The new food market at Reffen opened up in the weekend. I was there at Saturday, and I am surprised to see the amount of people there. It was a bit late, and more than half of the diners was sold out. Thats good going for a first weekend.

The food I got was not worth the price of 80 kr. It was a vegan asian noodle, and shouldn´t cost more than 30 kr. on Nørrebro, Vesterbro or Christiania. And the beer was 55 Kr., for an okay but not very good IPA. Too Much. My friends had some italian Spaghetti with meat sauce, and that was expensive as well. A Corn roll roasted with Creame cheese is 70 Kr.!
I dont know if the rents are too high, or the food sellers are to greedy, but it is too much money for that quality of food and drinks. You have to eat it outside on a bench at a dirty tabel, and for these prices you need better facilities.

I have to try out some more places, and see if they have better food for the price. It got cold, and we left again, but so far I am not impressed. The setting is nice with the sundown over the harbour, and the old industrial shipyard. Check it out yourself and send me your recommendations.
But going back I met David, who will soon be opening up a small bar out on one of the docks. I will tell you more about it later.


Picture: Long lines for food at Reffen

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