48 Hours, Metal, Spectacle and Sakura Festival in this weekend

The spring is here, and the festival are beginning to pop up: Sakura festival in Langelinie is hosted by the Japanese embassy , The Northern Discomfort in Ungdomhuset, 48 hours Fetival in Nørrebro, and Spectacle Festival also at Nørrebro in Alice. Whats not to like? Something for everybodys taste.

Also the outdoor Flea markets are starting. The one in Fælledparken is a must go.

Wednesday 24th
The Picturebooks is good old Dirty Blues Rock n´Roll. They work like a Duo (Guitar and Drums) . A strong voice and simple tunes you are guaranteed an inspiring evening in amagerbio.dk

Female Brazilian trash metal? Go for Nervosa who are having an on stage energy without comparison. They are Accompanied by German Rezet who are also on the Trash Metal Scene. Its all at Stengade Nørrebro.

Thursday 25th
Natteravn is a concept that is difficult to grasp. Its blacker than Black in the whitest snow. Some sort of performance art project with Trine Trash // Claus Poulsen and Søvnterapeuterne. Snuff soundscapes, Noisescapes, and a lot more. In Slagterhusgade in Kødbyen. Very avantgarde.

The Boss of Lygtens Kro is celebrating her birthday with a party and a concert when Katla is dropping by. Its Swedish. Its Noise. Its Heavy. Its Stoner. Wölfblood is the other band on this Danish Birthday Party.

In Loppen they have a psych evening with Cosmic waves, Skifting and Måneskjold who are all local bands doing the psychedelic thing. Inspiration is Both from Jefferson Airplane, but also from Late 1960´s Danish Psych. There are so much happening on the psych scene in Copenhagen these years. Its a Pleasure!!!

For Metal heads its Ungdomshuset who is calling this weekend. Northern Discomfort is a three day festival with mostly bands from Germany and Scandinavia. For the quality of the music its great value for the money. A 3 day ticket is 250 Kr. Remember your ear plugs and Cash for the bar and , merch area.

Its not easy to have name like Teenage Fanclub, and then be growing older. But it has happened to the Scottish Band, that broke through in the start of the 1990´s with simple pop and vocal harmonies. Now they are back in Lille Vega so here is a trip down memory pop lane for you.

Friday 26th
The Keep Nørrebro Weird Parade is curated by four vinyl-loving, self-publishing record stores. The parade starts at Blågårds Plads, continues with a concert at every record store, and finishes at Den Sorte Plads with a massive opening party. From the basement studios of Nørrebro to the open sky, this will be a tour de force of uncompromising niche music.

In Alicecph.com they are having a 2 day festival: Alice Spectacle. Its both Global, Jazz, experimental, Roots… and spread out on different venues. If you are going for just one concert, then my advice is the Les Freres Smith with 12 people on stage and sure to make your body move with Afro Beat tunes.

Stengade is part of the 48 hours festival at Nørrebro. Check out more details here: https://www.stengade.dk

Here after Easter, its time to find Your own personel the Stoned Jesus. Its Hard Rock from Ukraine going over to metal, and the band has been going on since the end of the 00´s . Loppen in Christiania are staging Stoned jesus.

There is one Garage Rock events on this Friday. Underwerket in Valby has Daddy Long Legs on the stage. I saw him at Gutter Island festival in 2014, and he puts on an amazing show. Its sold out, so look out at the Facebook page for tickets.

At Operaen in Christiania They have a psych evening with Swedish Baby Jesus, local DJ´s and loads of smoke. Uffe from Spids Nøgenhat is on the DJ list. Cash only!!!

In support of Freedom of Movements, a collective working for the rights of migrants and refugees a concert is set up at Bolsjefabrikken. Be prepared for an evening full of dancing, good vibes from all over the World . The DJ´s include *Cana Collective (live Cumbia ) Flamenco Refugees *Emiliano Motta, *Mauricio (headshell) *The Nubian King *Simone Ahá *Kanan *Pantera. Cash only!!!

The Hunna at Lille Vega, is playing chewing gum poppunk rock. Its not dirty or fast like real punk but catchy tunes and good vocals.

Saturday 27th
Lucy Spraggan from the UK is good pop melodies. Nothing special, just guitar based Indie hits. Its at Loppen Christiania and supported by Stephanie Grace, which is also Indie pop from down Under Aussie Land.

