K Town

Is the biggest Hardcore punk event in Scandinavia, and it´s  at Ungdomshuset and is all DIY. Three days of bands from all over the world, doing what they are best at: Playing loud and fast!!!

There are a big and a small stage at Ungdomshuset, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 3 day Tickets are sold out, but you can buy single day tickets at the door. Bring plenty of Cash for the entrance, the bar and the merchandise stands. They take euros.

Bike Wars

Bike wars is not war on bikes, but war with bikes. There are all sorts of crazy home welded bikes, and the game is to smash the other bikes. The bike that last longest wins. And there are also a tall bike knights tournament. It is really entertaining, and with Dj´s playing more hardcore punk for you. At Blågårds Plads sunday at 2 PM.

If you are not that much into hardcore punk, I suggest that you drop by at Operaen in Christiania for some ethnic dancing with Balanga, and some DJ´s performning. Much more quiet and calm than Ungdomshuset.

Metropolis is a Danish forum, who are organising culturel events out in the open. In Nord Vest they are making a performence with a symphonie Orchestra, who are playing in front af the apartments in the building at Emaljehaven It is friday and saturday at 5 and 7 pm. And then it is just a 10 minuts walk to the punk festival at Ungdomshuset 😉

And you can spend your entire weekend in Nordvest, if you go to Nordvest festival, which is also from friday to sunday. Lots of stuff going on . Flea market, food, concerts, theater and dance performances


Charlottenborg is the art school at Nyhavn, and here in the weekend, they are opening the doors so you can come and see what the students are working with right now. Prepare for a hold range of new art, and you can meet some of the artist there, and they can explain what sort of world they are expericing. It is called Rundgang

At the Kaospilot project they are also a little arty, and they are celebrating there new team is finished. So there is another party for you at Refshaleøen.

And Eid Mubarak to all Muslims here and abroad

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