What is this thing with danes and Happiness?

At all times danish people are on the top of the list with the happiest countrys in the world. How come, when we live half the year in winter, where there are no lights, the sky is grey, and it is freakingly cold?
First of all, we drink a lot of alcohol. There is no legal drinking age, and it is not difficult for a 15 year old, to go to a shop and buy beer. Secondly we take a lot of prozac, and related pharmaceuticals. That also helps. 😉

More seriously, you can say that we are the least unhappy people. There is a high living standard, a high degree of social service, and a health care system that works. So there are not so many things to worry about. Denmark is pretty safe, and there is a high degree of trust between the citizens individually, and between the people and the authorities. So you can use more time on doing something good for yourself.

This article also presents and idea, that partly the explaines the word “Hygge”, and how it influences life

So have a nice day. See you in the streets of Copenhagen. 🙂

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