At alicecph.com they are continuing the Spectacle festival. And also at Stengade the 48 hour festival.

Operaen at Christiania have Cumbia-reggae and chicha-punk mixed in a tropical casserole of distorted guitars, güiro and song. Falakumbes sweaty and energy-filled shows have made the band been compared with artists as Gogol Bordello and Chico Trujillo. With tremendous scene presence and genuine rebellious joy, Falakumbe succeeds in engaging his audience and creating swinging, euphoric and memorable shows. cash only!!!

Sunday 28th
Once again A Banda brings their Brazilian big band and dance show to Nørrebro! Join the parade and dance along to samba, samba-reggae, quick frevo, marcha and afoxe played by the A Banda batteria and full horn section. Starts from Dronning Louises Bro, and ends at Skt. Hans Torv

Monday 29th
The only thing that is popping up at this Monday is a a small pearl for you: Nick Oliveri is the founding member of legendary Kyuss and Mastermind of the original Queens of the Stone Age..!
He is also doing unplugged acoustic shows so Watch out for this mad man unplugged on stage! Its at Basement Cph. Next to Vega.

Tuesday 30th
H15 is a new place at Kødbyen. They have a concert this Tuesday as a sort of warm up for mayday. Klub Primi is the arranger and has names like Crush, Jomi massage and T.S. Høgh on the poster. Experimental Jazz and Free Folk.

Wednesday Mayday
Here are loads of demonstrations, all ending in Fælledparken, where each group of Political party, Workers Union, Anarchist or Anti Fascist group are having there own concerts and Speakers. I am at the Anti Fascist place.

At Kroteket in Blågårds Plads Familieorkestret are giving up after many years of true service, and leaving the torch to Røde Far. Interesting to experience.

Photo: Mavoureen at Stengade New cool band.

Happy Easter from Bo

The tempo is going a bit down for Easter. Many Folks are leaving town for visits and Holidays. So there are not so many events here.
If you are a Bicycle Fanatic you should head out for the annual Bike Flea Market at Stefansgade. People are coming from all over Scandinavia to Buy , sell and Swap. Its Monday April 22nd outside the Hafnia Bike shop.

And if you are in for some more Action then Extinction Rebellion are arranging climate event all over town. And on Thursday people are going for closing the Ellebæk deportation Camp. So lots of things to do in the Easter.

Wednesday 17th The weekend starts on a Wednesday 😀
You can head out for Ungdomshuset on Dortheavej and Better of Dead, Chainsaw Eaters (Great name 🙂 ) Fall back Down and Nexø. Its all Punk bands, and what a good way to start your weekend. Cash only for the entrance and bar.

Thursday 18th
I didn’t expect this kind of music out of Colombia. Its weird and load of both electronic and analogue instruments. Chupame El Dedo was born for a Festival called “Evil Music” or “Böse musik”. The idea was to recreate a death metal group with influences of tropical music. Its at Alicecph.com

Elevatorfører is Danish Psych and Acid. They a making a release party at Loppen for they new album: “Jeg er kommet for at slå tiden ihjel” , and it can end up as a long evening with improvisations. Both exciting and slow moving with the Danish Lyrics.

Friday 19th
Zydeco Music is coming from The French Caribien and New Orleans. So Zyde & Co are playing this world music toninght. They are accompanying Louise Bruel Band and are at Operaen in Christiania. Go for something you havn´t hear before.

Rufus Wainwright from Canada is one of the big vocalist of our time. This Friday he is at Koncertsalen in DR Byen, on his 20 years Jubilee Tour. This evening he is both doing new and old stuff, so its a memorable evening at The big concert Hall.

Klub Luk Røven at Råhuset are hosting a Punk evening with two bands: Big Mess + Ulceras Its fast loud and with no mercy.

Saturday 20th Today 420. This is a international weed smoking day and are celebrated around the world. In Copenhagen the attention goes to Christiania.
At Loppen the 420 day is celebrated with Dub in the form of Kenny Knots and DJ´s Unity, Freetown Soundsystem and 2000 F. Even though you cant Smoke inside, you can go downstairs and fill your lungs.
You can also take a walk down the Hazy street to Den Grå Hal and Operaen with General Levy (UK) as the headline name. Its Jungle and Dancehall Eaggerman , Dj Hydepark, Raske Penge, PHASE5, KAKA DK, Melissa Inya, Mashti Project, The Four Twenty Kolektiv are also joining the party. I wonder if there is room for all these people. The late night party is continuing at Operaen and Christiania Jazz Club. Remember cash and clean lungs. 😉

If you are not that found of getting stoned but still like Rock then the 1980´s stars Sandmen is at Vega. The voice of Alan Vegenfeldt is still full and Strong, and you are in for an evening down memory Lane

Summer in the city Festival are hosting this event in Råhuset. Two bands: Bæst and Mørk Meditation are finding ways to get even darker in their minds and their Music.

