Easter is here

The People of Denmark are not very religious, and few go to church, not even in easter. Schools are on holiday from march 23rd to april 3rd. Many people go to visit family, so you will find that the streets can be empty.

Most shops are closed on Maundy thursday and Good friday. Then they are open saturday, and closed again sunday and monday. Smaller supermarkets are open everyday.
Museums are open all days, and there are often a lot of things for kids.

Flea market

In the Easter the Forum market, opens its doors for a giant Flea market. It is thursday and friday from 10 – 17. Right next to the Forum Metro station. 40 kr in entry.


Tuesday, you can find African Burkina Faso hip hop at Alice in Nørrebro, with Joey Le soldat. Try something new – inspired fro Wu Tang Clan. And http://alicecph.com. has concerts almost everyday in the easter.

The submarine case.

Have you wondered why there are people and camera crews at Nytorv? They are following the trial at the city court, where the submarine builder, Peter Madsen, is accused of killing the swedish Journalist Anna Waal, and chopping her up, and trying to hide it by dropping her body parts, at the bottom of the sea. Very bloody and dramatic.

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