Old City

Consists of three hoods: The old city, Christianshavn and Frederiksstad.

The oldest part of the city is the tourist center of Copenhagen. Until 1856 this was inside the city gates, and there was about 120.000 citizens, so it was very growded.
This is where you find the parlament, the ministries, the Town Hall etc. This is the most expensive place to buy an apartment in the city. Most Hotels, Restaurants, cafes is here.
It is getting more and more unlike the real Copenhagen, if you want to see the sights you are at the right place, but if you want meet the Copenhagernes, you have to get out of The Old City.

Is to the west of The Old City, and was build up in 1870´s with the industrial revolution, as a working class and industrial area. Today there are no more industries, and few workers left. It has all been gentrified and is the hipster area of the city.

Here you find the central station and the Meat packing District – Kødbyen (Meat Town). At the western part you find the Carlsberg Town, the old brewery. Today there is no more beer brewing, but a lot of new architecture. Not all is good, and the high tower there is nobodys favorite.

But Vesterbro is on the top 10 list of the most hyped city areas in the world. It is relaxing, good quality at prices that are not to expensive.
The area at istedgade – behind the Central station is a lot of porn shops, prostituets, and drug addicts hanging out. Quite a contrats to the meat packing district, with all the fancy partys. 

Is just acroos the lakes from Queen Louise´ Bridge (Dronnng Louises Bro), and is very entnicaly divers. A Is diveded in two areas: Inner Nørrebro and Outer Nørrebro. Here you find the Church yard with people like Fairy tale writer Hans Christan Andersen, Philosopher Søren Kirkegaard and Nuclear Physician Niels Bohr, But is is also a park with people sunbathing and picnicing.
Jægersborggade is the new shopping street, with a lot of cafes and even an michelin starrred restaurant.

But Nørrebro is also the area with drug dealers and gangs, the squatter movement, and loads of street art around the famous Red Square and Black Square, designed by BIG Architects.
A lot of of cafes along Blågårdsgade, Elmegade, Skt. Hans Torv and in Ravnsborgsgade, where you also find good antiques and second hand shops.

Is world famous for its alternative lifestyle, right in the center of Copenhagen. 10 minutes from the Christiansborg parlament, you find this alternative village, where there is untamed nature and an big illegal drug market called Pusher street.
There are four rules in Pusher Street;
No Photos!!!,
Only hashish and mariuana – no hard drugs,
Only selling in ”The Street”
No running.
If the police is making a raid, everybody is running. Note that possesion is against the law, and though some people belive so, it is not accepted. There is a 2000 DKK fine for possesing, so smoke your stuff at one of the small cafes. Prices are per gram and range from 50 to 120 DKK.

Christiania, is a lot of other things. They have there own soccer team, bike club, radio station, local weekly newspaper, shops, cafes, restaurants, some of the best live music venues in Copenhagen. There is a horse riding school, yoga and Tai chi and the most popular family and cargo bike factory in Denmark: Christiania Bikes.

Take a walk in the green nature and you are suddenly out in a forest in the countryside. But remember to respect the people of Christiania. Some are very tired of Tourists. 😉