Insula Music is a record store in Blaagårds Plads in Nørrebro. This weekend Troels from the Store is arranging a Jazz concert in Mayhem next to Bolsjefabrikken. Ka Baird and Foster/Bennett Duo are both from the NYC, and are headlining with some local support bands. Its experimental and Noisy .

At Stengade – in the last minut – They have announced this free event with Post Punk – Noise Rock. Mavourneen and Michael Ellis are performing. Its loud and controlled. And the Entrance is free.

Sunday 21st Remember that Monday is still a Holiday 🙂
Slow moving film music with inspiration from Tom Waits and Johnny Cash and you get to Jaye Jayle. Imagine yourself in a David Lynch Movie and here you are at Loppen. Its dark and slow evolving, but makes you a little bit uneasy. Loppen is the venue.

Tuesday 23rd
If you are missing some weird Improvisation then go for Fire! From Sweden with Local support from Lunden. You can expect nothing really, because nobody knows how this is going to turn out. And with no expectations you are not getting disappointed. But Maybe not surprised. Anyway: Its at Alicecph.com

At Lygtens Kro they are not stopping after Easter. Vojd from Sweden are members from Black Trip, and in the best Swedish Style its Hard rock with a nice blend of metal. Their latest release ”the outer ocean” is an album stuffed with powerful rock hits that ventures throughout a distorted dreamland.

Wednesday 24th
The Picturebooks is good old Dirty Blues Rock n´Roll. They work like a Duo (Guitar and Drums) . A strong voice and simple tunes you are guaranteed an inspiring evening in amagerbio.dk

Photo: Amyl with her Sniffers at stengade

Death Gospel – Electro Sabar and Club 27 in this week.

A Sure sign of the coming spring is the opening of Bakken. On Friday 12th the Motorbikes will be a at Nørrebrogade and in the evening the parade will start towards Bakken with a enormous roar. Its a fantastic sight, and this year its the later than normal, since Bakken has pushed the opening days a couple of weeks.
If you have eight wheels under your feet, go for the Friday Night skate starting on Friday. New starting place is at Israels plads.
Saturday its the International Record day. The Vinyl stores around town have exclusive sales and bands playing.

Wednesday 10th
Saint Vitus are from 1979 LA, and are one of the genre making bands into Doom Metal. Lending from Black Sabbath and Rainbow they are continuing to raise the flag. A loud evening are waiting for you at Pumpehuset. Dopelord are supporting.

Thursday 11th
Death Gospel. Just listen to the words. Its a combination I have not before, but with Swedish Louise Lemon at Stengade, its something that sound trilling and new. Stengade are putting up the stage, for this Dark Mystical Concert. Supported by Elinborg from Færøerne, and Tidebound from Copenhagen.

Afenginn are releasing the 7th album with this release concert from the band, that you never know what to expect from. The Musician are so dedicated to give you an exclusive experience. They don’t make a bad Show. The concert is at hotel Cecil.

Cherry Glazer are giving you Indie songs that goes a bid wilder in a more rocky fashion. Not unlike Yeah Yeah Yeahs . Its at ideal bar in the Vega Complex.

Friday 12th
West African Music is really development, and one of the results is Guiss guiss Bou Bess. Electro-Sabar is what Guiss Guiss Bou Bess call their dynamic audio-visual amalgamation of electronic music with traditional sabar percussion and mbalax. Its at Alicecph.com, and a good way to start the week.

Another way to start the week could be by finding some Old school Reggae and Dub. Loppen has Mad Professor on a visit, which is straight from Brixton, London, with heavy beats and a joint in the mouth.

I was blown away by the Grimy, pugnacious and playful, Amyl and The Sniffers at Gutter Island Garage Festival. The Australian punk four-piece are Already legendary in their home country, and made their international debut in May 2018, and have since conquered Europe. Its at Stengade.

