop in Pumpehuset. Jay Rock from The Top Dawg Label is drifting by. He has been paving the way for People like Kendrick Lamar, so its a big shit SOAB who is here. Its sold out, so you have to do some leg work to get a ticket.

Its so good to be doing this!!! Sometimes I just stumble on some really good names I Never heard of before. Like Hodja Which is a band that are touring the world, and playing Trash Blues Rock. Like Rack & Bone Man style. You can find me at the floor on Lygtens Kro.

When Billy Cross came and settled down in Copenhagen 30 years back, we were all a bit Starstruck. He had just been playing with Bob Dylan. Well he is still here, performing Blues and Jazz. This time at Bartof Station near the Frederiksberg Centre. Part of the winter Jazz Festival.

Jazz and New Circus are the ingredients when AFUK In Kongens Enghave are opening the doors. Its the performers from the AFUK School , who are performing while the 3 string band Twang band are making the sounds. It might be interesting if you are nearby.

Friday 8th
JAH RASTAFARI !!! HAILI SELASSIE !!! Bob Marley fans are celebrating his 74th Birthday at Loppen. Old school Reggae – One Love ❤ ❤ ❤ . Sky Juice Sound systems are hosting with Live event: Macka B and the Roots Ragga Band from the UK, and local DJ´s .

MotorQueens from Italy are visiting High Voltage. Its a Motorhead tribute band, so It might be a good evening to find your Jack D shirt and your favourite boots. They are supported by a local Metal band.

Winter jazz is a lot of things. Last time I saw the Orgelheimers was at Gutter Island Garage festival, but now they are embraced by the Jazz community. Its mostly cover versions, but they know how to keep a party going. Its at Kayak Bar, by Knippelsbro so there are also swimming opportunities https://www.facebook.com/events/369440540481996/

Prince has past away, but The Revolution keeps going on. His old backing band is still going strong, and it will be a funky evening at Vega . The Musicians have been spread out all over world with different projects but have assembled again. Its sold out and the price of 445 Kr. is hefty, but if you are a fan, you find your way.

Saturday 9th

For Stoner Rock Fans John Garcia is the High priest. He started with Kyuss in the 1980´s and has since been in other bands and going solo. So what you can expect at Loppen is a man who has a great experience, not to mention a really good voice. Listen to his new stuff I cant help thinking about Rocky Eriksson from 13th floor Elevators. But there is also some really good Stoner Rock.

Gyedu-Blay Ambolley is a man from Takoradi in Ghana. Since the 1970´s he has been performing with his own kind of music. Very smooth, jazzy, funky, danceable music. Like a good brandy it is smoothing around your body. So I if you need to dance the winter away. This is it . Its in Alicecph

If you are in for Trypical Cumbia at Operaen Christiania, you better come early. The place is small and quickly gets sold out.
Their take on Latin American music is guaranteed to make your legs dance! Trypical Cumbia’s sound is powerful, tight and fast with a juicy leading saxophone and rich percussion. Cash only !!!

The Bowery Room is a monthly club In Råhuset at Onkel dannys plads – Vesterbro. They book Garage and Rock bands. This month it is Room52 (Doom), Glue Kiss (Garage) and Me&Munich (Noise rock). Råhuset has very good beer in the bar at cheap prices.

War of Destruction is a pretty old band from the 1980´s punk scene. Still performing they are at Underwerket, supported by two other good bands: Ond Tro + Direct Youth. So if you miss some hardcore punk, and need to be blasted through and forget about Winter: This is the place. Remember Ear Plugs.

Sunday 10th
“Acid på svenska” is a remix of jan Johanssons legendary Record “Jazz på Svenska”. Its not so Acid like, but just the same tunes in an Electronic Version. The Venue is Brossons Kirken, Rantzausgade, Nørrebro. And BTW: Did you know that The tune of Pippi Long-stockings is written by Jan Johansson?

Brass Against. WTF is that? Well its a 9 piece brass band making covers of new bands. So they have Rage Against Machine – Pantera – Public Enemy and others on the play list. And with a very enthusiastic and political singer it could be a very good Concert. Its in Lille Vega, so its quite expensive on a Sunday.

Monday 11th
If you have nothing to do this Monday, then try to see if you can hustle some tickets to KOKOKO at Alice in Nørrebro. I heard them last year at Roskilde Festival, and its a really good live band. They are from Kinshasa, Congo and play Congotronics on self made instruments. Its sold out, so you have to find a way to get the tickets.

Low is a brilliant name for the US Shoegazer band, performing in DR´s Koncerthuset. Its Minimalistic, introvert and a little bit depressing. Some also call it slowcore. A good time to think about what when wrong with your life, and how you ended here. I saw them in Stengade in the 90´s , and i´m still thinking. There´s a waiting list.

Tuesday 12th
Veronica Torres from Pill (US) has a really remarkebly soft and harsh voice, giving the Post Punk Indie band some etch. Its at Loppen and what else to do on a Tuesday.

Photo: Praed at Alice. Fantastic Concert with very few People.