Warm in the dark
The days are getting longer, and now we have more day than night. But despite this, it is still F#cking cold in Copenhagen, and we had snow last night. This is a good time to go indoors and find a seat in the dark movie Theater. The Cph dox documentary film festival is still going on, until sunday 25th. You can find the programme here: https://cphdox.dk/en/

A sure sign of the coming of spring is when the amusement park Bakken, north of Copenhagen opens. On friday the 23rd it is celebrated with thousends of motorbikes that leaves from Nørrebrogade in the late afternoon – early evening A spectacular show.

Local Hillbillys
If you want to meet the local Hillbillys go to Stengade tonight, the march 22nd. Powersolo is playing, and they are a pretty good and funny band.

The picture is from Christiania

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