Life is more than Jazz

I am back from four days at Roskilde Festival, with some fantastic people, music, moments and atmosphere. And after sleeping two days, also back at the desk.
The Jazz festival is rolling with full steam. It is easy to find the good cheap concerts. You just click at free concerts and the date, and you can find them. At Balders Plads  in Outer Nørrebro they have a very good program, with a lot of local musicians.
Also at Kongens Have in Central Copenhagen have free concerts with good bands. For late night you can head to Christiania Jazzklub at Børneteatret. It isn´t free but its cheap and with a little smoke in your lungs you can find really nice concerts.


Not everything is jazz. CC – short for Copenhagen Contemporary – has opened in new rooms at Refshaleøen. It is 7000 m2 big and the opening show is the Superflex Group doing there London Tate show from last year. I haven´t check it yet, but that will come soon.

Street Partys

On friday 13th  Rust  makes a street party outside of there venue in Guldbergsgade. They Cooperate with the independant Hip Hop Label Affiliated, so you can drop by and listen to some of the sweetest Hip Hop That Copenhagen can produce right now. Starts at 4 pm and officially ends at 10, but no surprice if the party continues into the long summer night.

You can cotinue straigtht to another Street party in Nørrebro, with Bas Under Buen. Reggae, dancehall, dubstep, UK garage, dub, steppas, drum & bass, UK bass, trap. Everything with a heavy bas. Thats Saturday July 14th, with by the way is my birthday.


If you are tired of all the sun and positiveness and are feeling more dark and glommy go to Underwerket at Saturday 14 th. Legendary hardcore punk band MDC – Millions of Dead Cops – are playing with German Scheisse Minelli. It is a very small room, so remember your ear Plugs. But very cheap beer.
At Ungdomshuset you can also find cheap beer end Hardcore punk with Swedish band Lonely Grave.

Move your body!!!

The Move festival is all about moving your body. There is dancing, yoga, slackline, parkour, lectures and much more. The Festival takes place at Refshaleøen, and I think that you are free to join all the classes. Next year i might do some Tai Chi or Chi kung classes. 😉

I take a holiday
Next week I am taking a holiday, so no updates from me. But Loppen at Christiania have their own outdoor Loppen Festival, with local bands. It is right outside the venue at Christiania from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd July, and its free, but please support and buy your beer and sodas there.

Photo: Roskilde Festival: Japanese Boris & Metzbow

Photo festival, Photos from above

Photo festival is taken place with 57 different excibitions, spread out over the city. It is the next 10 days, and there is both history and art. As a dedicated photographer I sure will check out some of the things there. It is not only in Copenhagen, but also in Malmø. The main place is at ”Photo City” In Copenhagen Østerbro.

A night at the Opera

Operaen at Cristiania have a evening with Showmen, Jugglers, sword swallowers and much more. There is bands playing, and a night disco. It is FridayJune 8th

Instrumental reggae sound interesting and more like a jam, than actual numbers. Stengade on Nørrebro has it, and it will be hot and crowded, and it is almost sold out. Local Reggae performers are doing what they are best at.

Stop torture are making a concert at Kongens Have Saturday June 9th . It is with Teitur from Faroe islands and Danish X factor winners Place on Earth and Noah as a headline. Also entertainment for the kids. If you join this concert, please contribute with some money or a buy the beer or give a signature. They are doing a great job and need some support.

Get a ride

Hitchhiking has never been a big thing i Denmark. It has always been difficult to get a ride out of Copenhagen. But now there is opening official places to hitchhike out of Copenhagen. It is at 4 different places going north, west and south. We still need a place for going East towards Sweden. It is celebrated with an event on saturday June 9th from 9 morning to 6 evening.

Pictures from above

The French Photographer Yann Arthus-bertrand is making an event where he wants to have pictures and films of poeple with Bikes. It is on Israel Square Sunday June 10th at 5 PM. Check the event here.
It will be used in a new book, So be there at the square and be part of the event.

Sleep, swim and art

Hope you had a good long weekend. The coming days  also have something good for you.

Art week

Today, tuesday May 22nd, the Copenhagen Art Week is opening up. There are a lot of events, exibitions, performances, talks, films, debates and much more. Full program.
It opens up at The Charlottenborg, Royal Academy of art, at Nyhavn 6 pm. It is free, and you can have the change of catching a glass or two of Rosé wine, and have a a small canapee.


Wendesday 23rd I will mayby go to Sleep at The Grey Hal Christiania. It is stoner rock, and good. I saw them some years back at Roskilde Festival, and I will go again. Afterparty at Loppen, with more stoner. And also at Loppen tuesday 22nd you can find the Bell Rays  . It is grovvy rock soul funk.


The water in the harbour is gettting warmer and warmer, and has now reached 18 degress. Officially you can only swim at the designated areas, but I have never heard about anybody being fined for swimming, where ever they wanted. So bring your towel and take a dip. Its nice.


Picture. I found the spider at a cafe by the habour. It is not open yet (The cafe), tell you more later. 

Weekend April 13-15th

Concrete Jungle

At Bolsje Fabrikken (Candy Factory), there is a big show with the newest in Jungle, Dubstep and Deep Bass. A great line up with UK, Dutch and local bands and DJ´s. Shouldnt be to difficult to find something to smoke either. So there´s a great dance party for you.

Becoming Animal.

Is a exhibition that friends of mine har recommended. It tells the story of how animals are metaphors in our daily life. Go and see it and get a provocative, thougtfull, sometimes brutal experience.

Waving the flags

Monday April 16th is the Queen of Denmarks (Margrethe II) 78th Birthday, and at 12
o´clock noon, she will appear at the balcony at Amalienborg Palace and all the kids, will be standing with flags, the Royal Guards will be there in red Galla Uniforms, and the band will be playing, and if you have this idea that Denmark is such a nice ”hyggeligt”, country, this is where it will be confirmed.

Picture is the Grey Hall in Christiania. Not so grey any more 😉 

Architecture, Festivals and The welfare state


Copenhagen has for many years had a profile of houses that are only up to 18 meters or maximum 6 floors. But the latest years have seen a rise in tall buildings. We are not talking about Ras El khalif in Dubai, but over 30 floors. And everytime there is a lot of debat. The newest thing is that investors want to raise a 300 meter tall building in the area of Nordhavn. A lot of the people of Copnhagen thinks it is a bad idea. Tall buildings brings long shadows and strong winds.

The investors thinks that it is too much that the tallest houses in Scandinavia is in Sweden, The Turning Torso in Malmø, Which is visibel from Copenhagen. But We – The People – feels that houses should be for the multitude, not the elite.  (Picture from the entrepraneurs)

Roskilde Festival

Is the biggest festival in North Europe, with more than 130,000 people, living in tents at the capm site. The final program has been released and the line up is fabolous. Eminem, Nick Cave, Bruno Mars, Nine Inch Nails, Gorillaz, are at the top of the poster with 160 names. Ticlkets are selling out fast, so if you want to join the crowd, you better book it now. Check it out

The welfare state

Bernie Sanders, and the US left wing, has for a long time been talking about Denmark and the Scandinavien Countrys, as an example of a better social system, with free healthcare, free education, maternal leave – and higher taxes. In this article from The Washington Post, the writer is describing the system, and why she thinks it is difficult for the USA. The key word is ”Social Trust”.
Read it here