A Late welcome to Twenty Twenty

Slowly we are waking up to a new reality. Its a new decade, and it will change our lives, just like the past decades. Hopefully for the good, and with a a lot of good experiences and events.
Also your humble writer is awakening after a long January, and a bit into February, we are back on track.
And we start out with the Yearly Winter Jazz festival taking place all over the City. A lot of places are hosting concerts, so its your time to go and enjoy. But also the non Jazz lovers can get their ears filled with sweet sounds.

And the Copenhagen Light Festival, has taken over the city, so there are more or less deep Light Sculptures to be seen. Especially by the harbour since it is sponsored by The Canal Tours and Reffen . https://copenhagenlightfestival.org

Prepare for four days of a sexy, punk, heart warming and political stage art explosion when Feral festival hits Copenhagen in week 7. Feral festival takes place in Afuk on Enghavevej, on the other side of the rail Tracks. With shows ranging from experimental circus and vogue to sideshow and performance art its nightlife, culture and quirky underground . Sounds very entertaining.

Friday 14th
Its Valentines day, but that should not stop you from Doing something you have not done before.

At Operaen in Christiania they are celebrating with some Reggae by Bobby Bovell. So make a spliff and move your Hips.

Vinterjazz is also at Stengade with a 3 piece Concert. On the top of the poster its Alarmist from Ireland (Weird Shoegazer Post-rock math Rock), Himmelrum are next (Jazzy Krautrock) and at the bottom of the poster are Bæst (deep Slow Danish Lyrics Rock)

In Basement at Enghavevej, they have a two day Rap Battle, with some of the best local Rappers. There are four Bouts each evening. So its Friday and Saturday, you can have your ears filled with Danish Lyrics in the Ring.

The Darkness are back from UK with Arena rock. The hardrock band had some hits back in the 2000´s , and now they are here at Amager Bio.

There is a Indie / Singer Songwriter person on the programme at Loppen. Mikael Cronon is from California and is supported by Shannon Lay also from LA.

More Indiepop at Hotel Cecil With Isobel Campbell from Scotland. She had her breakthrough with Belle and Sebastian, and has also been playing Duet with Mark Lanegan. Her she is on her own with strong Lyrics.

Eleha Soroor is from Afghanistan and are giving a Vinterjazz Concert at Alice. She is a refugee in London, and have joined forces with Kefaya, an ethnic Music Collective from London. It can turn out to be a really good concert.

Saturday February 15th
Metal and Punk are big in Japan, and here are Crossfaith from the Land of the rising Sun. Its Punk, metal and Electronics, and it smell like a good Moshpit at the floor. They are supported by Ocean Groove from Australia and Black Futures from Brexitland. Amager Bio are lending the stage.

Groovy Fusionjazz with Slap-bass from Norwegian Anton Æger E and Abekejser. Its weird synthesizer sound and you can find it at Loppen. The Vinterjazz event is supported by another jazz band: Yellow Spoon.

Klimaforandringer is a local band, with members from at lot of other local bands. They play “noisy Afro-rock with a multitude of other inspirations such as blues, krautrock, jazz and world music.  “ At Alice they are supported by Experimental jazz orchestra Fräzer and its a Vinterjazz arrangement.

In High Voltage there is a Black Cat arrangement. They are celebrating 20 years of partying, with a 2 band Concert. Selofan is a Greece Goth / Darkwave band while Natural Disaters are a local seven piece Post Punk band, that I look forward to hear.

The local Band Natjager are not that bad. With a combination of metal and rap and strong Lyrics, they might have a future in Music. They are making a release party for the first Album, and its at Beta – Amager Bio.

Ever Heard of Blackgaze? Something in between Black metal and Shoegazer. Well Alcest is French and are performing at Pumpehuset. Supported by Birds in Row and Kælan Mikla. Its sold out, so you have to make some energy to get some tickets.

Samuel D´Connery is making a Release party for a new album. Its Danish Vocal Hip Hop at Operaen and Spacecamp and Johnny Romance are also on the bill. Bring cash

Stengade has IKI, which are five Nordic female singers. Its experimental trancelike soundscapes, and they are corresponding with the audience. The Support is Smag på Dig Selv which is a fusion of Jazz, Punk Balkan, and something in between. Its a vinterjazz show

Bolsjefabrikken has another evening with heavy grooves. Rockers Art Session is Roots Music, with DJ´s

Sunday 16th
Monuments are the best offer this Sunday. Its progressive metal, with brilliant musicians. They are from the UK and performing in Pumpehuset.

Thy Art Is Murder is Deathcore and another good opportunity to get your ears ripped of. The Australian Metal band has been warming up for bands like Killswith engine and Architects, but at Amager Bio, they are on there own.

Monday 17th
Nytt Land are from arctic Russia, but sounds like North Norwegian Sami Music. Its more like a shamanistic ritual than a concert, so there is a unique experience for you at Stengade. Its also a vinterjazz concert. Ættir are Special Guests and are performing Nordic Folk with a heavy Metal setting. Also very interesting.

Groovy Jazz at Bartof Cafe with Marilyn Mazur, Nikolaj Hess and Klavs Hovman. Three really good musicians are joining forces.

For some electronic Dancing go to Lille Vega and Georgia. She is a one Woman army, and a big upcoming talent. Most probably the last chance to see her on a small stage like this.

Tuesday 18th
Do you remember Saga? They are on another farewell tour (There was another Farewell tour in 2017) and this times hits Amager Bio with Puddle rock (Although they have almost all gone balled).

Wednesday 19th
Aggressive Feminist Punk at Loppen with Petrol Girls. Its a London based DIY band consisting of members from all over Europe, and really worth going for if you have nothing else to do on your Thursday morning. Warming up is Beach Envy – A local Feminist Garage Rock Band. The hold event is being spiced up with a couple of films with focus on violence against women. Rohingya Testimony: No Reason To Hide Our Faces is from Myanmar and Nu Jin (New Life) is from Rojava / Syria.

You never get disappointed with Guitarist Pierre Dørge. He has Five decades of Jazz music on his back, and here he in a ethnic constellation with Gambian kora player Dawda Jobarteh and Ghanaian percussionist Ayi Solomon. Its Vinterjazz for you at Alice.

Photo: Orgelheimers at the last concert of the year at Studenterhuset

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