Club 27 are strongly represented when Cinemateket are openings the doors for Free Concert Movies. Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Reading, The Who and others are shown on the Silver Screen, and you can buy beer in the bar and bring it inside. A Swell way to start the weekend!!!

There are two chances for Your Friday Night Punk gig: Ungdomshuset has Four bands are playing, one is Swedish (Kid,Feral) One is from Cyprus!!! (Spoiled) and the rest is local (Michael Ellis & Regarding Ambiguity) Cash Only!!!
The other one is in Underwerket with Punks Undead. They have Three bands: Two Swedish (Giftigt Avfall & Shuvit) and one local (Them Bailers).
So its up to you Nordvest or Valby ;-D

Saturday 13th
Dør nr 13 is Danish Lyrics and a bit sing a song but with a Rock / Indie sound. Had a small break Through last year, this can be one of the next upcoming bands, ready to take over from Magtens Korridorer. Supported by Ring them Bells.

Auxiliary is a new Electronic club, who are now on Loppen, with local guest and from Berlin is Substance (DJ Pete). Its god for your hips and your feet, and I can also hear a bit of congotronics. Other DJ´s are RDG and CTRLS from Copenhagen.

As usual Operaen has a Brazilian band. This time its pre carnival samba, with heavy light Percussion a passionate audience, cheap bar, intoxicating smoke and good vibes. Remember Cash. 😉

In Ungdomshuset they have a metal evening. INSANE (swe), BLACKRAT (can) WÖLFBLOOD (kbh) Its all some kind of Trash Metal, so don’t forget your Earplugs and cash for the Bar.

Sunday 14th
The White Album. What comes to your mind is the Album, but now its the Danish band, playing radio Friendly Indie Folk Tunes, with good tunes an unremarkable lyrics. Nothing special at Hotel Cecil. But Nice Friendly Pop.

Tuesday 16th
IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT and Mord’A’Stigmata are 2 bands who are embracing Black Metal through a forward thinking and experimental prism, each with their own approach and aesthetic. Stengade are opening the doors for this concert.

Grap a Beer. And go for some Live Music

Welcome to the world of Copenhagen when the Flowers are in Blossom, the Boys are shoving legs under the skirts and you can sit at Dronning Louises Bridge with a cold beer. Its spring and we love it.
There is an architectural festival starting up, and running for 10 days, with movies, Talks, sightseeing. Check it out here:

The Greenpeace ship “Arctic Sunrise” is visiting Copenhagen on Amalie Kajen. You can visit the Ship, and they have campaigns of their work. Its both Saturday and Sunday.

Live Music

Wednesday 3rd
Guerilla Jazz, An Etiopean voice and world Fusion. So many styles in just one band. Kefaya are an award winning musical collective . An eclectic group of immigrants, travellers and international artists, Kefaya seek to find common ground between global folk traditions.

Mike Krol is from Wisconsin, and he is the sort of guy that just keeps on rocking with a bit of Garage, and bit of Punk and a good voice, he is sure to make a good evening at Loppen. Accompanied by Death BY Unga Bunga from Norway, with there Catchy Chewing gum Punk / Rock.

Thursday 4th
Katinka has made the radio Play list with the poetic Danish Lyrics. Pop at its best after a simple receipt. Nothing special, but just good Pop with organs and a voice. Its at Store Vega.

Also at Vega is Iris Gold, who are the most local thing you can find, after an upbringing in Christiania, and moving her way up, working hard, and now she is making the break with Soul / R´n B that leaves Janelle Monay and Erikah Badu nothing behind.

There is even more music for your hungry ears this Thursday. In Stengade they have invited Belzebong (PL) and Necromancers (Fr) The dankness will be lit again on the second part of the “Purveyors of Dankness” tour when The Two bands bury Stengade in smoke, fuzz, distortion and unhappy endings!

H15 is a small Club in Halmtorvet 15, and this evening they are presenting BlackieBlueBird, who are into some atmospheric dream indie pop.

Friday 5th
The Night Church in Helligåndskirken has a special visitor when Anne Linnet comes in along with Sct Annæ Choir, performing some of the Pieces from her career of more than 40 years. Will be an unforgettable evening.

Slægt Just put out their 3. Vinyl, and is one of the best Metal bands in Copenhagen today. They are highly appraised for being wunderkids, and its going fast and Dirty. Supported at Loppen by Demon heads, witch is also a pretty good band, and Nyredolk.

