Smels Like Teen … Piss

The hole city is stinking of piss. Both Nørrebro, Vesterbro and the Old City. Is hasn´t  rained for weeks, and after Pisstortion the smell is just not going away. So every time you go somewhere or sit down, the smell hits you. And there is no rain coming in the next week.

We need water. Water to drink, water to swim in, and water from the sky. The two first are no problem. You can swim in the harbour, and drink plenty of water. But we need some serious rain, to wash the dirt of the streets


There are a few concerts that sounds good in the coming days. At Pumpehuset  Current Swell is a pretty good blues/ indie guy Performing. And by the youtube it sounds good for a free concert wendesday 6th . By some beer to support the place and the bands playing there.
Also at wendesday At Alice  in Nørrebro Meta Meta is Psycedelic / Rocky Salsa from Brazil, and that sounds like it could be a really fantastic dance and sweat concert. Check the video.
And Loppen – Christiania have tuesday June 5th a fairly new Danish rock / punk band playing. Dødens Triumf  consist of People from Halshug, and with guest fra Orm and Slægt, this could turn out to be a very good evening at Loppen. They sing in danish.

And remember that tuesday June 5th is national holiday. It is Constitution day 169 years since 1849.


Photo: The sound reduction in the ceiling at Loppen. 


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