Pentecost weekend

This is Pentecost weekend, so shops and schools are closed on monday. Another three day weeekend!!!

More food at Reffen
The new outdoor foodmarket opens up at the old shipyard at Refshaleøen (Say that again 😉 ) It is a bit out from the city center, so I think it will take some time before people really start flocking like at the old one at Paper Island.  But with concerts, events good eating and drinking I believe it will succeed. It opens here on friday may 18th .

Live music

Loppen is the oldest, and one of the best live music venues in Copenhagen. And now they are 45 years old, which is celebrated with a free concert. It is Folk, Hip Hop and old school rock on the program, and it is free entrance, so it will be packed. And even if you cant enter, there is a party outside.
And on saturday, here are a couple of one man bands at one my old favorite bars: Mærkbar at Vesterbrogade.

Prepare for next week, with design festival, and Distortion street party.

Picture: Gogol Bordello at Grey Hall, Christiania Last weekend. Fantastic concert 🙂

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