There are not very many Punk bands, coming from Macedonia, But here they are: Disease is returning to Ungeren, and share the evening in Dødsmaskinen with Gabestok and Hypocrite. Remember Ear Plugs and Cash.

The Streetparty season is slowly starting, and at Bumzen in Nørrebro, they are hosting a support party for May 1st Anti fascist demonstration. Its with DJ´s and cheap beer and drinks. Bring warm Clothing and Cash.

Saturday 6th
Relevance festival is about elevating electronic club music. It’s about exploring the dynamics of a thriving scene, and to foster its development. They are making the Party at Pumpehuset with DJ´s like Thomas Schumacher and WhoMadeWho. So loads of electronic house and deep techno, and you can just keep on moving.

Underwerket is mostly known for Punk and Metal. But now they are going a new way with Techno Concerts. Kosa Vostra and Alpha Hz are the arrangers of this first night. And they will return with more.

If you want a Balkan Party, a good place to check out is always Operaen Christiana. Danish Stars – Danska Zvezde – is authentic Roma music from the Balkans with Turkish influences, played by some of the best musicians within this style in Denmark. On the poster is also Corto and Rasputin, who are sure to make your Feet move and a Russian band that spells like this: ЖЩ Come and get a sublime experience of how Balkan music lives and breathes anno 2019.

Impalers are after ten years stopping. With there Trash Metal, they have played Copenhell and been supporting Antrax and Machine Head. So this is the last show supported by local Electric Hellride at Amager Bio.

In Folkets Hus there is a dance party starting up, with Electronic Beats and DJ´s with live drumming. A good place to drop by on our everlasting search for the perfect party. Remember Cash!

In Lygtens Kro, they have Baby Jesus on a visit. Still carnying his Diapers he is Playing Trash rock, like there is no tomorrow. The Swedish band is accompanied by The preachers, Who are making it into the heart of Copenhagen with No Bullshit Garage Rock.

Sunday 7th
Tedeschi Trucks Bands first concert in Amager Bio on April 11th is sold out, so now they make an extra. The US Blues Rock Band has become a favourite band at Amager and you can think of Allman Brothers Band. They have a lot of fans here in Copenhagen, Guaranteeing you a good atmosphere.

Monday 8th
On this Monday, you can go to Underwerket and The Queers, who are Pop-punks, doing chewing cum Punk. A Bit strange with a voice that belongs to the Beach Boys and a Ramones Guitar. The Support is local Dungeon Days and Fall back Down.

The Ocean is deep and dark Metal, with Academic Lyrics. Going into Stoner the band is always experimenting with new ways to make your Ears bleed. Its in Store Vega and there are 3 support bands, so it will be a long Monday night for you.

Tuesday 9th
Punk at Alice, is not often. But here it is:
The Mekons are a British-American genre-defying art punk band whose style has changed more times than their line-up. Considered to be one of the driving forces in the punk and post-punk scenes in the late 70’s and early 80’s, the band has never been afraid of change and experimentation.

Tess Parks have made a band with Anton Newcombe from Brian Jonestown Massacre, and together they are performing Slow moving psych, and hoarse voice, she is in for a good Shoegazer like evening. Yassassin is the indie support band.

Photo: Clutch at Roskilde 2019

Springtime in Copenhagen

The Cph Dox Film Festival is still running, so you can go and see some shows and films for once in a lifetime. And this is what counts. Take the chances and get some unique experiences. Check out the full program.

And then we are on the highway to summertime: Put the watches one Hour forward the night before Sunday, and suddenly we almost have the long summer nights, and we will sit outside with our cold beer, and once again feel that life is worth living. Winter is gone 😀
And things are opening up for spring time. For example Reffen Food Court at Refshaleøen in the weekend. So get out there and find some food. Normally there are DJ´s and other performances.

And Rest in Peace Tyk Mesteren. You were one of the good guys.

Tuesday 26th
Its not often we get visitors from Burkina Faso in West Africa. Baba Commandant & The Mandingo Band are a contemporary group playing at Alicecph. The band played a marvellous concerts at Global and Roskilde Festival a few years back. Its a mix of North and South. Dry Desert Blues and Tropical Afro Beat

Then there is something completely different at Hotel Cecil with Mexican Indie Post Punk Le Bucherette. They have been on the road with Yeah Yeah Years Iggy Pop an others. Another band you can mention is early P.J. Harvey, when listening to Le Bucherette. Supported by The Brotherhood of Sonic Love.

