48 Hours, Metal, Spectacle and Sakura Festival in this weekend

The spring is here, and the festival are beginning to pop up: Sakura festival in Langelinie is hosted by the Japanese embassy , The Northern Discomfort in Ungdomhuset, 48 hours Fetival in Nørrebro, and Spectacle Festival also at Nørrebro in Alice. Whats not to like? Something for everybodys taste.

Also the outdoor Flea markets are starting. The one in Fælledparken is a must go.

Wednesday 24th
The Picturebooks is good old Dirty Blues Rock n´Roll. They work like a Duo (Guitar and Drums) . A strong voice and simple tunes you are guaranteed an inspiring evening in amagerbio.dk

Female Brazilian trash metal? Go for Nervosa who are having an on stage energy without comparison. They are Accompanied by German Rezet who are also on the Trash Metal Scene. Its all at Stengade Nørrebro.

Thursday 25th
Natteravn is a concept that is difficult to grasp. Its blacker than Black in the whitest snow. Some sort of performance art project with Trine Trash // Claus Poulsen and Søvnterapeuterne. Snuff soundscapes, Noisescapes, and a lot more. In Slagterhusgade in Kødbyen. Very avantgarde.

The Boss of Lygtens Kro is celebrating her birthday with a party and a concert when Katla is dropping by. Its Swedish. Its Noise. Its Heavy. Its Stoner. Wölfblood is the other band on this Danish Birthday Party.

In Loppen they have a psych evening with Cosmic waves, Skifting and Måneskjold who are all local bands doing the psychedelic thing. Inspiration is Both from Jefferson Airplane, but also from Late 1960´s Danish Psych. There are so much happening on the psych scene in Copenhagen these years. Its a Pleasure!!!

For Metal heads its Ungdomshuset who is calling this weekend. Northern Discomfort is a three day festival with mostly bands from Germany and Scandinavia. For the quality of the music its great value for the money. A 3 day ticket is 250 Kr. Remember your ear plugs and Cash for the bar and , merch area.

Its not easy to have name like Teenage Fanclub, and then be growing older. But it has happened to the Scottish Band, that broke through in the start of the 1990´s with simple pop and vocal harmonies. Now they are back in Lille Vega so here is a trip down memory pop lane for you.

Friday 26th
The Keep Nørrebro Weird Parade is curated by four vinyl-loving, self-publishing record stores. The parade starts at Blågårds Plads, continues with a concert at every record store, and finishes at Den Sorte Plads with a massive opening party. From the basement studios of Nørrebro to the open sky, this will be a tour de force of uncompromising niche music.

In Alicecph.com they are having a 2 day festival: Alice Spectacle. Its both Global, Jazz, experimental, Roots… and spread out on different venues. If you are going for just one concert, then my advice is the Les Freres Smith with 12 people on stage and sure to make your body move with Afro Beat tunes.

Stengade is part of the 48 hours festival at Nørrebro. Check out more details here: https://www.stengade.dk

Here after Easter, its time to find Your own personel the Stoned Jesus. Its Hard Rock from Ukraine going over to metal, and the band has been going on since the end of the 00´s . Loppen in Christiania are staging Stoned jesus.

There is one Garage Rock events on this Friday. Underwerket in Valby has Daddy Long Legs on the stage. I saw him at Gutter Island festival in 2014, and he puts on an amazing show. Its sold out, so look out at the Facebook page for tickets.

At Operaen in Christiania They have a psych evening with Swedish Baby Jesus, local DJ´s and loads of smoke. Uffe from Spids Nøgenhat is on the DJ list. Cash only!!!

In support of Freedom of Movements, a collective working for the rights of migrants and refugees a concert is set up at Bolsjefabrikken. Be prepared for an evening full of dancing, good vibes from all over the World . The DJ´s include *Cana Collective (live Cumbia ) Flamenco Refugees *Emiliano Motta, *Mauricio (headshell) *The Nubian King *Simone Ahá *Kanan *Pantera. Cash only!!!

The Hunna at Lille Vega, is playing chewing gum poppunk rock. Its not dirty or fast like real punk but catchy tunes and good vocals.

Saturday 27th
Lucy Spraggan from the UK is good pop melodies. Nothing special, just guitar based Indie hits. Its at Loppen Christiania and supported by Stephanie Grace, which is also Indie pop from down Under Aussie Land.

At alicecph.com they are continuing the Spectacle festival. And also at Stengade the 48 hour festival.

Operaen at Christiania have Cumbia-reggae and chicha-punk mixed in a tropical casserole of distorted guitars, güiro and song. Falakumbes sweaty and energy-filled shows have made the band been compared with artists as Gogol Bordello and Chico Trujillo. With tremendous scene presence and genuine rebellious joy, Falakumbe succeeds in engaging his audience and creating swinging, euphoric and memorable shows. cash only!!!

Sunday 28th
Once again A Banda brings their Brazilian big band and dance show to Nørrebro! Join the parade and dance along to samba, samba-reggae, quick frevo, marcha and afoxe played by the A Banda batteria and full horn section. Starts from Dronning Louises Bro, and ends at Skt. Hans Torv

Monday 29th
The only thing that is popping up at this Monday is a a small pearl for you: Nick Oliveri is the founding member of legendary Kyuss and Mastermind of the original Queens of the Stone Age..!
He is also doing unplugged acoustic shows so Watch out for this mad man unplugged on stage! Its at Basement Cph. Next to Vega.

Tuesday 30th
H15 is a new place at Kødbyen. They have a concert this Tuesday as a sort of warm up for mayday. Klub Primi is the arranger and has names like Crush, Jomi massage and T.S. Høgh on the poster. Experimental Jazz and Free Folk.

Wednesday Mayday
Here are loads of demonstrations, all ending in Fælledparken, where each group of Political party, Workers Union, Anarchist or Anti Fascist group are having there own concerts and Speakers. I am at the Anti Fascist place.

At Kroteket in Blågårds Plads Familieorkestret are giving up after many years of true service, and leaving the torch to Røde Far. Interesting to experience.

Photo: Mavoureen at Stengade New cool band.

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