Its almost summer and the Festivals and Street Party’s are booming.
We start with The Bllom Festival on Nature and Science in Søndermarken. Loads of talks will make you a much more Knowledgable person

And You can also get a lot wiser on Design in the 3 days of design in Copenhagen this weekend. Its not only Danish but a lot of international.

Get more clever on beer at the Beer festival at Lokomotiv Hallen. Near Vesterbro. 1200 different Beers. What’s not to like.

In Blågårds plads there is a new event: That is a cargo Bike race around the Square, and the participants have to carry a plate of Smørrebrød on the bike ride. Sounds both entertaining and funny.

Another Street Party is Enghave Plads in vesterbro. Last year I had a good time, so why not go for it this year. Local Bands, Beer, Barbecues and a Flea market.

At Refshaleøen Engage Festival I happening. Starting at 1 pm with DAD and ending late evening with Magtens Korridorer. There is three bands in between these two Highlights. They make sure to start with the selling name first, so people come and bye beer.

And next weekend its four days of Distortion. So keep calm and hurry up.

Wednesday 22nd

In Byhaven by Pumpehuset, there is Beatmakers, that are sampling and uses all sorts of instruments. I am not really sure of the genre, but its your chance for some free music on this Wednesday.

Eiko Ishibashi is a Japanese singer-songwriter and musician. A bid weird sounds, and abrupt rhythms and experimental sounds. Like the No wave scene of 1980´s NYC scene. Its at Alice in Nørrebro

Thursday 23rd

Music against Racist is a very important event on this Thursday. Its at the Town Hall square and starts at 5 Pm. Isam B, Nikolaj Nørlund, Annistte Maria Carmen Koppel, and so many others. Speeches and much more. Be there!!! Its important.

smash!bang!pow! And Loppen have a visit of Strand of Oaks. Its more like a project of Folk Rock, and of what I have heard on the net, it sounds interesting, and can turn out to be a very good concert. So give it a chance, and find it on your spotify.

Be sure to take some strong hallucinating stuff when Øresund Space collective hits Lygtens Kro. Its a well known, totally improvised space rock band from Denmark/Sweden. One of the most dynamic super groups made up of members from various Scandinavian rock groups. They improvise and can keep on going for hours.

Rockfreaks are arranging a concert at Underwerket in Valby. Its punk with Western Settings (US), and two local Bands: Dungeon days and Careless Drinkers. They are both young an on the way forward. Remember ear plugs.

In Ideal bar – Vega, Vesterbro Rebecca Lou is playing with Support from Motorsav. Its Knallert Rock, with a high Energy from the girl from Lolland. And Motorsav is more like melodic punk Rock.

Friday 24th
Napoleon Solo is the oldest – still going strong – Ska band in the whole cunttry of Denmark. The lads have played together since 1984, and are still producing new music. So meet up at Stengade, and have a Joyful evening. Last time, I saw them, I got laid, and it might happen again 😉

The South African performance art and music collective The Brother Moves On are a truly original affair. this time they join forces with the fascinating Slovenian keyboard player Bowrain. Its dancing this evening at Alice, with strong Poly rhythms

It probably has nothing to do with Punk, but here in the design week there an afternoon thing: Punk, Beer & DJ. Its by Kongens have. Maybe you can find some free beer?

Ungdomshuset is making a Picnic. I Don´t know where its going, so stay tuned. Bands playing are Girlcrush – Nexø – Ritual Punishment – Cage Battle: Don t know how and why and when. But sounds funny. Cash Only

People Like Us is a craft beer brewing company in Denmark. Run by autists. They have a place at Vermlandsgade on Amager, This Friday they are opening the doors for Select Captain which is a local Singer songwriter. Good beer and nice music.

Bolsjefabrikken you can find another techno night with Dark matters. A truck load of DJ´s will perform for you, and the entrance is by Donation. Remember Cash

Kalaha is not a cool Bandname, but the Music is relaxing Electronic Afro Jazz. They have had god reviews, and here they are at Hotel Cecil, releasing the new album. Members include Rumpistol and Spejderrobot (Much Cooler names – Stay wired)

Willkommen! bienvenue! Welcome! to an exciting burlesque night at the Kit Kat Klub! Its at Operaen Christiania, and the inspiration comes from the Cabaret movie. Its Burlesque and swing Dance

Vega has a Future Feminism program, for young artist. Today its in Lille Vega with Swedish Molly Nilsson, and simple pop tunes. There is hope for the future….

Columbian Neckties, is one of the best bands on the Danish Garage Rock Scene. Together with Sun bather, they are entering the stage at High Voltage, just opposite Tivoli. Cheap beers until 10 PM, but then the prices also go high.

Rough & Sweet is a Beat Mermaid initiative that aims to support and give love to all women who rock! And I believe they are among the best Rock DJ´s in the city. This is at Råhuset in Halmtorvet.

Bobby Moreno, is a pretty good soul singer, and here he is with his Soulmates at Kulturhuset Islands Brygge.

Saturday 25th

Sydhavnsfestivalen is a day of picnic, lying in the grass, relaxing, drinking and listening to local bands playing for a small audience. Sounds Good to me.

Makina 05 is at Ungdomshuset with local DJ´s and dancing and beer drinking. Entrance fee are donations, so remember your cash.

Warbly Jets is as sort of weird, both high energy, a bit electronic, but with a laziness over it. Sounds infact really good, but also disturbing. You should find your way to Loppen for this interesting act.

In Byhaven you can find another Free Concert. Ron Gallo is described as being in the Garage Rock genre, and the Local band: Turquoise Sun is new Copenhagen psych, and they have been quite hyped in the last year., so its free, and a good evening for you.

Bolsjefabrikken has a Dub event with some of the biggest names of the current outernational roots reggae scene: Shiloh Ites & Dani Locks from Sweden! And there are some residents DJ´s remember cash and smoke.

TRYPICAL CUMBIA plays cumbia and other traditional Latin American music arranged for a big orchestra. With plenty of percussion and brass, their rhythms and melodies won’t allow you to stay still at Operaen on Saturday. Cash only, and come early.

Altün Gün is a Amsterdam based Turkish inspired band. Listening to the Turkish psych of the 1970´s , they have been performing all over Europe. Also with a Turkish Singer.

Sunday 26th

Masta Ace is back in Copenhagen, with his slow soft political Hip Hop. The US Hip Hopper is part of the old crew, and has done many coops with other artist. Its at Loppen, and he is supported by Local Manus Bell.

The Bowery Room at Råhuset has a new Punk concert: Smash The Statues from Holland, Uphill struggle are local and then also local Waul. And the cheap bar has good beers.

Tuesday 28th

“Coladera are two musicians from Brazil & Portugal, who have invited various musicians from countries like Cape Verde and Angola to participate in their continuous search for a sound that connects musical expressions from the Portugese-speaking world.”

The priests are a Avant-garde punk band from Washington DC. Its not so fast, and you can hear the lyrics, so its not real punk, but the 4-piece band is pretty wild. At Loppen they are supported by A Mess, a local Indie band.

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