Wednesday 27th
It will be Dark and Dystopic when Crippled Black Phoenix visits Lille Vega. Its lyric and slow moving, almost shoegazer. And then suddenly its sets of and goes wild, but still controlled off course. Supported by two bands: Soft Kill and Fotocrime.

Kira, has been through a lot of hassles, since her band split up. Now Kira and the Kindred Spirit are back at the stage at Store Vega, after a 11 year break up. Back in the 1990´s is was a very good live band, so you can look forward to this, more experienced version.

Thursday 28th
Northern Africa is still a very male dominated area. Therefore it is very unique that Asmâa Hamzaoui has started her own Gnawa group Bnat Timbouktou as the first female gimri musician in Morocco. Gnawa is a rich tradition where suggestive, ritual music is combined with poetry and dance to reach trance. Of course its at Alicecph

At Mojo Blues Bar in the City, you can find Johnny Rawls who swings the guitar to Old School Blues. He is 67 years and still going strong. Only a few tickets left for your dose of the real thing. Nobody can copy this.

Tørstig Torsdag at Underwerket is free this evening, with Garage Pop band: “De Andre” and two other bands. And the bar is cheap, and tomorrow you will have money in the bank again. The point is that you can use your very very very last money of March here.

Friday 29th
Alicecph has another visitor from West Africa. Bassekou  Kouyate is from Mali, and is master of the traditional Ngoni – a string instrument – which is electrified, creating a very special unique sound. He has played Roskilde Festival, among other places.

Vilde Græs is Morten from Spids Nøgenhat, who just couldn´t get enough Psych. So he made his own band, and they are now at Loppen, playing music and Lyrics, that will take you back to the first Danish wave of psych. Supported by TJ

Nola Love is a party band, singing in Danish, with a bit jazzy / Rocky / Ska sound. Its very funny and danceable, so you can expect a funny evening in a good company. Bring cash.

Marcus Meinhardt from Berlin is the host of this evening at Culture Box. With Progressive House he is slowly building up, for the Climax. The Hunts are on opening duty while Bendtsen & Alan Murphy play the closing set. Free beer between 11 and midnight.

There are more Genres of Metal than I know off. Huldre Plays medieval Nordic folk mixed with Metal at a high speed. This is the goodbye concert before the band Break up for know. So it might be a last call at Pumpehuset for this band. But you never know.

Saturday 30th
With an energetic and cheerful style, Forrobamba plays traditional ‘pé de serra’ forró from the north-east of Brazil. Come and enjoy an evening with Forrobamba (BR/UK) and DJ Rafael Lima (BR/UK) directly from London. We promise that your feet won’t be able to stand still to these lovely Brazilian rhythms. Operaen in Christiania is the host. Bring Cash and your own homegrown.

All the way from Croatia Bolsjefabrikken have Little Luka & the Bass Matters Sound System touching down in Bolsjefabrikken! So its heavy beats and cheap drinks at Bolsjefabrikken. Remember cash.

Von Dü is Danish Hip Hop, and have now done there third album. Its political, and they never had a radio hit, but there is a lot of fans out there, giving the concerts a very special atmosphere And its more Reggae than real Hip Hop. Pumpehuset are putting them on the Stage

In Bumzen in Baldersgade, they don’t care about summer or winter. Here you can find street party’s all year round. The weekend its a Extinction Rebellion Support Party. The music is alternative, and bring Cash for Donations.

Tuesday April 2nd
Hayseed Dixie’s are a great band. The covers of Rock and Metal classics, made into Hillbilly, Bluegrass Country tunes, are a fantastic concept, and they often plays sold out concerts. There are only a few tickets left, so hurry up and get an evening filled with joy and dancing.

Photo: Grey Hall, Christiania, has a new Facade

Spring – and love – is in the air

The Cph Dox Film-festival is starting on Wednesday, with a hold truck load of documentary films, and with a lot of performances. There are some bands docs with bands like. PJ Harvey, Suede, Leonard Cohen, New Order. Liveconcerts includes Animal Collective, TV on the Radio, Fribytterdrømme.


Now its time to do something different! Like going to Floor-wars and see the best Breakdancers in Europe. This is the final after contests in 8 different country’s. There will be preliminary rounds in the afternoon before the final kicks off in the evening. Its at Vega

Live Music

Tuesday 19th
If you have nothing to do today, go to Underwerket in Valby. Where King Witch is playing Old School Metal. They take you to the good days where Black Sabbath was a new band. So this is your Tuesday Metal Doss.

