Skating on Vinyl ;-)

Saturday April 21st it is 2 years since Prince died. You can come and dance the sadness away at Søpavilloenen, near the lakes, There will be DJ, purple drinks and Dancing.

Record Day

Vinyl is getting more and more hot, and now there is a international record day. Your local dealer is having a sale on the music we love. And do you know the meaning af ”slutspurt”. In danish this is the last time of a sale, when the prices go extra low. 😉

Route 66 – Fælledvej

Sound Station – Gl. Kongevej

Beat København V – Enghave Plads

Roller Derby – Trippelheader

Tatooes, stockings and helmets are ready when Copenhagen Roller Derby meets Turku from Finland. And there are also two more matches to be seen. It is at the DGI Center, just next to the Central Station.

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