May 4th

Wonder why there are so many candlelights in the windows on friday night? It is the evening of the liberation after 5 years of nazi occopation. In 1945 the people tore down the dark curtains and put lights in the windows, so that everybody could see that we were free again.  So on May 4th. this is celebrated.

Hockey Championships.

On friday May 4th starts the World Hockey Championships. Here in Copenhagen we have group A with Russia, Sweden, Czeck Republic, Slovakia, France, Belarus, Austria and Switzerland. So welcome to the Hockey fans, and everybody else. And take care out there.

Mary Jane

First saturday in May is international Marijuana march day. Off course it leaves from Christiania, and goes to the Parlament at Christiansborg, and back again. There will be a smoky afterparty at the Moonfisher Christiania.


Architecture Festival has started and continues until may 16th. There are movies, talks, debats, guidede tours and much more. And on sunday 6th the new Bloks architecture center opens with the Queen and ministers and a lot of other people. There is a debat about it. You can read this review in The Guardian.


In DIY Ungdomshuset, there is a Metal festival here in the weekend: Northern Discomfort. It is cheap entry price, cheap beer, and a lot of young people . It is a bit out of town, take bus 5C or 350S towards Nord West. European and US Metal Bands. Remember earplugs 😉 . Cash only. Ungdomshuset

If you are into dancing, mayby you shold look towards The Opera at Christiania at saturday, where there i Danish/ Ugandian Feridah Rose sings, and there is a after party as well. Cash Only.

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