It´s Kulturnat – and I don´t care

Friday Night is Culture Night in Copenhagen, when thousands of Citizens will flock the Streets and will be queing up for the various events. I haven´t really checked it out, but I guess its the same stuff like last year, and the year before…
But that starts the Autumn vacation for the kids. You can also just take a walk in the forest and find some nice mushrooms. And eat them, and see what happens. Its not to late to grow older.

Thursday 10th
The Brotherhood of Sonic Love is a new Danish Constellation who are releasing their first album. It sounds like really good Noise / Garage / Hard rock, and are making me think of Swedish leather Nun in the 80´s Its at Loppen.

In Dødsmaskinen in Ungeren, you can find Dead Hunt (US), Hag (Swe) and the War Goes on (Here from). Its punk and cheap and remember cash and ear Plugs.

In Kulturhus Islands Brygge, they are having two Indie names on the Poster. Bidt consists of members from Thau and Learning from Las Vegas. Moon Mountain is an upcoming bands, that’s been playing P6 and Spot Festival. Could be an interesting evening.

Friday 11th
I have ticket for King Kahn and the Shrines, and you should get one too – if Possible. Its a Funny Mix of just about everything in between Garage – Soul – Frank Zappa – The Beatles. Its at Alice, and the warm up is another good band: The local heroes from Orcas, are singing in Danish and are also excellent musicians.

Find your Red Flag, revolutionary attitude and your desire for Vodka, when Orkestr Partisanskij are making a release party for there new Vinyl at Operaen in Christiania. With “Vodkafest”, “Fidel” and “den Røde Arme”, there is no doubt of the direction. 😉 No Cards – cash only

Just around the Corner from Operaen you can find Christiania Jazzclub, with Kathrine Windfeldt Sekstet. Its late night Jazz, and always a good smokefilled atmosphere. Bring cash.

This night will be the first in the all event series ‘Ved Siden Af live sessions’, focused on live electronic music, presented by Ved Siden Af at Loppen.
To start out this new adventure VSA have invited their dear friends, such as Italian Alexander Robotnick, Swedish Helltown Acid militsia and Joakim Cosmo, and Finally Channel37 from Lituania. Its electronic live music, and more for listening than dancing.

In Ungeren there is a Straight Edge night with five Scandinavian bands. Its more Hard Core Punk in your poor miserable ears. Cash Only at bar and entrance.

Pia Raug. It smells so much like the 1970´s and 80´s folk Music. But there must be something to her since she has been booked for Bolsjefabrikken. Also on the poster is Marie Eline. A bit more Danish Lyrics Folk.

For some electronic Dancing head for Matrikel 1 at Højbro Plads. Its Kulturaften and Backhaus are turning the records. 17-00 hours

If you like Full Moon Darkness head for Stengade with The Luna Riot Ball. Lucid Grave – Mimic Octopus and Beach Envy are entering the stage, and filling your head with Dark Atmospheric Rock. Cecilia Gosilla, will also show up and swallow some Swords.

In Underwerket you can find Stoner Rock from Helsingør. Two Bands: Centre of The Earth and Dunkel.

If you are more into some spiritual / Meditative dancing head for Ecstatic Dance Copenhagen. Organised by ShantiVibes, this is all about feeling good without alcohol or drugs. DJ´s and meditations and good vibrations.

Saturday 12th
Loppen are putting up the stage for Robyn Hitchcock, a UK singer song writer. A bit 1960´s hippie like, with psychedelic lyrics. In fact it sounds quite good.

Thundermother are a couple of hard Rock ladies from Stockholm. Its no Bullshit rock´n Roll and they have been doing some Scandinavian Festivals. They are Playing in Beta at Amager Bio.

Gåte is Norwegian New Folk, with good Lyrics. Its pretty good for going amok, and you can find it in Pumpehuset.

For going to Alice, you better polish up your Dancing Shoes, because Thomas Kwasibu From Ghana, are playing High Life for you. Its straight ahead No Nonsense, and very rhythmic. It will make your heart warm in the cold October.

Go dancing with the best Latin Lounge in Town! Latin Jazz, Salsa, Samba and Afro-Caribbean rhythms & Blues from Lizandra y Son Picante. Its at Operaen Christiania. Cash Only

Down in the Cellar at High Voltage in the centre of Copenhagen you can find Vanir and Kutgan. Its some Black/ Dead / viking Rock themes. Hard and loud, so don’t forget your ear plugs, and something to bang your head on.

There is Punk for you at Underwerket. Burnt Tapes (UK), Hoi-Poi Farplane Wind (Greece), Dungeon Days (Cph) and Forever Unclean (DK). They call it Regret Punk, but what is that? I don´t know, but never regret being a punk. 😉

Sunday 13th
The only Hard Core thing to do is listening to Punk in Underwerket. Frontierer, Arquebus and Throwe are putting up the music and ask you t remember your earplugs, unlesh you are already deaf.

But if you are more into Jazz, head for Girls In Airports in Jazzhouse Montmartre. They are a really good band, and are growing more popular all the time.

Monday 14th
In the end of the 1980´s I was listening a lot to the Dream Syndicate, with Steve Wynn the front. Now they have reunited and are out with a new good sounding album. Its swinging light noise guitars, and both new songs and old hits. Loppen are the host, not for the first time for Dream Syndicate. I remember cheating myself in, back in 1988. 😀

Sometimes it works out to be playing for money on the street. Like when a video of The Brass band Lucky Chops from NYC went viral, and made the band instantly famous. Now they are in Lille Vega, and are performing Funky Brass music.

Tuesday 15th
If you still have a head and wants to bang it, then go to Loppen and US Morne supported by Local Bethmoora.

Photo: Himmelrum in Pumpehuset – warming up to Speaker Bite Me