Weekend April 13-15th

Concrete Jungle

At Bolsje Fabrikken (Candy Factory), there is a big show with the newest in Jungle, Dubstep and Deep Bass. A great line up with UK, Dutch and local bands and DJ´s. Shouldnt be to difficult to find something to smoke either. So there´s a great dance party for you. https://www.dukop.dk/events/3861?locale=da

Becoming Animal.

Is a exhibition that friends of mine har recommended. It tells the story of how animals are metaphors in our daily life. Go and see it and get a provocative, thougtfull, sometimes brutal experience. http://denfrie.dk/en/exhibition/becoming-animal/

Waving the flags

Monday April 16th is the Queen of Denmarks (Margrethe II) 78th Birthday, and at 12
o´clock noon, she will appear at the balcony at Amalienborg Palace and all the kids, will be standing with flags, the Royal Guards will be there in red Galla Uniforms, and the band will be playing, and if you have this idea that Denmark is such a nice ”hyggeligt”, country, this is where it will be confirmed.

Picture is the Grey Hall in Christiania. Not so grey any more 😉 

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