Drunken Cherrie Fuzz


At Stengade, their are rare visitors when Fuzz legends 1000mods from Greece and Fuzz Orchestra from Italy are playing. It is on monday (today), and they are joined by the danish band Hjortene. So good music to you on a monday. https://www.facebook.com/events/430856504012443/

Drunken teens

Remember that friday April 27th is a national holiday. So many shops are closed. This is the big Confirmation day, so the churches are filed with young kids and there families.

In Denmark there is no legal drinking age – and confirmation is in many families seen as the time when you can start to drink alcohol. So that is around 14 years old. So be warned of drunken teenagers.

There are two places where people flock to see the cheerie trees blooming. One is on Langelinie, by the Little Mermaid, and the second is by the Bispebjerg Cemetery about 5 km´s nord – west of the city center. If you go to Bispebjerg you should also visit the fantastic Grundtvigs Church, built in the 1920´s and 30´s, it is an example of Scandinavien design and simplicity.

Cherrie trees at Langelinie

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