Summer and holidays

What a fantastic weekend we just had! And the next 3 days, it will even be better. So go out and enjoy the sun, until thursday when temperaturs drop, and the clouds come. I´ve been taking a dive in the harbour both saturday and sunday. The water is very refreshing (cold). Remember that thursday May 9th is a bank holiday, and schools, banks, public offices are likely to be closed on friday 11th as well. But shops are open.


I can find many good things to recommend. At Loppen you should remember your earplugs when Polish Metal band Batushka take a look around. This is Tuesday May 8th
And at Alice, you can find psycidelic freejazz / progrock, when Greek – Australien Xylorius White playing Wendesday May 9th. And remember that the weekend starts at wendesday.

Kaj, on Christianshavn, is electronic music for free. But the weather is looking to be clouded and windy, so this is a mayby from my side.


The Hockey Fans are mainly in the center of the city, around Strøget and Nyhavn. Nice and friendly beer drinking people. But if you wants a good time with the danes you should hang out at Dronning Louises Bro (Queen Louises Bridge, the gateway to Nørrebro). In the afternoon there are so many friendly people hanging out, drinking coffe or beer, or eating an Ice cream. Best place in town for just watching.

And there is the new food court, with outdoor seatings by the harbour, opposite the Inderhavns (inner harbour) Bridge. I havn´t tried it, but it is very popular.

Test at NYT

Test your knowledge about Copenhagen and Denmark here at New York Times . It is quite easy. 😉
And remember to enjoy yourself. 😀 

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