Worst day of the year

January drags on like an old movie you have seen before.
Or like the church ceremony for somebody you don´t know.
Or like going shopping with your old aunt, who can´t decide which washing powder to buy. Or like…

And I really want to give you some hope that it will be soon be over. But we are only halfway…
The third Monday of January is Blue Monday and said to be the most depressing day of the year. Its cold, Gray, you are out of money, your feeling your new Years resolution is losing its meaning. And the action in Copenhagen is minimal.
So do something good for yourself. Go to the movies, borrow some money, eat chocolate, get drunk, get high, listen to your favourite music. You don´t live twice.

When I first heard them I was amazed. This is concert of the week. Algiers are a very, very, very cool band at Hotel Cecil. A bit of soul, but also with a distorted guitar, and a fantastic voice. Reminds me of The legendary Dirtbombs. And they are feeling obliged to fight the tide of fascism and intolerance, that are sweeping over the western world right now. What´s not to like? Deadspan, who are supporting is post punk The Cure like.

Boy Pablo is a Norwegian singer song writer pop phenomenon. Its soft, dreamy like, and has captured the heart of millions. Nothing special, just POP. Its in Pumpehuset.

Underwerket are opening up again, for the first show in 2019. Three Danish Hard Core punks bands: Fixed Fight, King Carrot and Dead to Seattle are performing with The new punk sound from the 1990´s.

I can´t understand how they can keep on going: UK Subs are a legendary punk band, one of the oldest in the world, still going strong. The Concert at Underwerket is off course sold out, so you have to be lucky to find some tickets. But nothing is impossible, if you really want to go.

Thurston Moore is a legend!!! After being with Sonic Youth for 30 years, they split up. He is also a professor at the Danish Rythmic Music Academy.
He is playing two surprise ‘warm-up’ shows with his New Noise Music Ensemble: including Deb Googe (My Bloody Valentine) on baritone bass, James Sedwards and Jen Chochinov on 12-string electric guitars, and Jem Doulton on percussion in Mayhem on Østerbro. It´s both Saturday and Sunday.

Stengade are also opening up after the holidays, starting with Prog Metal from Iceland. Ring of Gyros are supported by two Danish bands.

Once again Operaen in Christiania are inviting for a Latin American evening. Caña collective are taking over the stage, so grease your ears and your hips, and get going.

Spoil your Monday: The Sunday hardcore concert is off course taking place in Ungdomshuset. And who cares about Monday anyway. M:40 from Sweden are Crustpunkers. Supported by two local bands.

Ella Mai is all the time breaking new ground, and could be the next big quality R´n´B star. So the concert in Vega, might be the last chance to see her in a small venue. Next time it might be Parken or Orange Stage at Roskilde.

Your Monday Death Metal doss is in Stengade with Draconian from the deep forest of Sweden. With two support bands: Harakiri for the Sky (What a fantastic name) from Austria and Sojourner from Kiwi-land and Sweden.

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