Wednesday 20th
ADHD from Iceland is just the opposite. Its very calm and relaxing music, that you can swim away two in your own thought. Accompanied by Danish Abekejser, who are mixing electronics and electric Guitar in a very atmospheric sound. This could be a very good evening at Loppen..

Thursday 21st
Loppen has two Post Punk bands on a visit. From New Jersey its Screaming Females, who only has one female, and she sings, and then Feels from L.A. has three Females. Both bands have more than ten years on there back so they are experienced.

Friday 22nd
Two of the members from the Canadian Band Animal Collective are making a performance for Cph Dox film-festival at the Aveny T Theatre. Its live music for the Film Tangerine Reef by Coral Morphologic about the bleaching of the coral reefs.

Alt godt fra Havet is a Metal / Punk Club in Ungeren, Dortheavej. This evening they have five acts. Not all of it very very good, but its upcoming bands, that should be given a chance: FUNK THE SYSTEM (Funk) // LUCID GRAVE (DOOOOOOM) // CAGE BATTLE (Punk Rock) // QUITTERS (Sludge/punk). Don´t forget Cash.

Farveblind is heavy electronic beats with strong Rap Vocals. Its new and upcoming on the alternative Electronic / Rap scene. They been doing both Roskilde and Spot festival, so if you want to be on the new beat, this is a must. Stengade has them.

Debra Damo Dining Orchestra is a local band, who has taken up the task of performing Ethiopian 5 note scale music. The music is mixed up with Psych, Afro Beat, and Free Jazz. But they are very good, and recommended from here. Its at Karens Minde in Sydhavnen

Be ready for “Louder”, “Faster”, When Cancer Bats From Canada are coming to Hotel Cecil with there Hardcore Punk / Sludge. They are bringing with them a Nepalese !!! Metal band: Underside. It will be a very good evening at Hotel Cecil.

TRYPICAL CUMBIA has guested Operaen’s stage numerous times, each time with a blast of a performance. Their take on Latin American music is guaranteed to make your legs dance! Trypical Cumbia’s sound is powerful, tight and fast with a juicy leading saxophone and rich percussion. Cash Only.

Saturday 23rd
The Swedish quartet Kolonien returns to Denmark with their bright and hopeful take on contemporary folk music.  Its essential to have some knowledge of the Swedish tongue, to get a good experience. its at Alicecph, and a good start for your Saturday.

Get tropical with Nyege Nyege from Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania. Its a Rhythm and Electronic set, that will make your feet move and sweat pouring out. Its called Singeli and has elements from House, Gabber and Happy Hardcore. Lille Vega has it.

Lovers of Reggae / Dancehall should head out for Operaen at Christiania, With a thing called Dutty Wine. There are both live performances and DJ´s . Bring cash and your favourite Grass.

Raahuset at Onkel Dannys Plads at Vesterbro, has an evening with Techno and electronic Music. Råstof is making Raw Grooves with foreign and Local DJ´s , so be sure to wear something you can dance in.

In Mayhem, they are having another Metal Party: Extremely Rotten Death Metal Vol 1. There are five bands on the poster, and its a good idea to remember cash and earplugs.

Sunday 24th
From Kingston Jamaica we have Kabaka Pyramid, who off course are bringing you Reggae spoken word. He will fit well into the Cannabis Culture of Christiania, when he is playing at Loppen.

Monday 25th
Postmodern Jukebox will take you back to the Swing Music of the 1920´s. In the last years Electro Swing has taken over the Dance Floors, so should dress up, and find your best shoes, and show your skills for Tap dancing. Its at Vega, and pretty pricier .

Tuesday 26th
Its not often we get visitors from Burkina Faso in West Africa. Baba Commandant & The Mandingo Band are a contemporary group playing at Alicecph. Its a Mix of Saharan Desert Blues, with more southern High Life. The band played marvellous concerts at Global and Roskilde Festival a few years back,

Then there is something completely different at Hotel Cecil with Mexican Indie Post Punk Le Bucherette. They have been on the road with Yeah Yeah Years. Another band you can mention is early P.J. Harvey, when listening to Le Bucherette. Supported by The Brotherhood of Sonic Love.

Photo: Melody Fields at Lygtens Kro

Watch out for St Patricks Day at Sunday!!!

