Welcome to October

Today I put on my Gloves for the first time of the season. Its nice and feels good, put also sad that it´s already necessary. I look forward to the cosy indoor with Hot Chocolate, Candles and talking with friends.

Its the start of the month, and we can spend all our money. ❤ . But it seems like a bit boring start. Here are my humble suggestions, for what to hear, and where to go.


All Black Hole nerds, can join the Science and Cocktails that have moved to The Grey Hall in Christiania. The events have been way to popular for a long time, so now they need a bigger stage, and The Grey Hall was the answer. Check it out. Its both intelligent and dumb. https://www.facebook.com/events/384532755553385/

Live music

Thursday 3rd October
There is a new kid in Town!!! Urban 13 is placed under the Brutalistic Bispebuen, and is a new concert and party place. They have built a concert room, so you are not outside in the cold, and it has a raw atmosphere that is not found any other place in DK. WhoMadeWho are performing with Electro Pop Rock Indie something… I am living next door, so I will show up and party with you.

If you are into old school Psych, go for Astrohatch with Guitarist Claus Bøhling. He has been in the game since the 1960 in legendary Danish bands Secret Oyster and Hurdy Gurdy. It comes with a light show, and is presented at Loppen. The perfect place for a concert like this.

Bogfinkevej are from Aarhus, and are the new Danish Lyrics Rap band. They have performed on Festivals and sold out concerts at Vega and Voxhall. Now they are at Pumpehuset.

Friday 4th
Punks Undead are having there 10 years birthday Party. Off course at Underwerket in Valby. Number 88 according to them selfs. The bands are Dr. Know, NRG, Social Nedtur, and Heroes To None. Remember Ear plugs

Hatesphere are starting there new European tour at Loppen. Trash Metal in your ears. Faster!! Louder !!!

The Local Punk Band Nexø are making the Release party of their new LP at Reffen AKA Refshaleøen 209. Its a new band and the release of “New Normal”, will be a party, with three other Punk bands, and record sales.

Andy C from the UK are normally on the big arenas, but Pumpehuset has booked him for this midnight event. The dancefloor will be sweating for the Drum n´Bass world star.

Bring your Granny for the Grindcore family weekend in Ungeren D61. Its fast and furious on the two Days festival at Dortheavej. And remember ear plugs and cash.

Los Fuegos is an explosive blend of Cumbia, Balkan, Reggae and Rock. So get your dance wear on, and find your cash to go to Operaen at Christiania.

Bisse is playing at Hotel Cecil, with his poetic society commenting Danish lyrics. It should be with an inspiration from Country, an this is an extra concert. The first one was sold out.

You can join your inner movie with Italian Chromatics. They have delivered soundtracks to numerous films, where Drive by Nicolai Refn stands out for us Danes. The Synth – pop – Dystopian universe, can be seen at Store Vega.

https://www.facebook.com/events/2465137223572838/Hammond Organ Blues Trio are playing again at the Kayak Bar next to Knippelsbro. So much more than Organ .

Saturday 5th
Speaker Bite Me are the best Danish indie band, and are the darlings of the 1990´s I saw them at this years Roskilde Festival, and they are still delivering fantastic music. The stage at Pumpehuset is perfect for this event.

It will get groovy at Loppen when Cuban Born, Danish based Eliel Lazo and the Cuban Funk Machine will make the Dance Floor electric with the most funky music you can think of. Just what you need here in the cold Oktober.

Brazilian Electronic music with a touch of street fight from the Sao Paulo Underground. The Performances are going to the limit with Teto Preto at Alice.

For followers of Icelandic music, head for Stengade. There are three bands playing and its all sort of electronic 1980´s sound. Both Pop and more atmospheric.

Lone Hørslev is a spoken words performer and auteur. She has been on the road with different musicians and this time its Jesper Meclenburg who are putting the music up the lyrics. A nice evening at Hotel Cecil.

Sunday 6th
Stengade has more Icelandic, but this time its Black Metal. They must be having plenty of time in long dark winters up there.

For the real heavy blues-like Rock, go for EYEHATEGOD in Lille Vega. They have been playing for 30 years, but many Drugs, Deaths, Depressions and Destroys have had an impact. Therefore it is a miracle that you can hear them here today.

Tuesday 8th
Are you not feeling stoned enough? In need of some more stoner music? Go for Stengade, and The Machine from the Netherlands. They are bringing with them Samavayo from Germany, and local The Sledge are warming you up.

Durand Jones & The Indications are some Classic US South State Soul. It will take you back to Curtis Mayfield and Al Green, and are sure to make you smile. Loppen are putting them on stage.

Circuit des Yeux – aka American musician Haley Fohr – returns to Copenhagen with her powerful voice and haunting songs. Last time it was sold out at Alice, so buy your tickets now. And find a new experience.

Photo: Speaker bite Me at Roskilde 2019

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