I am a feminist!!!

And I believe in equal rights between Women and Men, and everything in between. Both in Law and in practise. So I am also celebrating March 8th

This week includes the International Women’s Day on march 8th. There will be a lot of events on Friday, including a demonstration from Vor Frue Plads at 4.30 PM .

Now it is warm up for the Copenhagen Dox Film festival, with a lot of screenings. There are also Live music Events. And my new Political radical friend Pamela Andersson are coming along with Chinese Artist Wei Wei.

And the first record faire of the year is taking place in Nørrebrohallen. So its time to stuck up on your Vinyls, and find some of the bands you almost forgot.

Live music

Wednesday 6th
This is not this Heat, is members from legendary This Heat from end 1970´s start 80´s with experimental Rock, Post Punk, Avant-garde. They perform two days, and the first day, there is also a showing of a legendary art movie: John Smith. Its at Alicecph

Ungeren is starting a bit early on the women’s International day. This Night there are visitors from Poland: Siksa and Pochwalone, with Local Følsom front as a support band. “Queerfeminist anti-capitalist protest band.”

Bob Log III is an One man Army band playing Guitar and Drums, wearing a Fighter Pilots Helmet on stage and playing Rockabilly, like there is no tomorrow. Very entertaining, and something to be seen at Loppen. Simon Raun is warming up to the legend.

Thursday 7th
Bow Wow. The Dogs are barking at Amager Bio. The band are from Oslo Norway, and are Playing with there high octane Arena Rock ´n Roll with a good vocal and blazing guitars. They have a live performance that should´n be missed.

Danish D/troit are playing Party Soul Funk Music, so if you lack some easy going dancing, this is your chance. They broke through two years ago, but started the career hanging out in Ungdomshuset. That’s how it goes. Loppen are hosting them.

San Holo is remixing Hip Hop Tracks and making theme more dance friendly. Here you have the Dutch hit maker in a smaller venue, and you should be guaranteed a perfect Dance evening. So its electronic dancing on a Thursday at Pumpehuset.

Radiant Arcadia is an all female troupe, performing with a big splendid blend of Races, Religions, and skin colour. The music has a big emphasis on the vocals, and the musicians works more like a Collective, with members going in and out of the group. They are at Metronomen – Godthåbsvej in Frederiksberg.

Friday 8th
March 8th is a busy day for the Live music People. A lot of good concerts out there.
Dawda Jobarteh takes his Westafrican griot heritage very seriously, and as coming from an old Griot family, he is at the epicentre of Gambia’s musical aristocracy. This night the kora player will perform with his quartet at Alicecph

Hun Solo (Her Solo), Are celebrating march 8th with 5 female artist, who are performing Solo on Stage. This year its Jenny Wilson (Swe), Selina Gin, Nana Jacoby, Drew and Kirstine Stubbe Tæglbjerg who ar taking over at the stage. Can be a very intersting evening at Hotel Cecil.

In Vega Kvinfo are celebrating the March 8th Day. Its with Concerts and talks, from female artist, journalist and politicians.

The Courettes is one of my favourite bands. The Couri Couple are playing Garage Rock with a cool attitude, and are sure to give you a fantastic Concert with there raw energy on stage. You cam find me at the Dance Floor. 😀 . They are supported by OWMI, who are playing Soul Funk with abrupt rhythms.

I Remember Laibach Playing in Ungdomshuset back in 1984, with their Groundbreaking Industrial Techno. Now they have move upwards To DR Koncerthuset, where the Slovenian band will perform. Before they have done Concerts in Marmorkirken, so they have been performing in better places, than the minimalistic Studio2 .

Swedish reggae praising Cannabis? General Knas is the answer to your prayers. They are welcomed at Loppen, with there nice Old School Reggae.

GZA / The Genius is a former Wu Tang Clan member, and the first one to go Solo in 1995 with Liquid Swords. He is in Pumpehuset both Friday and Saturday. Performing the hold Liquid swords + old WTC stuff. Friday is sold out, but you can still see the Genius Saturday.

The Rumble in the Jungle is the name of the First Round of the Rap battle tournament. Drop by if you are in for some heavy Rhymes, and serious Beats. Its in Lille Vega

More Rock from Norway are coming to Beta – Amager Bio. Today it is Spidergawd, who are Guitar Solos, a remarkable Bass, and a Bass sax. Very original, and I wish I had the time.

Saturday 9th
Sometimes you have to experience something new!!! Like dancing to the Arabian Techno Prince Omar Souleyman, who are performing in Den Grå Hal at Christiania. His Arabian Shaabi Techno, will make you dance, and the setting in The Grey Hall is perfect for a party like this. Arranged by Smash!Bang!Pow!
Alicecph is a Jazz / World Music venue. So its a bit strange that they have this Doom metal evening with three bands: Sumac (US), Baptist (Can) and Nordra (US). Its a bit more experimental than your normal Metal, so expect something different. And try something new for a change.

Stengade has an evening of Dark Electro Pop, when Sally Dige, Totem, and Mouth wound are coming. Its all electronics one person bands, taking you into the dark realms of not feeling so good.

Operaen Christiania is open to anything. This weekend they have a Theatre / Musical ”BeatRoots”. Its something with Country music, Family ties, and the cost of Success. Its also later in the month in other places in town, so this is not your only chance to see it.

Monday 11th
Amager Bio has Melissa Etheridge, who Broke through in the 1990´s as another Strong Voice, along with Alanis Morriset. Its songs with a concern about the Environment, and what’s going on in the world today. She won an Oscar for the Music for Al Cores Climate Film.

Photo: Razor Blades at Underwerket

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  1. raadal

    Hej Bo

    Tak for omtalen, jeg skriver dig i døren på fredag 🙂

    Mike har fødselsdag torsdag, men han vil fejre den ude i kulturhuset. Hvordan ved jeg ikke…

    Venlig hilsen/Best Regards Jens Raadal Wesselsgade 22 2200 København N Tlf:+45 21 64 41 51 Mail: jens@raadal.dk http://www.raadal.dk/



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