Cool off…

Two psycedelic concerts

The temperatures are taking a drop, so now we will have some more ”normal” danish summer. But the water is still warm, so it is nice to go swimming. And that also makes it more endurable to be at indoor concerts
There are two nice psycedelic concerts in the next couple of days. At Pumpehuset there is Coven a band dating back to the late 60´s and early 70´s. They are supported by Danish Demon Head. So be prepared for some Dark mystic psycedelic.

At Lygtens Kro on wendesday there is Italian Psycedelic rock with ”The Trip Takers”, so that sounds fun. Not because I take a lot of trips, but I like the music. 🙂

K- town punk festival

Is taking place next weekend, and I will update you on that in the next writing. But while you wait, you can go to Underwerket on thursday. They are making a warm up, with some of the most brilliant bands on the Copenhagen Punk / Metal scene. Ond Tro, Halshug, The war goes on, Skam and Bliss. I have to remember my ear plugs. 😉 

The world championships starts thursday. This year there is no outdoor big screen, where you can come and see the matches, and drink ypur own cold beer. You have to go to some of the bars, and pay for there expensive draft beer.
The Denmark – Peru match on saturday will be shown at Parken, and there is a free entrance. But then you have to buy the expensive beer.
But check out bars, and find a cool place where you can enjoy your game.

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