The Bridge

The weekend is here, and the weather report says sun, a bit of wind, and cold in the evening.

The Bridge

So you should head to Dronning Louises Bro, and buy a coffee or a six pack of beers, and sit and hang out, listen to the local DJ´s watch the bikes driving past, and ask around for the nearest party. Go with the flow, and get indoor before it gets to cold.


In Forum, you can find the latest fashion at socalled cheap prices. Its opens on saturday and sunday, and there should be 500 stands.

And, mayby more interessting, is at Vega, The concert Hall, where there is a vintage sale with forty stands, with everything from the 1920´s up till the 1970´s. If you want something special for your self, that nobody else have.

Fuzz pedal and Psych

At Loppen Christiania, you can on friday go for swedish Dead Vibrations. Loppen is one of the best live music venues in the city, and you are almost guaranteed a good concert.
But I will mayby be going to Stengade on saturday for the Metal evening with Alda (US) and a couple af dansish support bands.

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