Pusher street

Things are happening at Christiania. The famous Pusher Street, where you can buy illegal cannabis products, have been closed by the local residents at Christiania. Tuesday may 22nd in the morning, the Street was sealed of by a fence, and som black curtains. So all trade has stopped, and it is not possible to buy any stuff.
My normal source is out of town, but rumours tells that they are tired of very young pushers ( down to 16 years), that are trying to control it. Also the everyday fighting with the police, and the many arrests has led to this action. They say The Pusher Street will open up again on friday, ”in a new and more hyggelig way”. It will be exciting to see what happens, and I will keep you updated. If you really need to buy something to smoke, ask around. And dont buy in the streets leading up to Christiania.
And as usually, the police wants to ”cooperate”. The rest of Christiania is open, so you can still visit it.
In my humble opinion the only thing to do, is to legalize cannabis, but it seems like there is a long way to go in conservative Denmark.


Picture: The pusher street in Christiania is closed until friday

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