Art galleries / museums

A short introduction to the local art scene. Check our blogs for news from the art world.

Louisiana museum, north of Copenhagen is the best place for contemporary art in Denmark, mayby in Scandinavia: you can take a train from Central Copenhagen, and you will be there in 45 minutes. 20 minutes walk from Humlebæk train station. The permanent exibition is pretty awesome, and so are some of the temporary, depending on you taste.

The National Art Gallery have exibitions of national Danish treasures as well as local artist. It is in the old city. They also have temporary things, and an art school for kids. From the new part of the museum, there is a great view of the park Østre Anlæg.

Arken (The arc) south of Copenhagen, is quit new, and placed on a beach. There a bit of a walk from the train station in Ishøj. The whole idea was that the southern, not so rich part of Copenhagen should also have a museum. But Louisiana is better…

Hirsprungs Collection. Contains classical paintings, mostly from the end of the 19th century. Here are some danish classics like the painters from Skagen. Is is placed almost next to the national gallery, so it is only a short walk in the park.

The Design Museum, is really good for showing the designs of danish furniture classics, and they also have themes like fashion or foreign traditions and designers. It is just half a block from the Royal Palace, Amalienborg.

Cisterne, the glass museum, is an unknown pearl. It is placed underground in an old water reservoir, which gives it a very special atmosphere. They dont have a permanent excibition, but only invited glass artist. I think it is one of the best in town. Placed on a Hill in Frederiksberg outside of the city center. Just opposite the Zoo.

In many public places, you can find art by local artist. Personally I think the finest piece of Danish art is the Tapestrys at the Hall of Knights at the Parlament: Christiansborg.
The Tapetrys are telling he last 1000 years of danish history and are designed by artist and former professor Bjørn Nørgaard. So if you like art and history, it is a must see.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg next to Nyhavn and Kongens Nytorv is the Royal Academy of art. Besides the art school they also have various exibitions, and is a good introduction to the contemporary art scene in Copenhagen right now. They have a nice cafe.

A big bunch of the private Galleries are placed in The Bredgade area, but you can also find art galleries in Christianshavn, and at Kødbyen – The Meat Packing District.

There is a yearly artfestival at the end of May.

Street Art
There is a lot of street art around. Go to Christiania, Outer Nørrebro and at the old ship yard at Refshaleøen, for some of the best spots. If you wants to do your own work, you can by cheap spray cans in Christiania at Sneak Freak.
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