Watch out for St Patricks Day at Sunday!!!

After a couple of days with another Man Flu, properly from partying to much in the weekend, I am back at the keyboard with good music in the headphones. Remember that Sunday march 17th is Irish Saint Patrick’s Day. I am not a big fan of Guinness but I do like an Irish Whiskey on the Rocks. The Celebrating starts just after midnight Saturday. And keeps on going at the Irish Pubs on Sunday. Party like there is no monday. 😉
And I am going for my first ever wrestling show!!! It´s Saturday at Pumpehuset.

Live music

Thursday 14th
Balkan Folk Music lovers should head for Naked from Serbia. The 4 piece band are playing there asses of with Bass, Drum, Fiddle and a Clarinet. After the Concert, You will feel like dancing even more. Its at aliceCph

Friday 15th
On the border between Østerbro and Nørrebro you find Mayhem. And this is where you should go in the weekend if you are into Doom and Dark Metal with heavy growling. The 2-day festival Vort Fatum, with ten bands – five a day- is taking place here. Wear Black Clothes and bring cash.

Preachers is another Drums and Guitar – Two man Garage Rock Band. They are at an early concert at Christianshavns Beboerhus, and are supported by Beach Envy, who are also a no bullshit garage Rock band. Could be a very good evening in Christianhavn.

Alicecph has more Balkan Music for you. This time its George Mihalache from Roumania, who are playing with The Calibut band. He lives here in Denmark, so welcome, and we hope to hear more from you. Its traditional Romanian Folk Music, at a high speed.

If you like a good Fuzz guitar then head for Loppen, where Davis Nance is performing. He is very productive and are spiting out new albums all the time. Has been making Garage Rock-covers of Beatles, Lou Reed and Rolling Stones. Supported by Blodrus, a local band, it can be a very interesting evening.

Berrin Bas is at the head of Tuhaf, who are playing Turkish inspired Psych music. They are from Nørrebro, so they are absolutely feeling at Home in Stengade.

The combination of Arabian tunes and Techno is conquering the world right now. Acid Arab are from Paris, and will make your feet move into unknown positions, with there DJ set in Pumpehuset.

There is more acid for you at Operaen. Acid Disco is an evening with two bands: The High Society is playing Soul / Acid Jazz / Funk, and the Second band – Örrefors Camping – are members from Fastpoholmen, who once found a CD with strange music recorded at a camping site in Sweden. Cash only !!

Rising is doing there best to be a good Metal Band. After 4 LP´s they are beginning to succeed, and are getting better and better. They are supported by Alkymist, another Doom Metal band. At Hotel Cecil

Alestorm are one of the best Party Bands I Know of. The combination of traditional Folk Music and Metal, brings memory’s back to the Pogues. They hail from the old pirates, and drink Rhum and Tequila and make the seven seas an unsure place to travel. The Mosh Pit is Guaranteed

Saturday 16th
In Ungdomshuset, they are having an evening with an electronic crew and a simple agenda; to do there part and “contribute to the fast-growing electronic music scene and the sanctuary it has become for people who need it, in a world where hate and prejudice is still at large.” In Orbit × Illicit Cell. Remember Cash and no hard Drugs.

At Hotel Cecil they have an evening with two good bands. The Blue Van is at the top of the poster, with there Guitar Indie Rock and Orcas is supporting. This is one of the cases where I believe that the support band is sounding better than the headline. I last time saw Orcas at Gutter Island, and they surprised everybody with there Danish simple lyrics.

Its a good idea to smoke a small spliff before you enter the world of Melody Fields. The Swedish Band will take you on a journey with there 60´s inspired Psychedelica. They are at Lygtens Kro, and its for free, so remember cash for buying some merch.

High Voltage has a St. Patricks Day celebration with Punk Mahone, a Swedish Punk/ Folk Band that gives you the right atmophere for celebrating. Remember to wear something bright green.

Sunday 17th
They played at the Gutter 2018 Festival in Amazing Concert. Electric Eel Shock are sure to make a party for you, with the most untamed punk rock you can imagine. Is the stage big enough for them? I am not sure. If you want crazy Japanese Punk Rock at Underwerket in Valby

Monday 18th
I am not sure that Pumpehuset is the right Venue for Larkin Poe. The two sisters are playing Dirty Guitar carried Blues / Roots. And I think that the stage at Pumpehuset is to big for the band. The best thing to do on a monday.

Photo: The Courettes last weekend. I love them both ❤

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