Pisstortion, Police, Pushers and Play It

The neighboors hate it: The stink of piss and shit and old beer. They hate the broken glass puncturing the bikes. They hate the loud music that should end at 10 PM but the party keeps on going.
The kids from the suburbs love it. Here is a change to get really drunk, make a date, listen to some good music and dance in the streets. Wendesday on Nørrebro, Thursday on Vesterbro, before it moves out to Refshaleøen in the weekend, and becomes a party where you have to pay an entry fee, and cant bring your own alcohol.  Check it out
I probaply join the party one both Nørrebro and Vesterbro, but more like a observant, looking at the crazyness going on. And drinking a few beers of course. You can buy a bracelet to support the street party. The full deal for all five days (incl. Sunday) is 550 Kr.

The Street

At Christiania the situation on Pusher street is getting worse. On friday the local people opened up The Street again, after throwing out some of the younger dope dealers. But then the police announce that now they want to make visits everyday. And both saturday and monday morning they came with there trucks and chainsaws and removed all the stands. The result can be seen here at Nørrebro where I am living. The pushers at Nørrebro Parken have stepped up and placed guards around. So it can only go from bad to worse, with another gang war coming up. So over the summer we will have drive by shootings again, and more people filling the jails. And more people with PTSD.
It is sad that the danish government is so conservative and without visions.

Play It – Play it Sam

Stengade at Nørrebro has an open mic evening every month or now and then. You can bring your Guitar and check out your latest composition before a live audience. It is of course free, and you can sit and hang around. Its been a tradition since the 1990´s , and the staff works voluntarily. So a big hand for that.


Photo: Young Skaters ready to move at Vesterbro Skatepark, Enghave Plads. See how they copy the grown up guys. 😉 

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