National day of Greenland

Is on June 21st. So that is why you see the Greenlandic flags everywhere. It is also summer solstice, and among other places its celebrated at Christiania, where the Sunshine Bakery is hosting an event with live music and DJ´s , and food of course. It is Freetown aid, supporting an orphanage project in Nepal.
And then in Vesterbro, there is something I dont really know what is. But it sounds like a wired experience. But the sentence keeps on coming back in my head: ”CALLING ALL VAMPIRE FEMMES TO FEAST ON FASCIST BLOOD (Yerbamala) ”. 

The smaller Live music venues are closing down for the summer, leaving it to the festivals, to take over. Loppen, Alice, Stengade, Amager Bio are all closed, except for some concerts during the Jazz Festival in the second week of july.

But Underwerket is not going down. Wendesday June 20th there is Hardcore with US bans Fury , and two danish support bands.
Ant then Heavy Metal Festival Copenhell starts at thursday at Refshaleøen. 4 days of metal, with a warm up on wendesday. Ozzy, Alice in Chains, Deftones, Nightwish are among the bands playing.

Photo: Sundays Bikewars with Tallbike Knights tournament

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