After a couple of days with another Man Flu, properly from partying to much in the weekend, I am back at the keyboard with good music in the headphones. Remember that Sunday march 17th is Irish Saint Patrick’s Day. I am not a big fan of Guinness but I do like an Irish Whiskey on the Rocks. The Celebrating starts just after midnight Saturday. And keeps on going at the Irish Pubs on Sunday. Party like there is no monday. 😉
And I am going for my first ever wrestling show!!! It´s Saturday at Pumpehuset.

Live music

Thursday 14th
Balkan Folk Music lovers should head for Naked from Serbia. The 4 piece band are playing there asses of with Bass, Drum, Fiddle and a Clarinet. After the Concert, You will feel like dancing even more. Its at aliceCph

Friday 15th
On the border between Østerbro and Nørrebro you find Mayhem. And this is where you should go in the weekend if you are into Doom and Dark Metal with heavy growling. The 2-day festival Vort Fatum, with ten bands – five a day- is taking place here. Wear Black Clothes and bring cash.

Preachers is another Drums and Guitar – Two man Garage Rock Band. They are at an early concert at Christianshavns Beboerhus, and are supported by Beach Envy, who are also a no bullshit garage Rock band. Could be a very good evening in Christianhavn.

Alicecph has more Balkan Music for you. This time its George Mihalache from Roumania, who are playing with The Calibut band. He lives here in Denmark, so welcome, and we hope to hear more from you. Its traditional Romanian Folk Music, at a high speed.

If you like a good Fuzz guitar then head for Loppen, where Davis Nance is performing. He is very productive and are spiting out new albums all the time. Has been making Garage Rock-covers of Beatles, Lou Reed and Rolling Stones. Supported by Blodrus, a local band, it can be a very interesting evening.

Berrin Bas is at the head of Tuhaf, who are playing Turkish inspired Psych music. They are from Nørrebro, so they are absolutely feeling at Home in Stengade.

The combination of Arabian tunes and Techno is conquering the world right now. Acid Arab are from Paris, and will make your feet move into unknown positions, with there DJ set in Pumpehuset.

There is more acid for you at Operaen. Acid Disco is an evening with two bands: The High Society is playing Soul / Acid Jazz / Funk, and the Second band – Örrefors Camping – are members from Fastpoholmen, who once found a CD with strange music recorded at a camping site in Sweden. Cash only !!

Rising is doing there best to be a good Metal Band. After 4 LP´s they are beginning to succeed, and are getting better and better. They are supported by Alkymist, another Doom Metal band. At Hotel Cecil

Alestorm are one of the best Party Bands I Know of. The combination of traditional Folk Music and Metal, brings memory’s back to the Pogues. They hail from the old pirates, and drink Rhum and Tequila and make the seven seas an unsure place to travel. The Mosh Pit is Guaranteed

Saturday 16th
In Ungdomshuset, they are having an evening with an electronic crew and a simple agenda; to do there part and “contribute to the fast-growing electronic music scene and the sanctuary it has become for people who need it, in a world where hate and prejudice is still at large.” In Orbit × Illicit Cell. Remember Cash and no hard Drugs.

At Hotel Cecil they have an evening with two good bands. The Blue Van is at the top of the poster, with there Guitar Indie Rock and Orcas is supporting. This is one of the cases where I believe that the support band is sounding better than the headline. I last time saw Orcas at Gutter Island, and they surprised everybody with there Danish simple lyrics.

Its a good idea to smoke a small spliff before you enter the world of Melody Fields. The Swedish Band will take you on a journey with there 60´s inspired Psychedelica. They are at Lygtens Kro, and its for free, so remember cash for buying some merch.

High Voltage has a St. Patricks Day celebration with Punk Mahone, a Swedish Punk/ Folk Band that gives you the right atmophere for celebrating. Remember to wear something bright green.

Sunday 17th
They played at the Gutter 2018 Festival in Amazing Concert. Electric Eel Shock are sure to make a party for you, with the most untamed punk rock you can imagine. Is the stage big enough for them? I am not sure. If you want crazy Japanese Punk Rock at Underwerket in Valby

Monday 18th
I am not sure that Pumpehuset is the right Venue for Larkin Poe. The two sisters are playing Dirty Guitar carried Blues / Roots. And I think that the stage at Pumpehuset is to big for the band. The best thing to do on a monday.

Photo: The Courettes last weekend. I love them both ❤