The city has big and small venues. Personaly I prefer the smaller more intime places. And there are a lot of local bands, that you should give a chance. 

Loppen – In Christiania is the oldest live venue in Copenhagen, and stil going strong, with a big variety of everything from Hip Hop, metal and electronic. Remember cash. Capacity: 450

Vega – in outer Vesterbro, has two halls: Small Vega and Big Vega. It is very professional, and a beautifull place. Has medium big names in the big hall. Small Vega Capacity: 500 Big Vega Capacity: 1850

Pumpehuset – In city center, has a big hall upstairs, and a small one in the lobby. They also have outdoor free summer concerts outside in the garden. Capacity: 800

Alice – In Nørrebro is World Music and Jazz, and the place in Copenhagen where you get the best Music quality for the money. It opened in February 2018, so it is fairly new and a joint venture between Copenhagen Jazzhouse and the World Music club: Global. Capacity: 230 pesons

Jazzhus Montmartre – in center of town. It is legendary in the jazz community, and has existed on/off since the start 1960´s.

Operaen – in Christiania. Mostly concerts on tuesdays, and there is also clubbing. It is right in Pusherstreet, and there is a lot smoking. Quite cheap by Copenhagen standards. Remember cash.

Stengade – in Nørrebro, Small place, with a mixed music profil. Very typical Copenhagen place. Capacity: 230

KB 18 – Vesterbro – Meat packing District. Does not really fit into the hyped meat packing district, this is underground Metal concerts and electronic Nightclub. Pretty hard sound. Capacity: 400

Christiania Jazzclub – Christiania. Right next to Pusher Street, this is late night Jazz, often with students from the nearby Academy of rhytmic music. Heavy smoking.  Remember cash. Capacity: around 200.

Mojo Blues Bar – in center of town. Blues for you, in this small venue. Concerts every night all year. You can go here christmas evening and find a band. And with The Blues follows a cigarette. 

Kroteket – In Nørrebro. It is a good bar with a small stage. Mostly jazz, blues, folk. And cheap entrance.

Ungdomshuset – In Nordvest. DIY punk and metal, the youth house is graffiti everywhere and very young people serving cheap warm beer. Remember cash. Two stages: big stage capacity: 800 smalle stage: 200 

Mayhem – in Østerbro. Is a part of Bolsje Fabrikken (Candy Factory). All is DIY and the area is pretty awesome, with a lot of workshops and street art all over the place.  Remember cash.

Cafe Rust – in Nørrebro. Indie and electronica, and a nightclub too. Small place, but a bit expensive.

Amager Bio – in Amager. Large place with two stages and a mixed profil. 3 km from city center. Large hall capacity: 700 small hall (Beta): 200

Underwerket – In Valby. Metal and Punk DIY in a cellar. Remember ear plugs!!! True underground with cheap beers. Remember cash. Capacity: very small

Hotel Cecil. Just opened in march 2018, and they have taken over the venue og Copenhagen Jazzhouse. They still have to proff what they can do. Capacity: 350