Summer is almost gone

Did you have a good weekend? With pride and the 400th birthday of Christianshavn? Well now it is back to everyday life, summer is almost over, schools have started, everybody are working again.

Put the party keeps on going!!

For example at Underwerket where Crywank is playing punkrock supported by two local bands. Its at tuesday 21st in Valby.

Even thou the pride is over, there are still related events in LGBTQ fora, with free films in Ravnsborggade with Mix Copenhagen.

Is also opening up after summer holidays, with a great evening for dancing when ”The night flight Orchestra” (like if Meat Loaf and Toto had a love child) are playing at friday 24th. There from the homeland of Abba: Sweden

Two festivals:
And there are two festivals in the weekend. The first is Kultur havn – ”Culture harbour”, is a lot of arrangements from local sport, art, culture, dancing and guided architecture tours in Nordhavn. Part of it is the Cliff Diving Contest from the Opera House (27 meters). You can watch it from the Ofelia Square. Its sponsered by a energy drink company. And yet another sport is the Swim around Christiansborg – The Parlament. Also on the 25th

The second festival is Uhørt – ”unheard off” with new and upcoming bands that are given a chance for a larger audience. It is in the halls at Vesterbro / sydvest, so close to the city.

Flea markeds

Two special flee markets: Bike Flea market at Bolchefabrikken / Buddha bikes.
Music instrument flea markets by 4sound  at Aabenraa just by Kongens Have and the Roundtower.
And there are a couple af street partys at Vesterbro for you: This time it is Skydebanegade that are making a 30 years celebration af the renewal of the street.
Not so far away at Carlsberg Byen there´s another street party.

Photo: Jim Jones and the Righteous Minds at Gutter Island Garage Rock Festival

Architecture, Festivals and The welfare state


Copenhagen has for many years had a profile of houses that are only up to 18 meters or maximum 6 floors. But the latest years have seen a rise in tall buildings. We are not talking about Ras El khalif in Dubai, but over 30 floors. And everytime there is a lot of debat. The newest thing is that investors want to raise a 300 meter tall building in the area of Nordhavn. A lot of the people of Copnhagen thinks it is a bad idea. Tall buildings brings long shadows and strong winds.

The investors thinks that it is too much that the tallest houses in Scandinavia is in Sweden, The Turning Torso in Malmø, Which is visibel from Copenhagen. But We – The People – feels that houses should be for the multitude, not the elite.  (Picture from the entrepraneurs)

Roskilde Festival

Is the biggest festival in North Europe, with more than 130,000 people, living in tents at the capm site. The final program has been released and the line up is fabolous. Eminem, Nick Cave, Bruno Mars, Nine Inch Nails, Gorillaz, are at the top of the poster with 160 names. Ticlkets are selling out fast, so if you want to join the crowd, you better book it now. Check it out

The welfare state

Bernie Sanders, and the US left wing, has for a long time been talking about Denmark and the Scandinavien Countrys, as an example of a better social system, with free healthcare, free education, maternal leave – and higher taxes. In this article from The Washington Post, the writer is describing the system, and why she thinks it is difficult for the USA. The key word is ”Social Trust”.
Read it here